Scam letter(s) from Esther Gey Tulio to Nigel (Australia)

Letter 1
my dearest nigel, sitting here and thinking about the times we've spent together on the phone last night, i still wonder if im dreaming this magical feeling with you. being in love with you brings joy into my life again, when i thought i couldn't feel this way about anyone anymore. you came into my life and made everything so much easier and better. you mean everything to me now and im just thankful that you're in my life. the road for us is still long and wide, but remember i will always be here for you now my nigel. thank you for sharing things on me now that makes me feel so much better to still believe that there is someone who will be nice as you are to me now. before i cant believe that this website will able to help me to find someone who will be nice to me and feel me in feelings of being in love. yet we are so far now nigel but i will hold on into my hopes that i will able to see you soon here with me. nigel i will be attaching the picture of my mother and me and also a picture of my father when he is still alive before. maybe you will be the one my nigel and i hope it will come true... i will be waiting to hear again for you my dearest nigel. take care and be good there ok? yours,
Letter 2
my nigel, its the middle of the night last night after we talk and i was thinking about you, as usual. i want you to know how much i sincerely love and like the countless hours we spend talking last night again. it means so much to me. it truly seems like ive known you forever and i honestly can't imagine life without you now my nigel. there will be no looking back, no second thoughts and no regrets. i like you and only you ... and that love will only grow stronger i hope. sometimes life hits you with unexpected things that take you totally by surprise. all i can say is you're the best surprise life has given me and your capacity for love, caring, and understanding never ceases to amaze me. ive truly been blessed by finding you and ill never let you go now my nigel. i cant even wait to talk with you next by seeing each other and i do hope you will like it too. my nigel regarding about the matter on getting back my laptop as i told you it would be around 145$ - 150$ to get it back to me, and i ask you now are you sure with this that we will get it back to me? i am just worrying about you because i dont want you to have the burdens for this my nigel ok? so it ups to you either you will or anything you can and i will do my part to just let me know. and in the case you wire it i think the best way is by a money transfer like western union or the moneygram. i think you can do it by visiting there store or in their site too. but just let me know my nigel ok. and if thats done you will confirm me after you did the transaction with a confirmation number i think. just keep on touch with me my dear ok. thank you so much that i meet you and i believe now that my search is over by meeting you now. i do hope you will be stay the same to me because i feel so much good thinking about you. take care there ok and again please be good... here are my full information that you might be needed. Esther *** Tulio
#010 Atis Extn, General Santos City,
Philippines, 9500
+639494563430 i will be thinking of you,
Letter 3
my dearest nigel, hello again my sweet nigel! i am here at work and again im here to let you know. i finally have my laptop back at me my nigel, and now i feel so worried and very frustrated now here. you know why? when i hear that my landlord tells me that the wifi connection of them is not anymore available and i feels that my world fall down after i hear it. at this moment i really do not know what should i do about it now, now that i am very much excited to see you my dearest nigel! i was thinking either i will apply for a internet connection or buy that broadband modem connection my nigel? tell me what should i do with this, i feel so much frustrated here.
my nigel i know i can't give you the whole world, but i can promise you i will always love you soon as what you are showing to me now. my heart is yours now, i will never break your heart. ill be right beside you as we chase our dreams together, and you will never have to wonder if i still care. i think about you all day long and when im not near you my mind is consumed with thoughts of being close to you my nigel. maybe if when you’re near me i feel like everything in the world is right, and i know i don't have to ask God for anything because as long i have you in my life i have everything i could ever want. all i want now to do is spend the rest of my life making you as happy as you have made me. i hope that he feels the same way i feel because that’s what you deserve. my nigel i think i am falling now to you so much. so what do you think now by the way? will you help me what should i do about now my nigel? i am very frustrated now because all i wanted now is to be connected to my dearest nigel. tell me what should i do. i miss hearing from you now. stay good there ok and to tell you that i am thinking here of you too... take care my dearest one!!! falling to you,
Letter 4

My Nigel, Hello my very own Nigel! I am here to let you know that all are set and I am waiting till Monday when the internet provider can start tapping my line because Monday to Friday is there operation for it but I already paid them and now I am so happy my Nigel. I am just writing you to let you know how much I love having you now. I know we have many miles separating us but I know we'll make it through. Nigel, you mean the world to me and no one can ever compare to you. I think about you all the time, like I said, I wake up to thoughts of you and go to sleep with thoughts of you. Your name repeats over and over in my mind even for now I still never meet you yet but I really trust on my feelings and also i know how very sincere you are to me and that's what I am holding on. Each day now my Nigel what I feels now grows stronger for you and I know for a fact that my feelings for you will never fade. These miles between us won't fade away but I know that our love will keep us together. It's so weird for us to be so far away from each other but yet so close. Nigel I will take good care of what we have now and this I promise you. Hey by the way I will be attending a birthday party of the daughter of my friend tonight ok? I just want to let you know so that you wont wonder on me. Take care and enjoy your day and be thinking of me too please? Always yours,
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