Letter(s) from Morgana Richard to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1


First and foremost, I am a lady, probably overly aware of his flaws, who desires to know God more, The way I worded that may sound overly religious...so I essentially was trying to say I am working in progress. I am very transparent,trustworthy,loving,caring and god fearing.This personality trait draws my friends closer and has the potential to come off weird to people who don't really know me. I am serious about life in general, but I love humor and exploration/adventure. I am at a transitional point with my life, seeking to see what God would have for me next...a few potential options (would take a while to explain...later if you like). I come from a mixed cultural background in the sense that I relate well with the following types of people due to life experiences: elderly once...To me, the most important thing in life is to be happy with your life, and the people in it.The keys to a lasting relationship are trust and communication skills. If you don't have these in a relationship then the just won't last The thing that I appreciate most in a partner is the ability to love, honor and respect their partner. To be easygoing, able to talk about anything and everything.i am a pretty laid back and easy going person who enjoys life and everything it entitles. I am looking for the same in my match, but a little more. I am looking for someone who is tired of the meaning less relationships and wants to be involved in something real and with someone real. I want a man who is not afraid to speak his mind or care about what others think. I guess you'd say I want a man that can be himself always and not try to be something or someone he's not just to try to impress a woman. I'm the type of person that doesn't let the little things in life worry me, I'm a caring,compassionate,free spirited person who is giving and charitable but I'm not afraid to speak my mind.So tell me a little about yourself...personality, what are you doing with yourself, whatever else you might want to say or ask. Morgana cares...

Letter 2

Name: Femi Oye
City:- osogbo
State: osun state
Zipcode: 234035
Country:- Nigeria