Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Rusinova to John (UK)

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Letter 1

Greetings my friend, John!!!! I am very glad, that you have written. Big Thanks.
You have again lifted my mood and have placed a happy smile on My person, having written to me the letter.
By the way John, today I went for work from the absolute Confidence, that you will write to me today.
Earlier I always went with Thought, that you possibly nevertheless have not written, but today for the first time I went with thought, that your letter waits for me.
Ekaterina too the doctor as I and we work in one polyclinic. She the assistant to the dentist.
But Ekaterina I assistant,she helps to other dentist.
Today I will go to his in hospital once again. I hope that soon Ekaterina will be healthy, and we will be happy to meet in ours to polyclinic.

I like to prepare and I love cleanliness, but sometimes I would like to receive simple tenderness, love and attention.
I do not wish to offend all Men. Certainly in Russia there are good men, but it seems to me that them very little.Men often say dirty words (not standard lexicon), when speak with girls and believe, that in it there is nothing badly.My husband concerned good people, but now it did not become.
After death of my husband, approximately in a year I wished again to try to renew relations with the man.
I had a friend. Together we well spent time. He was kind. But he liked to drink.
When he got drunk, he became absolutely other person. He spoke with me with bad and dirty words.
Time has passed and his love to alcohol became a habit. He became other person - rough and malicious.
Sometimes He beat me because of various trifles which did not like it.
And next day he talked to me as though anything bad between us was not.
I have started to be afraid his and I have left from his.
After that I did not get acquainted with other men. Now I do not trust the Russian men.
I am afraid to give my love, but to receive instead roughness.
If you have disagreements from the lady, you can apply roughness?

But I do not wish to finish the letter a bad theme for conversation.
So, John I will tell to you about Ekaterina. Soon she recovers. Ekaterina Feels well and sends regards to you.
I hope, that will be fast she at home Also will start to work. I feel lonely without his.
While it is not present, it is nobody me will share the feelings. But I am glad that I can will share the feelings with you!

I will look forward to hearing from you!! With a kiss, yours Elena.

Letter 2

Hello my John.
how are you?
Every your mood i'll try to make better today.
And today i did't go to work i "fly" there.
I came first to the office and i was very happy the whole day.
Everybody who asked me could hear the answer that i'am so happy because everything is wonderful.
I understood but i was afraid to believe it that i have a feeling for you that i never had.
I don't know what's going on with me. I want to understand my heart.
i want to feel your breath. One can call me strange but i fell in love with your soul and heart.
Other things are not important fot me. The material world is not important.
Only the world of calmness and love.

The sun is shining today. Sun brings joy. I'am happy that i have you John, and you have me.
tell me about your thoughts and dreams. I want to know everything about you.
Everything!!! But yesterday my boss tell me that i will have a vacation in two weeks.
But i didn't expect it. I didnt want to spend it at home alone. I 've been waiting it for one year and now i'am not happy.
I donn't want to spend the whole month without you.
All world became dark for me. And i told myself NO It's not for me!
Yesterday evening i thought about us and i couldn't fall asleep.
And i thought what can i do for our meeting. I decided to spend my vacation together with you.
This is the only my desire now.

Today i addressed to the travel agency. I asked how much it will cost me to make the visa.
They tod me it's about 130$ and they won't giveit back even if i don't get my visa.
People from the agency also told me that i have to go to Moscow and then to visit a lot of departments (state and medical) in my own city and in Moscow.
It will takes lot's of time weeks or months because lot's of people want to get the visa and i will have to wait.
And in case i wont get the visa- i will waste my money.
But it is a standart way of getting documents. And i told that i can't wait for so long.
They told me that there is another way to if i will take the full contract that includes extra payments for the cathegory of visa, work with counsel, help with the interview in the ambassy, interview with comission insuaranse and tickets.
According to the contract the agency will prepare all my documents and buy the tickets.
It costs 395$ and the summ of the ticket, but the agency dont have any problems with agency and gives me a garanty that i'll get the visa in short time.
It will take only one week and i told that this variant passed me.

I will be prepared for the interview in the ambassy. It will help me to get the visa.
The prise of the tickets i will learn later.
I don't have money for ticket's but my exhusband had some in the bank and i will take it from his account.
So, money won't be a problem for me:). I made an application for visa and i hope that you will be happy to meet me.
I really want to present you our meating thought i'am not sure that you want it.
Can you imagine that if everything is fine we'll be together in two weeks?
Is it a real present for you? Will you be happy to spend some days with me?
Of course i understand that we know each other not very well yet.
Many years i ask myself why everything depend on money? Money is not the most important thing.
The main thing is harmony between people when they understand each other.
I am anxious to meet you! I have some money and i'll pay for everything myself.
May be you didn't expect that i'll tell this. One can wait for eternity but we don't know what gonna happen tomorrow.
May be we won't have a chance to meet any more.
I opened you my heart and my soul and i am not ashaimed of me feelings.
Loneless made me strong. I found a feeling that i never had. I am happy.

After my husband died i spend a vacation with my mum in my city.
But now i can do it with you, John. I am happy. And i must take this chane.
I was never so confident but i am really sure. Hope that you wont call me insolent.
But i just want to spend some happy days with you.
I don't care about the future and i am not afraid of this.
We cannot talk about future without our meeting.
Hope you feel the same and you will calm me down. my heart.
Will you be happy to meet me? Really happy?

Hope my letter will make you happy With lot's of tender Elena.



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