Scam Letter(s) from Julia Matrosowa to Clint (USA)

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Letter 1

How's it going Clint? Curious what this morning in the horoscope I have read for fun the forecast. There have promised romantic acquaintance to me! Maybe in horoscopes write not only nonsense?))
First impressions remains for a long time. Clint I did read your profile and you do have my interest. I am quite pleased that you review my profile too and then contact me. At my age those days of game playing and false stories have been gone for quite some time now.
I would like to know more about you and what you are seeking. Everyone who is on an dating site is usually there for a specific reason, some may be looking just for sex, some may be looking for e-mail buddies, some may be looking on for a soul mate, etc. Noticed that you are serious in your quest. I'm not looking for someone "perfect". Someone intent on finding perfection is bound to be disappointed. Clint I just wanted to drop you a line and create a spark. If about me - my name is Yuliya. I work as a teacher in the musical school which can be trying at times, but I love my job and couldn't think of doing anything else. I appreciate the simple things in life and try to remember that you only have one life to live so make every second count!
Clint I am sure you may have questions for me as I do have some for you, and I will give you the floor to ask away.
I really look forward to your response.

Sincerely Yuliya

Letter 2

Likely you are very occupied today. I have not received your letter, but I hope, that you have good day. We have got acquainted recently with you and it is very difficult to understand one another. But I hope, that our dialogue will proceed.

Letter 3

How's it going Clint? I am really glad you wrote. It is pleasant that you show interest to dialogue with me. It is important to me. If things work out, great, if not, that's fine too, everything happens for a reason.
Clint I want to tell you ... I live in Russia. I understand that this is very far from your country and thousands of miles separate us, but I think that distance is not a serious impediment to our communication. Do you agree with me? I live in Sosnogorsk. This is northern part of my country. Clint what city do you live in? I tried to register at the with the name of my country and my city, but the site did not allow me to do it and I had to use your country.
I began these research just recently as I know that Russian men for the most part do not possess the kind of qualities that are most important to me and in addition they like drinking and waste their life-time. The most important thing in a relationship for me: trust and understanding - a pledge of sincere communication. I am the gentle and patient person. I am always tolerant I treat other people. We all have their advantages and disadvantages. I am a person who self-assured and at the same time soft enough, romantic and it's important to me. Most of all I do not like lies. As speak at us, better a bitter truth than sweet lies. Clint although we have not met and do not know each other, I think a few emails between us may be quite fine. I see that I am 27 years old and a certain stage of life has been passed. I appreciate that life is full of twists and turns. I have not had too much time to do all I want to do but hopefully now can start.
Now I would like to ask you. Clint what are you looking to the Internet and what relationship do you aspire? I will try to tell you more about me in my next letter. Just I'm going to a rehearsal of Oriental dance. I hope I get your pictures and your new email tomorrow with the answers to my questions.
Thanks, Yuliya

Letter 4

Hello My Dear Clint!!!
I was very pleased to receive your reply as I was impatiently waiting for it. Clint I want you to know that now you have a person who can listen to you attentively, who can share your problems and understand you. Thanks you for warm and good words about my father. It is very important for me. I see as you appreciate a family. It is very important in sew lives. The family is a part of our private world which we love and we honour. You ask, why I have no children? I was disappointed in men in my country because they seldom aspire to serious relations, they drink much and aspire only to sex. It does not suit me. I think that the most important thing in relations - feelings, mutual understanding and respect. Therefore I have decided to get acquainted with the man from other country. I know only English language and consequently I had a choice between England and your country. And I have chosen your country. And you know, I am not disappointed in my choice because thus I have got acquainted with you.
Many people,many minds. All people are different and so they prefer spending their free time in different ways. Some of them go the parks, forests,to the country and enjoy the beauty of nature. Others like to stay at home watching TV or reading books. As for me I prefer to spend my free time in different ways. I like to go in for sports, aerobics, yoga or play volleyball with my friends. I like watching TV and listening music. I often went on dances earlier, like goes to cinema.
I have a rest, when I dance, when I float. But I wish possess this world with somebody. With the beloved man, for example. How you think?
Clint would you like to dance with me? I am assured, that you dance very well and you can learn me to dance even better. Really???
Also I like to travel the country enjoying natural beauty. And my way of spending free time is connected with my hobby. And my hobby is reading books. I'd like to say that it's hard to imagine our life without books. Books play such a great role in the development of personality. They help as to forget our daily problems and to pretend we travel to the past, future and to many different, wonderful places that we can't visit in reality. Do you agree with me? What do you like to do in your leisure time? Can you tell me about your interests?
Clint I want to ask you what do you think about my English? I studied English language by means of books. I took English books and tried to translate them. Do you like that how I write to you? It's very interesting and important for me.
Yesterday I went to Tatyana and we spoke about many things. She asks me now each time about you and she transfer greeting to you.
Would you like that I send greetings to her from you?
I send you a photo On which I in village at the grandmother and the grandfather. I hope you will write me tomorrow.
I will wait...
Clint, I think of you... A lot of time...
With warm regards, Yuliya

Letter 5

Hello My Dear Clint!!!
I feel this will be an E-mail friendly relation, which is quite fine with me. Friendship is very important as honesty and respect is something that I do strive for and that is something that I expect from anyone for that matter. You strive for a serious relationship, perhaps it may happen in the future, only time will tell. Although we have not seen each other at the moment due to distance, I do consider us as friends. Clint you seem to be very nice and kind man. It's important to me. Thank you for your letter today. It helps me better understand you and your life. I have a lot of time to work today and a little tired, but I write a letter to you, I give you my thoughts, my emotions. I'm not an avid church goer, but I am very spiritual. I have a strong spiritual side. I see God's beauty everywhere I look. I believe in God and am developing my faith everyday, it gets stronger and stronger. I would like to find someone who shares that Christian interest in their beliefs. It is very pleasant to me to hear, as you estimate my English language. I try, but at me not absolutely all turns out. I talk approximately as well as I write. To me it is very pleasant, that you send my regards to a family, I with pleasure will send your regards to the family. You ask, where I would like to live?
You know, in my country there is a proverb: " With the favourite person even in a tent - paradise ". It is not important, where and in what I will live, the main thing that near to me was favourite men which will help me in all. I never heard about facebook. I approached to the worker of library and the worker of library explained to me, that speed the Internet too small in library and similar service is not accessible right now. But the worker of library promised to me, that we with you can soon take advantage of this service. Right now I do not have phone, but I am going to get it in the near future and I will be assured that at us still possibility to speak on the phone with you! I as would like to hear your voice.
Clint I want to ask you about your friends. What can you tell about them? Tell me more. I really would like to know about them. How did you meet? How to become friends? How long have you friends? Clint how many friends you have who are always ready to help you? I have a very good friend. Her name Tatyana. Friends are very important in our life. I think one cannot live without friends. The most important thing for being good friends, to my mind, is to be ready to help one another in any situation, nevertheless how difficult it is, to support one another and to solve all the problems together. And never mind, that the friends may have different interests and hobbies, different likes and dislikes. They say that the friend in need is a friend indeed. I think it is really so. Clint I hope you agree with me?
My girlfriend and I always do our best to help one another. We discuss all our troubles and try to find the best decision in any situation.
My girlfriend is a very good, kind and intelligent. We often spend our free time together. Our friendship is very important to me and I try to do my best to be a good friend too. I send you a photo, where I with girlfriend Tatyana. How you think, she is a good person?
Clint I do not want to leave, I want to get another one of your letter. I hope that tomorrow you will write me. I'll wait for your new photos and letters.
With care, Yuliya.

Letter 6

Hello My Dear Friend Clint!!!
I have come today to the library and I waited for your long letter, but you wrote me a little today and I feel very sad. You have been very busy? You ask about my profile? Clint I have removed my profile after acquaintance to you. I respect our dialogue and consequently I do not wish to communicate with other men.
Clint I would like to know more about your work. Who do you work? Tell me please more about your work. You know, all over the world, there is a huge variety of professions, and in the far childhood at me eyes from such huge choice ran up. Still at school, I dreamed about the profession of music teacher. Further I many times have thought of a creative career. I have ended Musical college on a piano class. Clint what do you think about this musical instrument? Not a secret, that a profession the teacher one of the noblest trades, but also one of the most difficult, in my opinion. On the one hand, it is the big responsibility, and on the other hand it is interesting and fascinating. Of course, we cannot work as the teacher if we do not love children and if we are not ready to divide with them their pleasures and the sad moments. The profession needs to be chosen realised, being guided only the natural propensities and possibilities.
I have chosen this trade for three reasons: love to children, love to music and possibility to prove creatively. I love children and I will open to you my little secret - they love me very much! Sometimes, they do something does not work and I try to help, suggest. Clint recently one of my schoolgirls burst into tears during class because she could not play musical piece correctly. We stayed after school and long studied each fragment. She came to me on the next day and played this musical piece without errors. It was very pleased! Today I thought about how life changes, I do not even know how to say, how to express my thoughts. But I think that soon I can. When exactly will be sure.
What do you think? Clint tell me, what thoughts you have when you read my letters? It's very interesting to me.
I send you a photo, on which I in cafe.
Your most sincere friend Yuliya.



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