Scam letter(s) from Christine Blake to James (Ireland)

Letter 1
hi, Sorry for just getting back. How have you been? Anyway I'm new to internet dating and it's kinda hard to describe oneself but I guess this should be the basics in getting to know each other first. I am 28 yrs, single, never married, no children. My height is 5 ft 7 and weight is 119 lbs. I was born and raised in Kansas city, MO, USA but relocated to Dublin last month. I have brown eyes and dark brown hair. I don't smoke. I drink occasionally red wine or champagne. I'm of mixed races, my father who's an Irish-American died when I was 13 and my late mom who died late last year is originally from Malaysia, I'm the only child of my parent. I'm a self-employed make up artist and also into cosmetic sales. I keep active life, like sport and outdoors.. My hobbies include reading and listening to music. I like knitting also. I love animals and children. As for my personality, I am calm and loyal, emotional and sensible. I'd like to meet a good man with kind soul and great sense of humor. I'm a family oriented person and my goal is to make a happy family. I need support and understanding in my life.Decent, honest and caring character are the things I am looking for and am also ready to become the fond and tender wife, good friend and partner. I am serious about my intentions and I am not ready for games but am open for friendship and for dates. I have been having a break from a relationship for the past 9 months, after suffering from a heartbreak, I'm trying to take my time and not ready to rush into any relationship. Life is too short to go through it unhappy. Do you like nature? Sometimes I like to walk in a park or in a forest and spend all day for fresh air!I like different activities like sport,walking, going-out and outdoors. I can't say that I am engaged in sport. I just like it. I like bicycle-riding, swimming and beach especially. Also like to dance. I dance classic and modern dances. I've been to Spain and Italy before and would also love to see Dubai someday. I enjoy reading good books, particularly novels. Tell me more about yourself and what do you think? . I'll be glad to answer any of your questions. I've also attached some pics for you to see...Do you have some to share too? Hope to hear back soon. Christina
Letter 2

Thanks for the compliment and the great email, It's not a question if I enjoyed reading it, It actually consumed my attention for couple of minutes and felt like I was talking to you physically. I agree with all you said, I think this is a great start for us, we start as friends and we can see how it goes when we meet and all. One fact is that we have both passed through funny relationships and we are wiser especially about taking things slow, also with the knowledge that relationships is not a one 'person' thing, both sides are stake holders and be ready to accept the fact. Anyway I think I should give you tips on other things I know about love and relationships...which definitely goes beyond infatuation stage. Love is something that comes natural but you still have to work at it. You know you love someone when you can tell them anything and everything and you always want to tell them, you always want to be with them, a second without them seems like eternity. They're the ones you can depend on during the hard time and the good. Love isn't easy, It's not something that is easy flowing. Everything isn't going to run smoothly all the time, you'll have those times when you argue and disagree, but when it's a good relationship, you always learn to talk through the problems. You also need to be receptive to different views. Don't be stubborn and think your way is the best. You should always be patient with one another and things can always be worked out. A lot of the time what you are arguing about is so dumb later when you look back at it. You know what I mean? This is the type of partner I'm looking for. I'm looking for a guy that is fun, energetic, but yet knows how to control himself. He must be caring. A guy that I can walk around with proudly knowing that every girl is looking at him and I'll be thinking, yeah, this is my man. LOL! He's got good morals and a faithful, loving attitude towards me. I know I might ***** up from time to time but I want him to be there to correct me when I do, not out of spite but out of love and also forge ahead with a better 'US' What do you think??..Hope you are having a wonderful weekend already. Can't wait to read from you...Wanna try do some chores here, decided to make a quick shout-out before starting. I will write you again later this evening.
Letter 3

That was another super email, so how did your weekend go? Nothing much happened here, it was a warm weekend and I had the time to rest well and also do some chores in the house. I left Ireland 31st of October, that's like 10days ago, I was excited about visiting here for the first time but funny enough, have not had the time to do other things aside my claims stuff. I stay in a city called Puchong; My Mom grew up here too and I stay at their family house, however I was surprised to meet no one except an old woman in the house, seems everyone has migrated to different parts of the world(same thing is happening in Ireland). All the same, Malaysia has been cool but I must agree the first week was kinda of rough. Luckily I met a woman who introduced me to a Lawyer, which I have engaged and has really made things easy for me; we have been on the quest to get the necessary document in place in order to access the claims.

There are many interesting things have started discovering about you, I always feel pure honesty coming out of your emails and am so much loving this, no doubt, you have an adorable personality. As have also said earlier, I am searching for my life long partner to share a great life of love with- romance, long slow kisses, feeling very special, intimacy, spirituality, pleasurable communication, dancing, meeting of the minds, opening a door for him, flowers, traveling and other exciting interests and adventures, A GREAT LIFE of LOVE! I am one who strongly believes in respect and that with respect, you can experience true love and generate a healthy relationship. When it is first friendship, and later evolves into a beautiful loving committed relationship. I believe its not just what you are like on the outside, but more about what you are like on the inside. As you know, I am seeking friendship first (no game playing please) with someone who appreciates some of the same temperaments and interests I enjoy. That special someone should also be a man of integrity, is spiritually compatible with me, having similar belief , intelligent, has a sense of humor, positive, is clean and neat in habit and appearance, romantic, passionate about living and loving as well as a good connection. I would prefer that someone to show interest and be supportive. I like an adventurous person who likes traveling, nature and enjoys being home. He is a man who is at peace with himself. I am hoping to connect with people of like minds to form friendship first and then leave the rest to the universe. By the way, I have few questions for you; What kind music do you listen to?
Whats your favorite food?
How do you handle 'serious' quarrel with your partner? Have a wonderful night rest over there. Will let you know as things progress here too. Can't wait to read back from you. xoxo
Letter 4

hi, About music, I like different types of music; I love RnB, alternative, country and some other good ones. I can listen to almost anything but those are my favorites...We all know music is more of a feeling(At times you don't even hear the language some artists speak and you still like their songs). Also I strongly believe everyone has a song that makes them smile or cry. By the way, thanks for the links, they are great selections and some are also my favorites too. Also food, the thing that keep us, I was surprised when you said Brazilian.. Not sure have eaten any of their food. Anyway cooking is one of my hobbies too and I eat almost everything which varies from Potatoes(can still remember Dad loved potatoes so much) to vegetables or even junks but don't do much sea food(unlike you). Better-still I think it's better I break it down and give you my top of list which are mostly the American stuffs; For breakfasts, Love sandwiches and cereals(they are kinda healthy and light which are best for mornings) Kellogs and coco pops come on the breakfast list too. For lunch I might go for french fries or salad, and for dinner, I love mashed potatoes or green beans. Other ones I love include cheeseburger,pizza, potatoes muffin,curry rice steaks and Italian. About handling SERIOUS quarrels; I totally agree all relationships have their snags but patience and communication are very important in relationships when handling hot situations. One thing have adopted over the years is that I never feel too big to say 'am sorry' or get corrected, as am also not perfect. They are magical words and if its my man at fault, I always say things gently and not be rude in letting him know my mind. Concerning your Dublin question, I had to make some changes in my life at a time and moving outta states was one of them. Ireland definitely came up, as a part of me has always belonged to the land, however Dublin didn't just pop up too but as a product of my research. For now, I still reserve my comments on Dublin, as have not fully established myself and see what the city has for me... I live close to the phoenix park, north of the liffey river,...You know the area well? Considering my emails, I would say you shouldn't think am a saint, I just strive to be the best 'me'. Anyway I really wanna put much effort into writing this other part of the letter to you in hopes it will provide you with a better understanding of who I am, what I am all about, and what has made me the person I am today. The reason I am going to write a letter rather than just send a message is because I am serious about wanting to establish a quality friendship which is key in any successful relationship, and because of the fact I rarely contact anyone here, so when I do, you can be rest assured I am serious about my intentions. I know you will think what is a lady like me doing on here? Yes the reason I came to the internet to find the special person who deserves all the love and passion that makes up my heart and soul is because I do not have the time to meet others out in a public setting. Also with the fact that I feel you can learn so much about someone through letters. It's easier to think deeply about the things you want to express and also allows you to gain a better understanding of the other person before meeting up. Dear, the very reason I am interested in establishing this with you is because I feel I have a lot to offer and share with you which will be of interest to you and even some things that will surprise you. I am a woman of substance and can boast of my uniqueness in today's society because I live my life through my spirituality and through the word of God; I have such a strong understanding of what I feel my role in life is supposed to be. I am also a woman of integrity and my word is my honor!. I have very high standards for myself and my life is all about providing love, peace and happiness to others. For you to get a better understanding of me; picture a waterfall in your mind and instead of all the water overflowing it is all the love and passion I have in my heart to give to others who are deserving, as the love and passion has an endless flow coming out of my heart. Where others write many people and keep their messages short because they are all about how many they can write, I am the opposite and very selective in whom I choose to write and I like to give them my very best even if it is in long letters like this. I know the type of person I want to build a quality friendship with and I am willing to put the time and effort in my messages to show that. Wooowww!!! I cant believe have written all this, I just enjoy writing to you. Hope you are having a great week. I will keep you updated as I get all my stuffs together. Hope to hear back soon. xoxo
Letter 5
hi James, Sorry for just getting back to you, network was terrible and couldn't get a chance to reply but you have been on my mind. How's your week going over there? Wednesday went good here, Just couple of meetings with the people at the safe house, as we got all our docs and death certificate in place already. Am so glad everything is finally approaching an end and at the same time sad about the loss, It just hit me again but I will be fine. I still do not understand why you think my last email is not for you, I had to go through it again, but one thing that have adopted in this online thing is that I always say things the way they come to my mind without refining them or something. I must accept the fact that I might also be naive in this email thing but I try as much as possible to communicate something before we eventually meet. The questions you got about the world are ones no one have answers to, some things are just beyond human understanding, and this has given me a thankful spirit in any position I find myself. By the way, you kept repeating that am a very spiritual person, I won't add the 'very' if am to describe myself; I won't deny that I try to stay clean from ***** habits and also pray often though. Well it's true that I came from a religious family too and am sure it influenced me in some ways, but I also drifted apart around 2005( I really can't pin down the reason) and it continued until I had an accident in Florida in 2008(not a serious one). I was hospitalized for few days and I met a lady(Tracy), we got close and made me see reason why I need to be religious, She described it with 'experiencing the peace within you'.
Ever since I have maintained the status, but I will repeat that am not over religious/spiritual. What I like doing depends on my mood, environment and other things. If am to stay indoors, I love quiet time with my partner, doing TV, listening to music, reading or just cooking something new. For outdoors, I love checking out new places with friends, doing some sport( I love tennis and volleyball), going to the cinemas or checking out hotspots, live shows and concerts etc. In case you have not discovered, am an adventurous person, the kinda person that doesn't mind making a late night decision to have an holiday outside the country in few These are part of the reasons why I can't wait to get back home, as I know lots of things are waiting for me.
That brings me to your question, I said a part of me has always belonged to the land because of the fact that my Dad was half American half Irish man..You get my point now?? By the way, I was listening to this Leona Lewis CD some moments ago and the song reminded me of you…ANGEL…I said in my mind ' what could James be doing right now'..You can YOUTUBE and listen to it.
Really It's so nice to have met you on the dating website. Even if I stay up waiting to read from you for a whole day…lol, it's more than worth it. By the way have also attached more of my pictures for you to see...Do you have more to share?? Lemme get more sleep before the day's activities.
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