Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Sotnikova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Morning. I hope your weeks has gone well for you and this letter finds you in good spirit. Of course I am interested to learn more about you.
It is needless to say that my name is Tatyana. If I'm not mistaken it means "organizer" from Greek.
I was born on the 29 of January, 1981, and in other words I'm a Aquarius. Do you believe that zodiacal signs influence our life?
I dare to say that I was born in Ukraine near the town Horlovka.
It is situated in Donetsk region. It is a coal area and there are a lot of mines.But we changed the place of residence after his death.
That's why my family relocated to Slavuta, Khmelnytskyi region and now I live there. It is picturesque town near the river Horyn and 112 kilometers far from Khmelnytskyi.
My city has a long history and was founded in 1633, that's why there are a lot of places of interest to see. There are museums,cinemas, theatres, libraries, many shops and different restaurants and cafes. It also has a well-developed infrastructure with many factories, plants and complexes.
Are there places of interests in your motherland?
Tell me, please, about yourself. Where do you live? How old are you? What do you do for living?
And, please, send me your photos. I will be happy to receive it.
I think it is time to continue my letter.
Thank you for your company on the distance. Your new friend, Tatyana.
Letter 2
Good day. Your letter makes my mood great every time. Deep down I begin to understand that you play an important role in my life. If you are not against I would like to share my thoughts with you.
I like to spend time with my mother, because I think that the family is the most important thing in the life. I am sure that the family is the foundations of all life. What do you think about it?
I want to find a man who will be the heard of the family, will be strong and able to make decisions. Are you this type of man? I think you are. I want to love him, to support him, to give my passion, and I am sure that I can do it.
I want to wait my husband after a work with something tasty in the kitchen. I forgot to say you that I like cooking and prefer to cook my traditional Ukrainian dishes. Would you like your woman cook for you? Did you ever taste holubtzi, borshch, varenyky? I hope I will have the opportunity to prepare it for you. Moreover, I like to find new recipes and try to cook it.
Do you think that wife must work? Or you are the man who prefer his woman to be a housewife. As for me, I like to work and want to work after marriage. But if my beloved will insist me to be a housewife I will prefer the family.
You know, I do not sing. As for my English I studied it in school.
Thank you for telling me about your likes and dislikes. You letters are interesting for me too.
Now all send you lot of love and now I am thinking of you a lot.
Your Tatyana.
Letter 3
Dear. I was glad when I was reading your letter. You can not even imagine how grateful and elated I am now after having got the letter from you. thank you for telling me about your family. It is a pity that your father died.
As for cats or dogs, I think I prefer dogs.
Deep down I want to meet with you in person. What do you think about it? There is no denying the fact that meeting will help us to become closer, to know each other better and build strong relations. I have a good mind to start it with you.
Dear, I want to tell you about my dream. Maybe I will seem to be very romantic or extremely strange, or even mad, but I need to write it to you.
My vision of our first meeting is like that...
You meet me in the airport. I'm dressed a clean, tidy, smart, red dress. You look at me and I smile bashful. You come to me and hold me in your arms. We come from the airport with your arms round my waist.
Our eyes are shining with joy... I kiss your cheek...
We come to cafe and make an order. I think it can be a bottle of red wine and some seafood. Do you agree with it?
I know it is a hard time to go home. We enter the room, holding hands and I kiss you... Kiss you on your gentle, sweet lips. You sign, and I kiss you lower. on your neck, shoulders, belt and move lower and lower ++++++ REMOVED ++++++...
I feel it... I like it... It is so wonderful to feel you in me. we lie tired and exhausted, but at the same time we are full of love and inexpressible feeling of happiness.
We will lie throwing our arms around each other until the morning, and it is upon you to think what we will do next day...
I'm sending you a huge mountain of hugs, a million kisses and all my love. Your, Tatyana.
Letter 4

Dear Sir, We write to inform you that your Lady addressed a request to our company to help her with translations. We deal with all kinds of translations, such as literary, classical, technical translations. We also translate documents and personal correspondence.
Our clients choose our service because of exact, accurate, timely and prompt translations. All our translators are qualified and always ready to help people, who do not know English.
Your Lady Tatyana paid for the first set of translations, but now she has material problems. She is wiling to continue relations with you and asks for helping to pay for the correspondence.
Should you need any further information, please, do not hesitate to contact us by email. Our email is: "".
Please, respond us at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, "TransWord" Company.
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