Roamnce scam letter(s) from Ulina Forhom to Khinh (Australia)
Letter 1
Hi Khinh! I haven't got your reply yet. I have come back home and I am writing you! How are you? I hope you are doing fine :) I am in good mood because I know we will meet very soon! I have good news for you! My sister and her husband sent money into your account for me! You can go to bank on Tuesday morning, the money will be in your account! They sent 1850 AUD. I ask you to send the money to the name of my friend. I don't have my ID because I left it as a guarantee in my travel agency. My friend can help me. You can send the money by Western Union. You can send all the money at once. I give you the details of my friend. You can send the money to this name: First name: PAVLO
Last name: MAKLAKOV
Country: Ukraine
City: Lviv
Address: Zarova street, 12 - 37
Zip code: 79015 You can send 1850 AUD (minus the fee of Western Union for the transfer) to my friend. But please, ask the manager to send the money in American dollars. Western Union will make the exchange the currency themselves. Just give them the money in Australian dollars and ask to send the money in American dollars. These details are correct. Please, don't make any mistake otherwise they won't be able to pick up the money and you will need to go there to improve the mistakes :) When you send the money to my friend, you need to write me the details of your transfer. It's very important!! You need to give me all the details which you will write for Western Union!!! You need to write me: Name: Khinh
Last name: Man
City from where you will send money: Melbourne
Amount: (in American dollars)
MTCN: MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) is a 10 digit number of the transfer in Western Union. It consists of 10 digits. It will be written in your Western Union check. If you don't know it, you can ask a manager. If you can, you can send the scanned copy of your Western Union check with all that information. You need also to pay for the money transfer. But you don't need to pay your money. You can ask the manager of Western Union to take the necessary amount from my sister's money. I am glad we will meet very soon! I will thank you in real life! Sorry, Khinh, I need to send this mail to you! I am waiting for your reply! Best regards and warm kisses,
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