Letter(s) from Natalia Burlakova to Andrew (United Kingdom)

Letter 1

Hi Andrew!!!
Today I checked mine E-mail, at my friend Natalya. I waited for letters from my acquaintances and schoolmates.
And me the letter from you has come new. I have been very surprised, that you have answered me Andrew. :))) If you have written to me, means you already looked my profile, and you know about me a little. I have written to you Andrew on your profile, because you lonely. I also one, therefore I wish to get acquainted with you. I think, that if we will have dialogue, we could learn each other better. Andrew, you agree?
Well, it is a little about me. I live in Russia. Russia is the biggest country of the world. In my country it is a lot of sights. What do you know about Russia? I was born and I live in the city of Cheboksary. Cheboksary - one of the most beautiful cities of Russia. You can see my city on a photo which I have sent in this letter. I think, that by means of my pictures, you can know about my city. I also want, that in the following letter, you have told to me about your city in detail. Also I will wait your photos.
I never used Internet for acquaintances to the man. Even now, I not so well imagine, what exactly to write you that you have learnt me better. But, for me this new and interesting. I never learnt people thus, but in my opinion, it is very interesting and curiously. The new friends, the new acquaintances, all it, in my opinion brings good dialogue, mood and something new, for each person in own way. You agree with me?
I do not wish to hide from you Andrew, I wish to learn you better, because in my opinion, you the interesting person.
For this reason, I wish to ask you some questions. Andrew, what you like to do in a life? You like a city in which you live? I hope that you will answer my questions!
If you also have questions, please, to ask me them. I with pleasure will answer them.

Letter 2

Hi Andrew! I waited for your letter today. And you wrote me, very pleased. As your case, as your mood now? I hope all is well.
Well, there is little information that I forgot to tell you the first letter of my city. Also, I have made some photos of my city, I hope you will be interested. Well, my favorite city located on the River Volga. City Cheboksary, was founded in 1469 year. Cheboksary is the industrial, scientific and cultural center of Chuvashia. The population of approximately 440 thousand people. The city has many buildings 17-18 centuries. Such as the Trinity Monastery (17 century) and other architectural monuments. You can see it on my photos.
Also in that letter I would like to tell you about myself. I lived 27 happy years. Each my birthday very bright and memorable event in my life. This day I have been associated with childhood, gifts, smiles, a festive table and congratulations. Do you like your birthday? I hope so. Actually, I am not a fan of holidays, but I love these holidays, as birthdays, New Year, Easter and Christmas.
I work as a vendor, sell clothes. I like my work because I like to make customers happy. After work I visit a fitness center, because I like to play sports. Sport helps to keep my body in excellent form. I love to read poems Yesenin, and Tolstoy's literary works. My favorite movie "City of Angels". Nicolas Cage in the role of heavenly creation. Meg Ryan in the role of the Earth goddess ... Are you watching this film? I love to listen to music Alize. I studied English in school. In high school I graduated from the excellent. After school I went to English language courses. I have been very difficult, but I tried, because it knew that it is useful to me in the future.
I live alone. My mother's name is Rosa, it is still young, it is now 50 years old. She is now on pensions. My dad's name is Igor. He works taxi. My parents lived in married 29 years. This year will be Pearl wedding - 30 years. Nevertheless, we are with Mom as a friend, and talking about everything. Parents help me money to pay for an apartment each month. My salary is sufficient for buying food, buying clothes.
My grandfather and grandmother died long ago. When not become grandfathers, grandmothers has disappeared meaning in life, and she does not want to live without it. It ill and died. They very much loved each other all their lives. They could not live separated without one another, they had a real love. I too want to live his entire life with a favourite person. Just to overcome all the difficulties and complexity of life with a loved one, as my grandfather and grandmother. Tell me about your grandparents!
On Sundays, I go to church. According to my Christian faith, if possible I go there, and put candles all saints. I believe in God, because when I needed spiritual and moral assistance, he help me. You visit the church and how often? How do you spend holiday with your family?
Well, this is a little more information about me. I hope Andrew, with each letter, we can better know each other.
All good.

Letter 3

Hello Andrew! I see your letter again and the mood rises. As your mood now? I hope that all is well and you succeed.
My dear friend Andrew I am very grateful to you for your words of honour. It was very pleasant to me to read your the letter as I feel that you with me absolutely sincerely.
Do you like beautiful and romantic place? I like, I think I am very romantic girl. It seems to me that a girl should always be romantic. And in this case I am not an exception, and love to dream and to represent different moments in which I would like to see them have been with me.
I am also very superstitious girl. I believe in signs and predictions, because I perceive everything to heart. I am sure that everyone has intimate dream and realization of this dream, gives happiness to humans. When I was twelve years old whose parents gave me a big calendar with a photo of a beautiful medieval castle. This castle was so fabulous, and at the same time very impregnable. I do not remember what European country was this castle. But in future I would like to visit the old city, where there are historic sites that tell about this city or country. I love the history of the world, because it displays the various actions for many years.
If you ask me what country I would like to visit, then I replied that it is: France, Italy, Australia, Britain, Spain, USA, Mexico, Canada. Why? Because in these countries wonderful climate, many beautiful and interesting places that are like me. I'm sure if I visited these countries, I would learn a lot about people, about religion, about their lives etc. It is always so interesting, perhaps in the future I will be able to carry out my dream.
Tell me please Andrew, and what you have a dream that you wish to exercise? You like to travel, and where you were?
I just wanted to see your photos.
I will eagerly await your letter. Elena.

Letter 4

Hello Andrew! I really knew that you write to me:)) This raises me mood. I hope you are all wonderful and there is nothing that will upset you.
I think, that I too will spend Christmas together m my family. I like different firms on especially me firm "Oriflame" purfume is pleasant "Polar lights" are called. And what your favourite purfume?
Andrew, last letter I was telling you about the countries that I would like to visit in the future. And if you're interested in this letter, I made a photo where I would like to visit. This is a very beautiful place, you will agree with me? I think that is the case. Of course, it is difficult to carry out my dream, but if you try, you can overcome everything in its path. And I will certainly try to do so.
What can you say about us, about our correspondence Andrew? I think that between us good friendly relations that grow with each passing day. You agree? May I take you my friend? I very much want you was my friend, because you are good man, with whom pleasure to communicate and learn new things.
I have the friend Natalya. You can see it next to me in the photograph. We are with her friends since childhood, it was me as a sister. I have no secrets from it and I can talk with her about everything. I know that she will understand me and help me in difficult times, always. I very much appreciate our friendship, and will not betray her. I feel that we too will have good relations. What can you say about your friends Andrew? Tell me about it.
Okay, now I want to tell you about my relationship. I had a serious relationship with only one man. Our relationship lasted more than 1 year. First, it was all perfectly. We love each other. I wish to tell you that I am very susceptible girl, because the main thing for me, this attention and honesty on the part of men. This is what happened at the beginning of our relationship. I loved him very much. But after some time, he stopped noticing me and stopped with my considered opinion. He became very few spend their time on me. Then he led his friends to our home. They are very much hampered me to sleep. I really wanted to be with a man, but he spent his time with friends. He stopped to listen to my requests. I do not poured and I was hard to work the next day. Over time, I realized that I do not worry about such a relationship, and we leave. It has been a long time and I am totally disappointed in Russian men. Of course, there are good men in Russia, but I was not able to meet this. That is why I decided to go abroad serious relationship. I am sure men abroad, a different picture of the relationship and the girl. They know what is love, relationship, dedication and understanding of the girls, in any situation.
This is a bit more information for you. I hope you were interested, and you find out a little more about me.
Sincerely your friend, Elena.

Letter 5

Hello my friend Andrew!!! I am a big smile received your letter. :))) I read your letter with great interest, because with each letter, I think that we learn all closer to each other.
Andrew I yet reflected with whom I will meet Christmas. But I think, that I will meet too Christmas with my family.
Today, I toured with Mom a lot of shops, as soon my friend Natalya's birthday. We looked for her gift. But not been able to decide what to buy her a gift. And now, I want to ask your views on this gift to Natalya. What do you think, tell me about it! Maybe: picture, a small puppy, a women's handbag? My opinion gave her a small puppy. What is your opinion concerning this? Natalya has long wanted to have a pure breeding Shar Pei dog. I also very much like this breed dogs because they are very beautiful and harmonious. You know about this breed? Do you love dogs?
Incidentally, when we went shopping, I conspiracy with Mom about our correspondence with you. She listened to me very carefully, because it was very interesting to learn about our correspondence. I want to tell you that my mother is not against our friendship and correspondence. My mother wants me the best.
I very much like my mother. She I have very gentle, kind and sweet. For me, though like all children probably my mother the dearest person to me on this Earth. We always understand each other always share secrets, and we support each other. I like when my mom smiling. For me, is always painful to see when my mother crying. I always try to reassure my mother because I always regret it. It was not an easy life, and she gave everything for me and my education, upbringing.
Andrew, I wanted to ask you some questions. Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe that there are always second half, for any human being? This is a very interesting questions for me, sometimes I ask myself. Well, I will wait for your letter, contact me. I wish you good mood, good day.
Your friend from Russia, Elena.

Letter 6

Hi my dear friend Andrew! Thank you very much for your letter. With each letter you are becoming closer to me, and I feel it.
Andrew I very much was upset when have seen a photo. I hope, what on a photo it was live? You had very beautiful dog. Now I too want, that to me would present a puppy.
Send regards to your brother that is very a pity to me, that with your dog there was such misfortune.
At us weather on the contrary was very damp and unpleasant, there was a snow with a rain, and the wind blew. I to you wish to tell, that every day it seems to me, that between us it is a lot of general. I too very much love children. And too very much I dream to have the child from the beloved.
Today, I have an very beautiful dream. In a dream I experienced a lot of excitement. I dream that I'm going next to you by the hand and sand on the seashore. We smiled to each other. It was so real that I was impressed that bedtime. I had a dream in your complete image. I think that you have an me in a dream, because I think a lot about you Andrew.
When I awoke, I wanted this dream to realize.
I think that human beings are born falls in love with each other. When I see couples as a whole and passionately spoken to each other's gentle words, I became very sad and lonely. I do not have enough heat and love, which can give me loved man. And in the future, I very much would like all this. And I will be honest with you, I would like to see this man you were, in the future. I look at it until we know each other better.
I think you a very good man, with whom any girl would feel safe. I do not know, perhaps I am wrong, but it is my opinion, at this time. Tell me concerning this, it is interesting to know. I am really very good opinion about you. And for all the short period of time, but we know each other, I just excellent impression on our relations. And I hope, sincerely hope that our relations will only grow with each passing day we communicate.
And now I want to ask you a very important issue in my opinion. As you can see our relationship in the future? Please answer this question in more detail, it is important for me.
Your Elena.

Letter 7

How you? Do you all well and wonderful? I hope so. You do not see how you feel glad I got his letter:) Your letters always give me great hope and good feelings. After reading your letters, I think a lot and think over them. I hope that you are just thinking about my correspondence. For me very important to our dialogue.
Andrew the Italian cuisine, a spaghetti is more to like me, and still to me to like ????? under name Lagman. You know such dish?
Thanks you for your photos, at you very beautiful apartment.
Andrew, You should know that you, I really roads. I feel that much can bind us in the future. You feel it through our letters? I hope so.
In this letter I want to tell you about my day. Every working day I stand at 6:00. First, I accept contrast shower to wake up and feel fresh. Then I go to breakfast. I usually use the coffee with a breadbasket. But sometimes I eat fresh vegetables and fruits. At 8:00 my working day begins. From 12:00 to 13:00 i have lunchbreak. After the work, I often go to girlfriend or Internet cafe to write you a letter. From 13:00 to 17:00, my working day continues. This is how my work is taking place, for 8 hours. Sometimes I am very tired at work, if I have a lot of buyers. Some times in a week I visit a fitness center. I ran for running track and swimming in the pool because I want to be a harmonious and beautiful girl. I am preparing a very good Russian cuisine, I like to cook with mushrooms fried potatoes, pancakes, soup, spaghetti, desserts and fried chicken. You like to cook? And eat? :))) What kind of cuisine you prefer?:)
Evening is pleasant to read me books, to look cinema and to listen to music. Now I like to visit my friend Natalya in the evening, To receive from you new letters. I can know, how you spend one day?
Today, I connected my phone to the network MTS. My phone Nokia 5310 will be included, and will work with tomorrow. Now I can speak with you by phone. I will call you as soon as I will have more time. Okay?
Concerning you, I can tell you that you are not indifferent to me. I want to know about you all, because I constantly think about you, and I do not want, that we ceased to write to each other. You talked to your family about me? If yes, then I want to know their opinion about me. This is very important for me. I think that in the next letter to me you let me know. Submit your family big congratulation from me:)
And yet, please respond to me at a very important question! How do you think we could be a pair?
Your Elena.

Letter 8

Hello my dear Andrew. Every day I look forward to your new letter. I started to write you a letter with great pleasure and joy. From your letter, my day much happier and joyful. I am sure that every letter we become closer in our relationship. I am pleased by this.
Than you usually like to decorate rooms, and you prefer what plants, when plant trees and shrubs in a room. At you an excellent lawn. Probably very much to like you your hobby.
I do not want to rush, but I want to tell you that with each passing day my feelings grow to you. I think that you are a good man, and I am very pleased to communicate with you. Moreover, I feel sympathy to you. It seems to me that my feelings will not stop there. I feel his heart, that I used to you and your letters. I am not surprised, if will take some time, and I can love you.
I want a man who can make me happy. I want to feel warm and weasel my lover. I want when I came home, he could embrace and kiss me. I want to talk with me, listen to me and advise. I am no longer a little girl, I want to give the joy of his beloved person. I want to do it the happiest man on earth, and take care of it. I want to give him all their love and warmth. I hope that this will soon become a reality, and this man for me, will you dear Andrew. I sincerely hope so.
Well, when I write you this letter, I will go to celebrate the birthday of my beloved friend Natalia. As reported to you in one of the letters, I bought a small puppy, and I hope it will be happy with this gift. We are going to celebrate her birthday in a sauna. I am sure we spend time cheerfully. I will announce to you the following letter concerning all this.
Well, I will wait for your letter. I hope you are all well, you're in the mood perfectly, and nothing disturbed you. Frankly, I very much for you, because as reported by you, you mean much to me. Remember this.
Your Elena.

Letter 9

Hello, my Andrew. I am happy today to get your next letter. I hope you will write me every day. I will also try to write you, every day. Okay?
Yesterday, as reported last letter to you, we celebrated the birthday of Natalya in the sauna. We really had a fun time together. She was very happy on this day. We drank wine and champagne. I really liked to swim in the pool. He was not very big. I really liked the sauna.
In a sauna, I have had the unpleasant situation. My Nokia 5310 phone fell in the pool. I am very much saddened. Girls calms me, and this helped me a little bit. In the service centre I was told that the phone can not be repaired. I am very much upset because of this, this is my favorite phone. Now, I do not want another phone. And if I will buy myself another phone, I will buy myself the same. This phone gave me a mom. And now I do not know how to tell her about it. I do not know what I do! Also, I wanted to call you Andrew. But do not worry, we will arrange our conversation, in the future. In the future, I will call you in the future.
I want to say that I am to you very much sense. Difficult to say all the words ... and I do not have enough words to describe what I feel to you Andrew. I want to give you my fragile heart. Please do not just keep silent about your feelings, I want to know your feelings towards me. I can not convey my feelings words, as it is very difficult. You understand me? I trust you, with all your heart. And confidence is one of the most important qualities in the relationship between man and a woman. I sincerely hope that you will never predash me, and do not hurt me. I feel that you are good and kind man. I just admire you, my Andrew. I want to be next to you Andrew. I want you felt my feelings in reality. I have a lot of emotion when I read your mail. I sometimes think that I want to hold all their lives together with you. And be faithful and beloved woman for you.
What for you love? For me, is when constantly think about your favorite person ... When you dream it even in a dream. I am grateful to fate that she gave me the opportunity to know you. You - the good, bright, kind, that happened to me in recent times. I want to sleep next to you to wake up from your warm breath ... Take your fingertips, and always say, how much can be our feelings. I want to sleep, put his head on the knees and you feel like you fingertips iron me on the back. I have a great desire to press his cheek to your cheek. It would be kiss you, so gentle, warm and morning.
In my opinion, life is not measured by the number of breath, a number of event on which becomes a pleasure. Now I feel that I will be happy only when I will be next to you.
I was not very easy to write you this letter. But for me it is important that you know and feel this message through my feelings, which I check to you. I hope you were pleased to read all this. Dear Andrew, every day I look forward to hearing from you a letter. Your letter gave me a lot of your attention and care. I think every hour just about you, remember this.
Your Elena.

Letter 10

Hello my dear Andrew. As you today as your mood? Thank you very much for your beautiful letter. I feel very happy because with them, my day becomes more beautiful and wonderful.
Andrew tell to me more about your brother. Than he is engaged? What at you with it of the relation?
Yesterday evening, I sat on the street. The sky was very clean and beautiful. I like to look at the sky, because there are many stars, but they are very nice. I sat and watched one star on the big sky, which I like. I called her my name, Elena. And next to the star, was another star, and I called her your name, Andrew. And when I looked at these two stars, I always dream that these two stars will always be together, and they will always shine for us with you. When we will be together, I have to show you these stars. I hope they like you like me. Do you like to look at the stars? In my opinion, every star, is like a man on earth, are also unpredictable and interesting. In the future, I would like to have a kaleidoscope and watch the stars. I hope this will be possible. Just let me go with you on the street night under the stars.
Actually, I am very grateful to God that he joined our destinies. After all, now I am in your life, a part of your life. Just like you in my own. I am very pleased that, because it seems to me that we not only understand each other, but also conform to each other. I hope you agree with my words.
Well, in that letter, I made verse. Dear Andrew, which I am very happy, and that describes our meeting.
The met people in different ways,
In the movie, in a shop in a taxi...
And we were lucky --
We met in network!
I was very alone, until it reaches you, my dear Andrew. I do not feel lonely and unhappy because I have you. And through our communication, I feel your warmth and tenderness, your attention and care. And when I read such words, I just dream that this will happen with us, in reality very soon.
Andrew, I believe that our relations are very well developed. And we need from the gentle and beautiful words in the letters, back to relationships in the real world. I never wanted nothing so much ... I want to be together with you, feel like knocking your heart in front of my chest ... but I also become sad that at this moment it is just some thoughts and dreams. But I sincerely hope that will take some time and we will be able to realize all our dreams and fantasies that we are writing in the letters into reality.
I think that you have the same opinion about this, and you justify my hopes for our future together. Well, when you will be lonely and sad, take a look at the sky and think about me. And you will be better because I can come to you, embrace you, and say warm words of love. I think that when we are together, we'll be fine pair, because we understand each other. And this, I am sure it is very important for us and our relations.
I kiss you Andrew!!!
With sincere and deep feelings, your Elena.

Letter 11

My dear Andrew. How's your day today? I am very happy to receive a letter from you, because they enjoy me. Remember this, it is important for me.
Today, for breakfast, the parents asked me about you Andrew. I said that we are perfectly. My parents are aware of our correspondence. And they are very interested as develop our relations. My mother and dad saw that I love in you, because I very often think about you and talking to them constantly about you. Also, that I love in you Andrew, I said my friend Natalya. Parents asked me for breakfast, whether we are going to meet? I said that I was ready to meet you, because in my opinion, you're a good man and you can be trusted, in everything. I feel that, through our letters to each other. I hope that you also want to meet me? What do you think about this? I do not want to rush our relationship, but I think that in the meeting, we will be able to get to know each other than through letters. I want to embrace your strong. I think that our relationship should already developed in reality.
I hope that we will be happy with each other. We must be together, we must be united whole. I want to kiss you Andrew in the lips. To give you weasel and his tenderness. I want to be always near and love you with all your heart. After all, before I met with you, I was a normal girl, and I do not need it in this life. But now I know for sure that I really missed your love and your gentle words. You're my Prince, whom I sought all his life. You're the most expensive that I have. I think that we understand each other. To meet our needs, what would we both wanted this very badly, and sought to do so. Do you agree with me? You want this?
I think that my photo makes your day happier. I become very good after reading your letters. I have good mood all day and a great sense of happiness. I hope that my letters also bring you great happiness.
My parents and Natalya, to convey to you and your family a great greetings and congratulations. They are very happy for us. They hope that we will be happy together and be a good family. They also are interested and want to know your response to our meeting.
Write me as soon as possible, because I like to receive your letter and I am interested to know your opinion about us.

Letter 12

Hello my dear Andrew. I am pleased to receive a letter from you. Now I drink hot coffee Nescafe, this is my favorite coffee. And what flavor ... mmm))) You like coffee in the mornings? What do you usually drink the morning?
My dear Andrew, I very much need in you. And look forward to our meeting, as this will be a big step in our relations. Also, our relations will move from virtual to real, and it is very important. How do you think? I think you agree with my opinion, because our meeting will mean much for us.
I have already presented our meeting. I dream a lot about this recently. I submit, as you standing at the airport with a large bouquet of red roses. I declare my arrival on the flight. And your heart starts beating very fast, you all expectations. And here comes a big gray crowd of people, among them, I'm going. And you did not notice, running towards me. And I saw you, my Andrew, also threw flee to you at the meeting. And you immediately raise my hands on, we are circling and smiling to each other. Then our first occur, the most gentle and unforgettable kiss, which I will remember all my life. It's so perfectly…

I do not want to waste our precious time with you, and I want to meet with you. I talked with Mom, and she advised me to go to the travel agency. In the travel agency will tell me everything about travel to you. My mother also told me that travel through the agency very advantageous and convenient for me. Her friend in life, also travel abroad through travel agency, so she advised me. I hope that you are not opposed to, I instructed my trip travel agencies in my town. All that I know in the agency, I shall inform you in the next letter. Okay?
Also, I would like to know some things. For how long do I take my leave at work? So how will I go to my job to speak with my boss, that he gave me leave. I believe that we should not postpone our meeting, as it is a big step in our relations and this is very important for us. Do you agree with me? I hope so.
My mom wants to know where I will live when I come to you? In your home or hotel? She also wants to know your full postal address. Send it to me. I do not want my mother to worry for me and experienced. Tell me what things I take with them for the trip? I will await your answers to my questions. I hope soon we can be together. I dream about it.

Letter 13

Hello my dear Andrew!!!
How are you? Thank you for your letter. Very pleased that you write, and never forget about me.
Andrew thanks you for your pleasant letter. I wished to come to you for all time of action of the visa. These are 90 days. But now I do not know, that to me to do. I do not have such sum of money which the agency has demanded.
As I said last letter, I learned concerning my arrival to you. I learned that in order to travel to your country I need:
1. International passport.
2. Visa.
3. Air ticket.
Now more details about this:
1. International passport made out 3-5 business days. The validity of passports is 5 years. Cost is 184 euros.
2. The term of registration of the visa is 7-10 working days. The validity of visas 3 months. The cost of processing visas 237 euros.
3. The cost of air tickets to your country dear Andrew, different value.
It depends on the airline and location of the site in an airplane.
Nevertheless, the average cost of 632 euros and above.
Well, to be honest with you, when I learned all the information I was very upset and suppressed. This is a very big money for me to come to you. I ganan very little money, some 150 euros per month. But this money, almost entirely spent on my life: clothing, food, travel around the city, utility payments etc. I do not complain about my life dear Andrew, me enough of the money for a month. but if I will defer part of the money from my salary, which is about 30-50 euros, I will take a very long time. I want to be with you, but my situation is very difficult. Yes, if I would have been money, I certainly would do everything possible, as quickly as possible to be with you. But… I hope that you will understand me. But I really do not know where I take money for the trip to you!
I tried to find the money elsewhere, with friends, parents and in the bank. Friends have said that they could not help me, because earn about as much money as and me. I understand them, because some already have families and children who need to provide. The bank refused to grant me a loan, because I do not solvency, I have a small salary. Then I tried to ask help from my parents. But I guess some of my parents accountable dear Andrew, recently because they spent all the money to repair our apartment. And when I asked them, they answered me that they could not help me with money. I am very sorry that it works against me, against our meeting. Indeed, very sorry.
But I believe that we should use this chance. Perhaps we are lucky. You agree with me?
Well Andrew, I am very sad now, and I do not know what else to write to you. Send me your opinion concerning this, because for me this is important.
With sincere feelings and love, your Elena.