Letter(s) from Ksenia Popouva to Karel (Austria)

Letter 1

Hello Karel!
I as well as you very seriously treat a choice of the partner!
I live and I work in Moscow!
I already was 30 years old. My birthday was on September 14!
I Work as the cook at small restaurant.
I look for the serious man as you! According to your message I understand that you the serious man and want to build the serious relations!
Send me your photos!

Letter 2

My dear Karel!
How are you? as your day?
It is very interesting to me to recognize you and to try to build with you the serious relations!
Will know very interestingly everything about you and to receive your messages every day!
I will always answer your messages because it seems to me that we can build the fine relations!
I feel that you very much suit me.
Though between us 1000 kilometers, my heart says to me that you suit me!
I spend a lot of time on work. And consequently don't worry, if I didn't answer you during time.
To me to have to work much to pay for the apartment and completely to contain itself.
tell me more about itself!

Letter 3

My dear Karel!
I very much want to visit you in Austria! I never was in Austria! But I very much want to meet you!
I am sure you the fine man and we can build a fine family! Please let's be together and we will build a fine family!
I hope you can decide on travel dates!
You my prince!
Sincerely your Ksenia!

Letter 4

My dear Karel!
It is very pleasant to me to communicate with you!
I very much wish to build with you serious relations!
What do you think of a meeting with the woman with which have got acquainted on the Internet?
It will be very interesting to me to find out you!
I hope very soon we will discuss a place where we will meet!
You have time?
I am completely free from December, 1st till December, 30th!
This time is very positive for travel and for meetings!
Write me your opinion?
I work at restaurant under the name: Piano. It to be to the address: subway Domodedovsky, Shipilovskaya Street, 28a.
In free time from my work, I very much like to have a rest outdoors. I like to leave on lakes and to walk in various parks.
I hope soon we can walk together!

Letter 5

Hello my dear Karel!
Yes I have a passport!
Yes I work at Piano restaurant!
I love the simplest salad from tomatoes and cucumbers. This my favourite dish.
What to be pleasant to eat to you? I can prepare anything. I have very wide experience in kitchen!
When we will meet? I will go to you or in want to be in Moscow?

Letter 6

Hello my dear Karel!
I made a copy of my passport for you!
I sincerely want to fly to you! I very much want to build with you the serious relations!
It will be very good if you can visit Moscow on November 20 and remain in Moscow how many you want!
But I want to move with you to Austria together! It will be fine!
I will prepare for you everything that you will wish!

Letter 7

Hello Karel!
It really very fine idea to meet you in Moscow on November 20! I dream about this meetings!
You my prince!
We can age the serious relations! I am very happy!
I very much want to embrace and kiss you!
Hope we will kiss each other in your garden and also to fry fish on coals!

Letter 8

Hello my dear Karel!
I very much want to meet you!
When you will be in Moscow, I will take the days off from my work and I will be completely free for you!
My address:
city of Moscow
Vesyolaya Street 16,
apartment 21
index 115516
phone +79877032990
It will be better if you leave to me your phone number because I often work and I switch off my phone.

Letter 9

Hello my dear Karel!
I am very happy! I as soon as possible want to be with you! I very much want to meet you in Moscow!
You fine man!
When I will meet you at the airport we will sit down in a taxi and we will go to hotel! And at once we will order hotel. it there will be no problem!
Why I chose you because in you I see my future! In you I see reliability and confidence of tomorrow.
In one of Russian men I don't see it.
I dream to be with you!

Letter 10

Hello my dear Karel.
today my father died. It stopped heart. Now I remained one in this world. My mother died already long ago.
I can't constrain my tears.
You can arrive to Moscow now to support to me?
Letter 11

My dear Karel.
I am very upset. I don't know as me to constrain my tears. I to cry constantly.
The firm of funeral services provided me payment at a rate of 90000 rubles for their services. It makes 3000 dollars. I shocked. I don't know that to me to do.
I could find only 1900 dollars.
You can help me other sum? You can give me 1100 dollars?
Money is very necessary to me tomorrow. If money there will be no that firm of funeral services will simply refuse to bury my father.
Funeral will pass tomorrow at 12:00 Moscow time. My dear, I hope for you.
You my last hope.
If my father won't bury tomorrow, it will simply bring to a mortuary for the homeless.
I to cry. Please...

Letter 12

My dear Karel. I very much need your help! Please help me!
Probably the best way to transfer money it really Western Union!
I learned what data are necessary for a parcel of money. Here my full data:
My full data:
Name: Ksenia
Surname: Popouva
city: Moscow
Vesyolaya Street 16, kV 21
zip code 115516
birthday 14.09.1982
Number of the Russian passport: 8807 371912
I beg you help me. Nobody can help me. All days off I looked for money to pay off with funeral service.
I can't constrain my tears, they constantly flow.
Please send money today, I need your help!

Letter 13

My dear and I without problems can send you a copy of my Russian passport, but only tomorrow. Because today I have no possibility to do it. I am on work now.
Please leave to me number of your phone. I very much want to call you.
My dear I very much hope you can help me today. I very much need your help. Please help me today!
If I don't pay off with funeral firm tomorrow morning, they will bring an action against me, and I owe them on much more money. Please help me! Rescue me in this difficult situation. I will be grateful to you all I wash life!

Letter 14

My love why you don't write to me? Why you don't leave to me your phone number?

Letter 15

I understand you, it is simple to me very difficult now, I absolutely don't have anybody with whom I can talk. My father I was this person told it everything. Now for me around emptiness.
I didn't send you the passport, it is simple because I looked for money and I had no time.