Scam letter(s) from Karolina Sun to Jil (Israel)

Letter 1
hello!! its me)
i would love to travel with you to Berlin) it can be amazing!
i am 26 years old, working as a manager in the office)
sending you my picture)
what i expect? to have gun and relax! sightseeing and enjoing time together in nice places)
rock the city as you wrote))
can i ask if you can provide me with visa and tickets? it taked a week to be done as for visa so i can apply for it if you serious and we plan Berlin for 100%
Letter 2
hello!! than you for the pictures! you look great and i like your smile!
ticket and visa would be around 560$
sure we can contact in the other way) skype name is karine-in-nnirvana
add me)
Letter 3
i just got out of embassy. sitting in a hotel cafe write now. so hungry and thirsty as i spent last 4 hours in the register. it was so crowded! i had no idea that so many people are going to travel to Germany. can i bring them all with me with one visa? maybe in this way it will be dove faster) just kidding)
so the process goes harder then i though it would. today i gave my passport for the check out and i have to stay here in kiev for more days. it is very unexpected as i did not warn at my office that i will be absent. on monday i will have to fill in the documents that embassy requires. and on wednesday i will have to talk to consul to know the day of my interview. this is the schedule.
i am gonna stay in a hotel not far from the embassy office but i have one more request for you. i have limited amount of money accept what i have for the visa and tickets with me as i didnt know that i will spend here couple of days. hotel room costs 55$ per day. if you can help me with it for the four days i will stay in i would be very grateful as i dont want to go back to odessa and then again to kiev because it will be the same money as staying here and doing all that is needed quitly. thank you in dvance and again sorry for such a request..
Letter 4
i went to the cafe with wifi because internet in the hotel is down.
dont be nerveous as i am nerveous too, try to understand me, i am in the city where i don't no anybody, in a hotel i dont have money to pay for it, i am upset and i have an interview with a consul tomorrow, i didnt changed tickets but in the document i wrote that i will come back on 3rd but ticket is for 2nd. it worries me as they can notice that. and consul can interview on thursdays only so if something does wronge i will not have a chance to solve it till the day of flight.
i am concerned about all the situation dear... it's going more difficult as i thought it wouls and i have problems at work because i stay here
Letter 5

hello dear! i am going to the embassy) wish me luck! i am a little nerveous but hope it will be easy)
i am leaving the hotel tomorrow, tell me what can i do with it as i have to pay... is it possible for you to help somehow or not?
Letter 6
it went not that good as i expected. for getting schengen visa i needed to have invitation from you as a citizen of germany, accommodation- prooved adress where i will stay and confirmed from the hotel or rent apartment, certificate from the bank about my account as a proof that i am not going to work or stay there illigaly. dear i am so upset..... i have no words. everything went wrong
Letter 7
dear this is so unexpected. i cried.. i didnt know these conditions! i did everything right as i did before going abroad!
the next time consul can do interview is next thursday...
i still have this cdma number that you never called
Letter 8
i did not, you know that. i am very upset about how things went... i got back to work and routine. i am very sorry but it didnt depend on me, if we knew i needed more documents to be done we would prepare them for sure. as for the money i brought the tickets back to register to get the money to pay for the hotel as you knew my situation. again i am sorry...
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