Scam letter(s) from Anna Nezhentseva to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend! I am happy you gave me an opportunity to know you better ! I will try this chance to tell you about myself and to know you better! We have the same intentions and it's a great start for our friendship!
I am looking for love and can't just seat and wait for its coming! I prefer to be effective. So, that's why you are reading my letter! I don't know if we have a happy end in our communication, but no one knows, right? So, these are my thoughts.I am tired of being lonely and looking for the same lonely soul who wants to love and be loved! Are you such person? Anyway I think you have a question: " Who is she?" Well, let me introduce myself. My name is Anna I am 34 years old. My Birthday is 7th of January!
Christian people celebrate Christmas this day! I am a costumier in the local theatre. I dress actors, sometimes create a new dresses for them and repair an old! It's not very paid work!
But I like it! I adore to sew, invent a new image, so I found myself in it! Sorry , I forgot to write you that I am from Ukraine. My native town is Kharkov, but I live in Kypyansk for the 5 years already. My family lives here also. I will tell you about it in the next letter, if you are interested in! So..Here is my introduction letter! Hope to see your reply soon! I will be happy to know about your life, your ideas about the future and your appreciations, tell me about your family!
Do you have parents, sisters or brothers? Have a nice day and keep smiling!)) Remember, there is somebody, who will fell in love with your smile!)Maybe it's me?)) See you!
Letter 2
I am very happy to see you again, dear Frank ! How are you? Hope everything is ok with you and your native people! Happy to get your reply!These correspondence is very important for me!it's like a key to your heart,and your key to my heart, right?) I am happy to know you are a serious person and looking for the same thing as me! It's a great start for our communication! And I must assure you, that I am not for fun here!
I am a new person in the Internet dating, and maybe I will have some mistakes here, but I have a strong wish to meet a serious person and create a family! So,as you know, my name is Anna. I am 34 years old. My Birthday is 7th of January!
Christian people celebrate Christmas this day! I am a costumier in the local theatre. I dress actors, sometimes create a new dresses for them and repair an old! It's not very paid work! But I like it! I adore to sew, invent a new image, so I found myself in it! Sorry, I forgot to write you that I am from Ukraine. My native town is Kharkov, but I live in Kypyansk for the 5 years already. My family lives here also. I will tell you about it. Your pics are amazing and open your personality very good! I see in your eyes a kind, wise person, who is a tender man , who wants to love and be loved! Am I right?) I am sure, the eyes are the mirror of the soul and you can everything, just looking into it! Can you say something, looking into eyes? Will you guess something?) ... I will help you to know me better!)) You know already, who I am , my work. And it's very important to know the surrounding of the person! People say "Tell me who is your friend, and I will tell you who you are" . So, my best friends is my family! I have a Mother, she is 61 years old, and she is retired, and I have a youngest sister! Her name is Olya.She is married and live in Kharkov.My father was dead 2 years ago! He had a cancer and it was a big hurt for all our family!
But we remember him and love him very much! I didn't tell you about the treasure of my life!It's my princess Eva. She is my daughter! She is 4 years old and will be 5 on the 5th of Fabruary! I hope it won't bother you! She is my sense of living! And I give all her love to her!
But I want to give my love to a man also!That's why I am here!

I wrote at the site, that I don't have a special type of the man, whom I am looking for!I trust to my heart,only it can make the right choice.I believe in destiny, unfortunately I don't know when she comes! What about you? What kind of woman are you looking for?I will be happy to know about your surrounding also! I hope continue our correspondence, your letters like a sun in the gray sky and make me smile! See you soon
Kisses from Anna
Letter 3
My sweet heart Frank ! I hope I can call you so, because you are really sweet and tender for me! We become closer and closer to each other with every letter! have you notice it!? I hope this feeling follows not only me. How was your day today? Hope you didn't forget to smile, remember what I wrote about the smile in my first letter?) You are a great traveler! I envy you! You have seen the whole world!
By the way, what city in Ukraine do you like the most? As for me, I like traveling also,but have travelled in Ukraine also! Telling you more about myself today, I would like to tell about my hobbies! My height is 172 and my waiight is 59 kg! i like sport and am sure woman must take care about her figure and do sport! So I adore an active way of life. And my hobby is a Zoo!)) You have read right!
Zoo!) I adore animals very much and I can spend with them infinite amount of time.
They give the positive and tale away a negative emotions from you!have you ever notice it? There is no Zoo in our small city, but I use to visit animals in Kharkov Zoo! It's very big one, and when we meet (and I hope so) I will show you it!I attach the pic with kitty Cat here!) Also I adore cooking!I invent my own dishes and like treat with them my family and friends. Sometimes dishes are not successful, but almost all the time, my family ask for more!)) Dear frank, i didn't write you at the first letter about one thing, I didn't want to afraid you and loose you at once.But there is no sense to keep silence... I don't speak English, just a few words,I learn it in the school only, but too much time passed.So, I use a translation company for communication with you! The manager created a special account for me, where I get your letter, she helps me to translate your letter and to write mine. She makes a great job for us! I hope you don't mind about this, because now it's only way for communication! but I am a serious woman in my intentions, and I will learn English for the common future, I don't have to have any barriers between us! Stop my letter here and send you a big kiss and hug! See you soon
Letter 4

My darling Frank( may I call you so?) you are really dare for me already.
I would like to know what I mean for you?

Sorry, for starting my letter from this question. I was thinking about you all day long today and it was very hard to wait when I came to the agency to read your letter and to write you a reply. Dear,it very pleasant for me, that you like Russian cuisine and like traveling around Ukraine and Russia! I will be happy to invite you to me and show you the most beautiful places of this country and to treat you with best national dishes! frankly speaking I know almost nothing about Germany, but I hope you will tell me about it also! You asked what can I do in German? Well ., I sew well, I think i can sew dresses and suits for people, or restore an old cloths. What do you think? Last days all my family has noticed some changes in my eyes. They noticed a spark, what wasn’t in them before! My mother said me about this yesterday evening!))I think it’s true, because I smile more often now)! And I must say thank you for this!) This is your fault!)

It’s a distance between us, but I believe we will meet soon! What do you think? Did you imagine our first meeting? Today I understood how much I want it! We will walk down the streets, laughing, talking about everything, looking into eyes of each other. And enjoy of ourselves.

Your letters brings me only pleasant emotions, I don’t feel myself lonely anymore. Can’t believe that I met the person in the Internet and he gave me so many pleasant emotions. I feel you understand me very good and I can do the same…Maybe I was looking for you all this time?...

Only one thing make my day gray today, my little Princess Eva woke up today with a temperature. It was not very high, but you can understand the feelings of the mother, when her child is ill! I couldn’t find a place for myself at the work! My mother stayed with her today! I bought some pills to her and now I am going to treat her with it! Hope everything will be ok with her soon!

Hope you are ok , stop my letter here and will be waiting for your new letter with impatience. Remember, there is a person, on the other side of computer, who things about you all time and whose heart starts beating faster, when your letter comes.

With love
Letter 5
My dearest Frank! Thank you for your letter! My weekends was lonely and I though about you only! how was yours? Thank you for telling me about your house I am so happy to know more and more about you! I couldn't imagine what could I do if I didn't met you! I am so happy you came to my life and I pray God you will stay hare for ever! it's just a first step of our relationships, and I want to make a second step and meet you! I think we both wait for this. And the dreams are come true when two people wish the same! You are very special for me! Dear I want to meet you very much! I feel like I have been looking only for you all my life! Dear,I wrote you that sincerity id a base of relationships between man and woman! And I want to be sincere with you! I have the barrier between you and me now. You know, my English is weak and I use translation service to write you letter! My honey, I was ready to spend the last coin for a letter for you! Money is nothing in comparing with love, but when I have it! Today doctor took Eva to the hospital, the temperature is very high, and she has a strong cough! And I have to waist all my savings for her treatment now.. . I wrote you all this , because I don't want to loose you, and want you understand my problem!But tomorrow you won't see my letter... My dear, it's a difficult situation and my heart pull to pieces... you know, the health of my doughtier is very important for me, but I don't want to loose you also ... I have found you only! Dear, please, if you have the same intentions and you are serious and sincere with me, please, may you help me with recharging the account in translation agency! this is only way to stay in touch with you now!Hope you will understand my problem! Please, answer as soon as possible! Your Anna
Letter 6
28 November 2012
Mrs. Sofia Golybeva
General Manager of
Omega 2000 Translating Company
5/4, Tsyurypa Street
Kypyansk,Kharkov region, Ukraine, 63700
+380999144697 (working hours: 10am -5mp except federal holidays and weekends)
_________________________________ Dear Mr. Frank. We have to bother you because of the situation with Miss Nezhentseva Anna.
Unfortunately, we can not translate your last letter to Miss Anna and the reason is her account has run out . She had to tell you that she was using our service for correspondence with you, because she doesn't speak English and don't have her own computer!And Miss Anna paid fees for translation letters between you and her . Now she doesn't have facilities to replenish her account. She asked us to apologize to you for this accident and you have to know that she is really serious about you. And she is really interested in further correspondence with you but Miss Anna can not suppose when she will be able to afford to pay fees for translation.Unfortunately she doesn't have her own computer and can't write a letters by her own! We would be glad but we can not translate any letters till the account is refilled by one of parties, either you or Miss Anna. We are ready to help you in your further correspondence with Miss Anna if you wish to become our client. If you want to offer your help to Miss Anna to solve the problem with her account, we are ready to provide you with all necessary information.Let me know about your decision, it's very important to Miss Anna. Sincerely yours, Sofia Golybeva, General Manager of Omega 2000 Translating Company __________________________________ Omega 2000
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