Scam letter(s) from Vera Maistrenko to Jean (France)

Letter 1
Hi! Vera is here. I am single nice girl from Ukraine, who feels lonely without a nice man at my side. Do you know this feeling? Are you affectionate person? Do you believe in love? I do and I am here with serious intentions to meet a man to share life with and be happy together. I wish to create nice family. I never was married; I live in Ukraine and work in chemical laboratory. I live with parents and I never travelled to another places in the world. And I am looking forward to know you more. Waiting for your reply soon
Letter 2
Hello! I am very pleased by your mail! I was expecting it and now I feel little excited don’t know what to really write you now.. I hope you will also share with me some things about you as how is your life going and what would you like to change to be really happy; about your dreams and wishes; the way you see your future with your woman; what is important for you. I am interested to know those things about you, Joao! very nice question about where I would love to wake up.. I wish it will be in some warm island, on the beach)) feelign warm sun on my skin.. woudl so lovely I don’t have my own computer and I can use it from work only and here I can’t really spend much time, so I hope you will have some patience to wait for my mails to come, if you like our communication to grow. I am single and I am alone now for about a year, I had relations before, but that ended up not really nice, I felt less respect and care to myself.. I will celebrate my 25s birthday on December 28. I never was married before. I live in the town of Lisichansk, which is on the very east of Ukraine and I am working in university as an assistant in chemical laboratory. I live with my parents and I also have 2 years older brother, who lives in ****** city of Luhansk now with his wife. I am here with serious intention to meet a man who I can trust with all of me and who will trust me himself to make him happy for life time. As I said I am alone now for about a year and during that passed year I never met any man who I could consider as nice one for me. Most of them don’t really know what they want in love.. and what can give to woman.. I wish to have real loving family, share all good and bad what life gives and try to help each to make our dreams come true! Ok, I don’t want to make it too long for the first time
I will be waiting for your reply soon and some photos please also
Letter 3
Hello, dear!
How is your day going there? Thanks for those complents to me! I also very much like your photos!! You know, I work in chemical laboratory in university, I prepare chemicals for their classes and experiments, once I also was the same student, I was good student so I stayed working here, I work with those chemicals and also arranging some papers, there is always something to do in university :) Just wanted to share with you a little so you have an idea what I do at work here) And what about you? You love your job? I am working till late sometimes and then I am thinking that is not good.. cause if I have husband I wish to come earlier, before him, to prepare him dinner, talk to him. What you like to eat, Joao? I like very different kinds of food and l enjoy cooking. I can prepare meat and fish and vegetables, I love to bake and I like sweets very much. Sometimes I have such a big wish to have a little chocolate that I am ready to go to the store in the middle of the night to get it)) So if we are together I would cook for you wish a big pleasure, I would wait for you at home and hug you and kiss you softly when you come back home, ask how your day was and try to make you to forget all those things which maybe stressed you and made you tired during all day.., would you like it from your woman? I can say that I am not very talkative person, maybe that is why it seems easier for me to write and express my thoughts while I am sitting here on my own having some time for me and you. But I believe in relations that is always important always share with each other our thoughts and feelings, we need to understand each other, we need to get that close to understand each other without even words, to feel each other deeply… What you think? This important for me as I wish to be the one whole with my man! To be his support and care, to be always there for him when he needs me and I expect the same from him. Maybe you and me can fine it together! About talent I have to impress you.. that is justy being myself and let you to fall in love in this myself who I am) I will be thinking about you
Have a good day!
Letter 4

Hello, dear ! I am pleased to have your mail again and know you a little more for now. Thanks for those smiling photos of you, I really like you!
That feels nice to know that we are here about the same, so I believe taking this chance communicate in internet, getting closer and then we will see how we could make it work for us in reality and I believe that is really possible. So how is your day going there? I am just at work. In this letter I attach to you few photos, one with my friend when we were going to disco and one with my brother and his wife and another photo is me at home with my kitty cat. I met him about a week ago on the street, I just could not pass by, he looked so miserable, cold and hungry and I just took him with me brought him home and now he is my closest friend at home) He is so sweet. Do you like animals? You have some? I live in not big flat with my parents and here is not really comfortable to keep any animals, maybe fishes only)) but I like animals a lot and I have a dream to live in house where I could grow some plants in garden and flowers and also have some cats and dogs. What you need to be completely happy? Sometimes I think that I need news shoes when I feel my feet getting cold in cold weather.. or maybe just nice warm soup when I am running home all tired.. but6 in general meaning I need a man in my life, who would allow me to take care of him, who would appreciate me the way I am and make him happy every day; who would not be afraid or ashamed to show his feelings to me. I don’t know.. maybe there are no special qualities about him; his age or occupation, I just wish he will be MY man and I will become HIS WOMAN completely, and I believe that is possible to realize it only after spending some time together; treating each other, showing care and affection; respect and attention, these things are important for me, those these things were missing in my past relations, so now I know very good what I wish to have from my man. What you think? What is really important for you about your woman to be?
I believe you and me in a situation now when we need to share things and talk about things we like, and if we realize we are similar then we can try to realize our dreams together in reality.
I am looking forward for your answer
Take care
Letter 5
Hello, dear ! I hope your day is going good there! I was thinking about you.. This is an amazing thing – communicating like this on internet, sometimes hard to believe, but all is possible. So how are you there? Did you see any sweet dreams last night? I don’t remember what was in my dreams,. But every night I have some dreams, I remember them when I wake up and after morning shower I forget them) I understabnd yiou very good and I am here also not for platonic realtions and I also wish to feel everything for real!!! I am romantic person and I am missing romance in my life a lot.. and I can feel you are also very romantic man by the way you share things with me… You know I don’t know any romantic men here.. all my friends who has boyfriends or married never told me they did some romantic things with their men.. I don’t know it could be anything.. just walking on the streets at warm summer night.. watching romantic films in cinemas, watching stars falling and making wishes together.. I never experiences those things in my life.. and I really dream to.. I think living e very day like yesterday would **** feelings.. maybe not ****, but fade away.. could make us cold to each other. And I think that man and woman should always work on keep the fire burning.. giving attention each other, making some surprises.. little presents, just simple notes or sms for each other saying something like: “Have a good day, my love”..if I receive such a note in the morning my day would be great I know it. Cause it would raise my mood very high.. what you think, Joao? We need always show each other what we mean for each other and appreciate each other. Spend time together or sometimes “rest”from each other, but not for long time.. I would love to try camping, for me it seems such a romantic thing.. I never did it before and I never was in mountains in life.. ohhh, I still never saw or did so many things in my life.. and I am always imagining I am doing them together with my man, enjoying together. I believe I could learn so many things from you. I am curious person, you know)) I always like to find something our of I don’t know it. And of course I woudl take some free time to meet you and spend time togther in reality if you come here for me I am thinking about you already too much!
Letter 6
Hello, darling !
I am happy to have your attention again and feel little closer to you then before) I am niot a student any more, I am graduated 3 years ago. When I was little girl of course I dreams to be an actress, singer or any kind of artist, maybe dancer or work on TV I have a big hope that you and me can make this communication in real connection one day.. I don’t know, but I am already so much wondering how your voice sounds, how it feels to hold your hand and smell you.. I would really like to go for a walk with, maybe hiking all free Sunday somewhere. What you usually do on your days off? I am working on Saturdays, I spend morning in university and in the afternoon I give some classes for pupils from school who wants to enter our university and need to pass an exam on chemistry. So my only day off is Sunday. Sometimes I go to church when I have mood, sometimes I am sleeping till maybe 12 pm, do you like sleeping in? Then usually I go to store with my mom or alone to by some food and staff for home, then I am home doing cleaning and cooking and watching etc.. sometimes in the evening I can go with my friends to movies or for cup of coffee with some sweets, or just for a walk. I like nature very much. I don’t like very cold winter weather, that time Sundays can be really boring for me – just trying not to get cold here)) I believe with you at my side I would never have such a problem )) right? I believe you are very warm and your kisses taste sweet. I would like to liv anywhere, just important that I feel happy there and I believe some warm island sounds nice then cold winter here)) I like you, I believe there are so many things we can learn and teach each other.. I like it.
Take care till I can’t take care of you .. yet..
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