Letter(s) from Nina Ryazanova to Anthony (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello my love Tony. It was good day when I have received the letter from you, I thank the God, and I know, that I have found the person whom call Tony.
,and I love you. I grieve without you Tony. I am happy with an opportunity to meet you soon, and I want it very much, I think, that you want it also, your words were a ray of light in my life. As you know, that I have not been interested moving to other country, but I shall do it, and only because I have found my love, and it - you Tony!!! I really very strongly experience on this question and simply I can not find to myself a place.
I know that you like me as it is strong as I like you. For all time of our dialogue our hearts of steel as a single whole and that cannot separate them.
In fact feelings which we test are the strong feeling on the ground. Today I was in agency and to me all have in detail explained. I have learned about the information for my arrival on you, my dear loved Tony when the manager cost of documents has told to me I have been strongly surprised.
I have no such capital to make necessary documents for travel and I do not know as me now to be.
Dear Tony big which you to me send thanks for all your pictures to you, they very much are pleasant to me.
There informed me, that this year it became much more difficult enter your country and to receive the visa as, the your country are included into the strict control and the list of distribution of documents. The check of embassy and very much to many people it is not capable to receive such opportunity. My achievement requires you the international passport, the visa and medical insurance. Dear my loved Tony I called in Moscow in Embassy. There have told me, that it will be better for us if i shall have the visa a the tourist. Will be valid within six months. On this type of the visa i can i shall travel up to the your country without any restriction. The price of this visa - 490 dollars. Except for that process of registration of the visa costs 72 dollars.
I should to receive the foreign passport, which price - 263 dollars. I shall be should reserve the passport for travel abroad and do documents for registration of the visa in Moscow. If someone wished to marry the to drive in the country it was possible or under the tourist visa, or to register marriage abroad.
My dear Tony, i want it, we shall be together, and i do not want to lose you. I thought how to be. I have entered all money accessible in me, 1700 roubles in translation on dollars it will be approximately 68 dollars. I have asked my friends about the help to me, and they have told, that havn't money at the moment. Dear my Tony my registration of the visa will occupy about 1 Week. You could while to take in advance holiday approximately in a month or little bit more if we shall plan our meeting in the near future.
Your words have simply given me a new life. And you of words heat my heart.
To me simply not whence to wait for the help and I do not know as to be further. but understand me I when was not in your country and I wish to visit you, simple understand, what is it my DREAM! I wish to be with you, I wish to give you all love, all caress, that I so long protected all for that unique person and this person YOU!!!! My heart is simply broken off I cannot wait, I do not wish to wait, I wish to be with you! You have given me that drink of air which to me were strongly necessary. My passion to you when did not cease, she only inflamed with even more in each afternoon. As we can overcome this all, really your words, your support now are necessary to me. I really understand that I cannot make all itself also understand me correctly, that your support during this difficult moment is necessary to me.
I so want to be finer with you! I grieve without you! And i shall not be afraid to speak you... I would like to introduce you all my love and a life, only to you, to you one, m.? Love Tony, all my heart and soul! My dear loved Tony that to me to do, I in the big confusion and am simple on me many ideas... What to me to do??? I only today wish to receive from you the answer...
I really would like to plan all...
At all I do not know how to act in such situation. I shall wait for your answer with impatience. Kiss you Ekaterina.

Letter 2

Hello love my Tony! I am very glad to receive from you your letter. I always with the big impatience wait from you for your letters. I am very strong you on love and always I wish to be with you. To me who is not necessary except you. Dear my Tony you the truth are very necessary to me also I very much I dream of that that we with you could be together on always and always love each other. Tell to me please, and you want it, and you dream of it? The love my Tony I is very glad that you wish to meet and it very much pleases me, as all love which at me is belongs only to you to one and more whom. As you understand from my last letter that I went to tourist agency and knew how many my documents which to me will cost will be necessary that I could arrive to you to your country and that we with you could be together. All my documents will cost approximately about 835 US dollars. After I will pay this money my documents will be ready approximately in 10 days and then I can receive all documents and arrive to you love my Tony. Tell to me please dear my Tony you you can help me? You can send me the help at a rate of 835 US dollars that we with you could be together on always? I very much hope for that that you can help me and that we with you can be together very fast, as I very much want it and very much of it I dream. I always dreamt and wanted such person as you and my dream has come true. Now I am very happy to that that we are each other and that we with you very much love each other. I very much hope that you will help me and that we with you will be together the happiest pair. Dear my Tony you after all will not throw me and will not leave me one love with the to you?
I very much hope for that that you will help me and can send the help at a rate of 835 US dollars. It after all so dear my Tony? I will finish the letter and to wait from you your letter and answers with impatience. Yours and only yours on always about love and kisses Ekaterina.