Scam letter(s) from Anna Smirnova to Filipe (England)

Letter 1
Hello!!! I'm serious to communicate with you!! Let's try and make our life brighter!!! Anna
Letter 2
My sweet Filipe, I miss you all these days.
You have changed my life, and I feel that with each letter we become closer to each other. I thank God that I met you!!! You are such unusual person - I appreciate you.
I appreciate that you are my love. I realize that you are serious about me. People in Russia are ready to help each other only with words, but never in the facts. But you are another, you are the generous person, I feel it. You don't hesitate to tell me a warm words. It is pleases me very much, you aren't avaricious in compliments. I never met such a sincere person in Russia (to my shame). I am grateful to God that He has given me you and I am very grateful to you too, my sweetheart. Now you are in my life and I won't feel loneliness any more.
Earlier I also didn't think that people from the different countries, speaking different languages, and having different cultures can be so to approach to each other. It seems to me that here in Russia it is not possible for me to find such a man like you my dear and now I don't try to make it at all, because I have met you. Yes, we are far apart, but I hope that the distance is not so big problem for us. I do not want to be the woman of the Russian man, because with a Russian man I am assured I do not know happiness and tenderness. And I was already convinced for a long time of it and I do not do any attempts of acquaintance to Russian men any more.
You have switched on the hope light in my heart and warm love beams. I love all this world only because this world has given you to me! After all bad experience I need the real person to whom I can trust and which can care about me.
Honey, it doesn't matter for me that you are elder than me. I always liked people who are more elder than me, because they are cleverer, reliable and careful. I search for stability in life and reliability. I am tired because of lie and treachery. If you are sincere and fair with me and you will care about me I will love you and respect you too. I am a very serious and responsible woman. And the man of my age can't understand it. Only the elder man can understand and appreciate it. I also know that the elder man - has steadier representations concerning life. They do not change their decision easily, unlike young men. With the elder man I am always sure in next day. I am sure that you won't betray me. I hope that you understand me.
I would like to have the following step of our acquaintance. Very soon we will know, can we meet shortly or not. From my side I have made everything possible. I will write you my full details as we will meet soon, I think would be correct to exchange contacts.
My address is: city - PAVLOVSK, street - GOGOLYA, house number - 10, flat - 12, zip code - 196621. time is off already and I must go...
I will wait your news with
Anna with love.
Letter 3
Hello Mr.Filipe! My name is Diana Novikova, I'm the representative of the Tez Tour Travel Agency. My work is related to solving all the questions concerning to internal and international trips. Today I had dialog with Anna Smirnova. She asked me to inform you about the details of your trip to the UK. I can provide the help for her. 1. Anna Smirnova needs to have these documents for her trip to the UK: -The International Passport - it costs 70 EUROS. It will be valuable for 10 years. -The Tourist Visa to the UK is valid for 3 months - it costs 200 EUROS (including consultation tax and all papers). -The Insurance List for her health, It costs 40 EUROS. -The plane tickets from Moscow to London Heathrow International Airport and back (the return ticket will be with an open date), It costs from 280 EUROS as cheapest at this moment. It is better to start to prepare her trip now for all necessary documents because prices for tickets are changing and can be higher in time. So let's calculate the total cost of her trip to you.
70+200+40+280 = 590 EUROS 2. I need to know what dates would be best for you. I need all her documents be ready by that time. 3. I need to know your full name and full address because I need show to the Embassy where she would stay in the UK and who is her sponsor there. 4. The fastest mode of arranging trip for your person will take me about 5-10 Days. But if you really want me to make all the arrangements fast, you need to follow all my instructions. Please contact me as soon as possible and inform me about everything. Thanks for using our services and cooperations. --
Letter 4

How are you, my Filipe?
How was your flight? Is everything ok?
oh, honey, just imagine so soon we will be together! we won't be lonely, we will love and support each other and everyone will envy our happiness :) I am sure that my expectations will drive themselves because my heart prompts me this!
honey, I think that at first we will probably need some time to believe that we are really together and that we are real and not computer creatures :) but I hope this period will pass quickly and we will try the real life together! oh, how much I am waiting for it! You will come home and here i will be waiting for you, you will know that you are loved that you are thought about. honey, i promise you that you will never feel that I don't pay you enough time even if I work, because for me work goes on the 2nd place, the 1st is the partner and the family if there is such. and of cause i expect that you will also do your best to make me happy, to let me know that I am the only woman in the world for me and that nobody is between us. only you and me, honey!
Filipe, I am waiting for us to start new life together :) I know you have a very very kind and with you I am absolutely safe, my love. I adore you my man and I want to be closer to you. I mean that when I come I want us to share our thoughts and feelings, I think that we will make our union be happy and wonderful. because we love each other and this is the most important matter now. all we need is to keep our life safe and to do our best not let it be buried under the stones of daily routine. am i right, my love?
Your Anna.
Letter 5
Hello Filipe!
How are you? I hope that at all of you well. I checked my box and there there was no letter from you. You did not write to me? I am very surprised about it. I so hoped today to read your letter for me.
Why you have not written to me?
And all the day waited when I can read through your letter. Also it was very much afflicted when has not seen it in the box. I very much hope that tomorrow when I shall check the box that shall see yours the big letter for me. And now I am sad and so I shall go home. I shall think of you and to hope that tomorrow I shall see your letter. Write to me!
The travel; agency also sent you the letter. Why you didn't answer?
Please, be a responsible man and write!
Letter 6
Hello my love!!!
Although we've never met, and I read your letter
I feel as if I know you well. I knew from the start that there was something special about you; you've touched my heart and wouldn't let go.
Our relationship has given me a lot of dreams, and now I feel hope. You entered my thoughts and magically erased all of my fears with your handsome face. Now I look forward to each day and feel so much at ease with you. I'm so grateful that we're able to share our problems and aspirations with each other. It truly seems as if you're a part of me, as if our time together was a melding of souls. The thought of you fills me with smiles, and I can't wait to hug you each day.
What further words can describe what we have right now Filipe? For our love to grow, I took with every beat of my heart. Words can no longer describe it, but rather in feeling and emotion of what we have for each other. You have always had the key to my heart, and you inside my heart have made me more than I can ever be.
Though the sea separates us till that special day, I know we take each breath with every beat, and always together ... as one. I’m ready to love you with all that I am. I will try to call you now.
I love you with all my heart!!!
Your Anna.
Honey, did you receive the letter from the travel agency? They said that they didn't receive any answer from you yet.
Letter 7
Hi my dear Filipe!!!!
How are you? How was your day, darling?
Hope it is ok with you
Honey as for me I am so excited!!!! I was so happy to hear your lovely voice!
Darling, you know I told my mum that we talked at once. We were talking almost the whole night :)
I told her everything: about your voice, about the things we discussed and of course that we are serious about our meeting. She asks me to remember her to you :) And she is very happy for us! I told her that my feelings to you are very strong and with every day i realize that you are the man of my dream, the man i was looking for and waiting for! Filipe, I love you very much and want to be with you so much!!!
Honey i cannot wait when i will hug you in real life! And our meeting at the airport! This will be the best moment in my life!!!!
Soon it will come true, Filipe!!! I even cannot believe!!!
Sweetheart, did you pay to the travel agency???
Passport is cost 70 euro
visa 200 euro
Insurance 40
tickets 280
all together is 590 euro I have paid only 160
we must pay 430 euro Without full payment travel agency will not make any documents, so we must pay 430 euro and then they will apply for my Visa and other documents.
They told me that you didn't pay yet.
I hope you are responsible.
I kiss you tender!
Your Anna.
Letter 8
Hello, my darling Filipe,
I have thought the whole situation over and I am afraid it is not a good idea if you come to me because I have no conditions to welcome you as warm as I would like to.
I am so ashamed to write this but I think I shouldn't conceal anything from you because we are talking about serious things already. In addition, there are some other problems. For instance, you do not speak Russian and it will be a great problem. Have you thought about it? My man, when we plan our first meeting, everything should be taken into consideration.
In my opinion, it will be better if I come to you. First of all, I am already at my vacations and it is fixed. I have paid all my salary already for my documents. I have never been abroad and it will be great if I can spend my vacations with you. You will show me the city and the neighborhood. I am sure it will be a great time for both of us. Another reason is that I can speak English as well as Russian . Of course, I have to refresh my English but if we really want to meet, I will do it readily. Filipe, I am really longing for coming to you as soon as possible and spending some time with you. Will you do such a present for me?
I am living this dream and I will be very disappointed if we do not meet.
As for coming to Russia, of course, we will come to Russia together later, do not worry. I just want that our first meeting is perfect. I hope you understand me.
Sweetheart, I was asking the post office about your card and they told me that it takes about 1 week for your letter to come to Moscow. All letters first of all come to Moscow, cause it is a capital, then it takes about 1 month when the letters will be sorted and sent to the different parts of Russia.
Filipe, please, do not think that because of your health condition I will stop to love you, you are deeply mistaken. Moreover, i love you more than ever!!!Thank you that you told me about that, now I know that I must be so tender with you.
My love, I have received a phone call from the travel agency, they said that you will pay on Friday - that is the great news!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you and I will be waiting for your reply impatiently.
Kiss you,
your Anna with love.
Letter 9
Hello my lovely Filipe!!!
How are you???
I am fine you know I could think about is you :)
I hope you are doing well, its snowing here today this whole season has been so cold.
Your last letters made me feel so good! Your words were so nice and I appreciate it very much. Your are kind and caring man who soon I hope to meet and kiss i real life.
And my mum asks me to remember Her to you. Honey she is so happy that we are going to meet! She always asks me how you are, when i come from the Internet cafe. And she does not think that you are taking me from her! Do not worry, Filipe. She is happy for us as any mother is happy when her child is happy.
Distance is a cruel thing because I not only miss you but I also wonder if you are doing well, if you are in good health and if your mind and soul are at peace. I'm also curious to know if you think of me in the same way I think of you, which is just about every single minute and second that goes by (and the clock ticks so slowly when we're not together!). I want to be with you and make you happy being with me I want kiss you and hug you in reality and I want to tell you how much i love you in reality, my sweet Filipe!!!!
I really miss you :( Even though I don't see you every day, I'm with you at every moment, still I miss you.
Though you are someone constantly in my thoughts, in my dreams :)
I guess I still can't believe i met you in the internet...i'm happy !!There are no words that can possibly explain how I feel right now, because in fact, I've never felt this before...
Honey, here is my phone number +79379318530
I will wait for your call!
Letter 10
Hello Mr.Filipe! We have just talked to Anna Smirnova and hope that everything will be well. So we want to inform you that all Anna Smirnova's documents are in the Russian Department of Immigration and the money transfer you should make to our Financial Director. Our Financial Director's name is Liliya Hismatowa and she owns completely the right to get all the transferrings. Full details for Money Gram transfer First name: LILIYA
Last name: HISMATOWA
Street: MIRA ST. 11
Country: RUSSIA
Total sum: 400 EUROS After you make transfer, send us a secret code and name of the city where you made this transfer. Please contact me as soon as possible and inform me about everything. Thanks for using our services and cooperations.
Letter 11
Hello Mr.Filipe! Thank you for your letter! Our company office phone number is +7 927 681 3550 Our company office address is
Street: MIRA ST. 11
Country: RUSSIA
POSTAL CODE(ZIP): 196621 Thanks for using our services and cooperations. --
Letter 12
Honey, I have received your money from the travel agency.
I write you a short letter, cause I must hurry up for the train to Moscow. I want you to know, that I love you and that I will prove you my feelings!
Your Anna.
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