Scam letter(s) from Ann Welson to Mike (UK)

Letter 1
Hi baby...
I made up my mind not to send you an email but today when I went to church with Ellen she told me to mail you and I have also thought of it and I decided to mail you... You see in this world when love starts to grown then enemies arise if you know what I mean. I have already told you about a Ann who came into my life to make my life miserable by sending my ***** pictures and videos to different sites so all this messages that you are sending to me does not make any difference to me and is not a new thongs either. Well about the declaration I was not the one who printed it out, it was sent to me and I also forwarded it to you. If I was to be after your money I would just go forward and tell you but because I wanted to to see it that was why I sent it to you. You and I know that Ghana is full of scams and bad acts that was why I have been with you all this while without cheating or coming after your money. If I was to be after your money I would have leave you when the bank froze your cards and you had no money at all but I was still with you. I have also find out that, that declaration was a blackmail but I don't understand why they would not collect that money but will just inspect it. Now about that site, it has been a site that I was working for many years ago but I did not want to tell you because it hurts me the most, I did not had a choice , I had to join that site to get some money to pay my flight from USA to Ghana or else I would not be able to come to Ghana here to pursue my course. I am wo sorry that I did not tell you about that before because I did not want it to affect our relationship so I wanted to leave it behind me and move on with you because I love you and you always make me halt when I am not. I have taken my time to explain things to you but if you still don't believe me then there is only one choice left for me that is to sleep with chief doctor and get some money as well as my certificate then I will come to UK and just show myself to you for you to know that no one pm this earth will ever love you the way I do. I still love you so send me an email for me to know your conclusion then I will take my next step. Take care. Love you. Xxxxxxxx
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