Scam letter(s) from Olga Buga to Bruce (USA)

Letter 1
Here is what I have:
My dearest Bruce,this is Olga.
how are you doing there ?
the boss has come this morning only, she was visiting her family near the city.
the weather here is nice, it is the beginning of Winter and very snowy already.
The boss said i can take vacation from the 16 of December and i am getting about 27 days as the maximum,this means we can celebrate Christmas together ! how do you like this idea ? :)
i went to the tourist agency and find out about flights to you there, i will be flying to you throw International airport in Moscow, as we do not have it here and it will be connection flight.
There are many available flights and the prices are various, it depends on airline and if the flight has connecting flights also, i think that i will be getting the tickets with opened return date.
This means i will have return ticket and i can fly at any date we decide i should.
If we decide it after one,two or four weeks,it will be easy just to call airline and book return ticket,so it is really good idea, but i belive we send me back after Christmas ?
Now about the prices,my trip to you is from 1390 dollars, Bruce,this price include round tickets by plane with opened return date.
The price is not low because i will need to get to Moscow first and flights inside of Russia are more expensive than to travel abroad, because our airlines are really crazy here.
About papers necessary for travel to you there :
i have everything ready in order also i took my drive licence and international diploma.If we fall in love we can look for new job for me there,so i take all necessary papers for long stay.
I will get about half (700 dollars) from my boss and nearly 800 is what keep us a part.Now i need about 800 dollars your support and you should get it here asap, we need to pay for tickets right now(its included 100 extra funds may be necessary for taxi and food in Moscow), the price can grow up later by Christmas in two times, but now we can get it for this good price.
I talked to the tourist agent and she said the fastest and safe way you can get 800 dollars here by "Western Union"
Bruce,you can check their site and find the agent near your home,then you can go there for funds transfer.
Also you can check this service : and it may be cheaper to use.
This is the necessary information for funds transfer when you go to the agent :
Country : Russia,City : Novosibirsk,for my full name : Olga Kotova.
They will give you reference # and you should send it here by email.
I will send you my flight information as soon as i pay for it and have by myself.
Also please give me the best date to pick me up at the airport and the day time,i belive it depends on traffic,i have the copy of my passport and i am sending it so you have it from your end.
Well,this is the information for you dear and this is what do we need to do now.
I will come here again soon,
i need to do some home work, i hope we will have our album soon :) With very hot kiss and hug
Yours Olga
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