Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Velikanova to Tomasz (Poland)

Letter 1
ragne Cie tak wiele do powiedzenia. Ale postaram sie m?wic kr?tko o sobie, ze jestes zainteresowany mnie!
Jestem z Rosji.
Nie szukam sponsora lub ojca.
Nie jestem zainteresowana mezczyznami mlodszymi ode mnie, i tych, kt?rzy po prostu chca zaciagnac mnie do l?zka.
Nie podoba mi sie niegrzeczny i nie lubia niechlujstwa mezczyzni.
Jesli chcesz mnie zainteresowac, to prosze was, aby napisac cos wiecej niz "hej" ...
Czekam na Twoja odpowiedz.
Letter 2
Hello Tomasz.
I am very glad to receive your message. It is very a pity to me, that you had to wait for my answer. But I hope, that you at once will answer me, as soon as will receive my message.
It is pleasant for me, that I present for you interest.
I hope, that our correspondence will develop! I shall a little tell about myself.
My real name Anna. I live in the city of Kirov (the Kirov area), it is in Russia. I hope, that for you it not a problem.
I was born 1982, on December, 25 and me of 29 years. When your birthday? My height of 164 centimeters, and my weight almost 52 kg.
I was never married and I do not have children. You use the Internet of a house? I have no computer of a house, but I can go in Internet cafe so I can come here only once in day. But I promise that I shall try to do it every day except for week-end. At this time I go to village for two days, and there I have no any access in the Internet.
Where you can use the Internet? At home, on work? Or you too go to cafe like me? You lonely in your life now? I hope, that you are lonely, smile. I have no boyfriend now, and had no it for some years. It is difficult, but I have patience and I search for right man. How for a long time you lonely? I think, that for the beginning will suffice.
I wait with impatience of your answer. Do not overlook to send the photos. Yours faithfully, Anna.
Letter 3
Hello my new friend Tomek! I am pleased to receive your letter. It is pleasant for me to see your desire to have this acquaintance, and I am very glad to this reciprocity. It is very interesting to me. At me still never was friends abroad! I hope, that we with you can develop our friendship. Thanks for your photos, I like to receive. You very good the man. Where and when it has been made? Who makes your photos? You already know, that I search only for serious relations. I have no time for any games, my time in the Internet is very much limited. Please, respect our efforts, and speak me at once if you search only game in the Internet.
Of course, I do not speak what to have friends in the Internet it poorly, and I want to have many friends here. In fact only in the Internet I can find so many interesting people which can understand me. The Internet gives us an opportunity to speak with people in the different sides of the world.
I only have no a lot of time for this purpose. I can use the Internet only for 25-30 minutes in day, in fact it so is expensive here. You have similar problems there? Also I very much appreciate honesty, loyalty, understanding, patience. Most of all I appreciate trust and love. Without it, between people there can not be a strong union. You agree with me?
I believe in love, and I think it very valuable thing which should be protected.
As it is important, that I try, that I was surrounded always with the order and cleanliness. I love a cosiness in my apartment, in fact only in a cosy place it is possible to have a rest in the silent evening, and to think of the most different things. Also I think that I am too patient and trustful. This high quality, but with it is difficult to live, in fact everyone try to take advantage of you.
Therefore I want to have trust to the man to which I shall be ready to connect my destiny, I want to trust him and to be confident that he will never betray me, or to deceive. And I believe that such person will come during my life, I only should wait. And now I use the help of the Internet to try to find this person here.
In fact in our life we cannot simply wait, we should go to our purpose and we should do it by all possible ways.
My favourite color - green. It - very silent and pleasant color. What do you search here in the Internet? You want to have what relations?
You want to have only with one girl of the relation in your life, or you want more free relations? I want only with one man the attitude, and I do not want to have short relations with any casual guy. What do you think of distance between us? What to happen, if sometime you will find the girl in other country? You will have a meal to her? You have any difficulties for this purpose? Or you will allow her to go to you?
What do you think of distance between you, it will stop you?
I am ready to go in other country sometime. I am confident, that if I shall find the man which I shall love I I shall make all to arrive to him. So I try to not think very much of distance, and I hope, it will not be any serious problem in the future. I shall go now, and I shall soon come back to find your answer. Please, do not wait and answer at once as soon as you will receive this letter. I cannot come here every day, and it will be pleasant for me, if you will answer quickly. Ok, Tomek? With impatience I shall wait for that moment when I can receive a mail from you.
I shall wait your letters.
Letter 4

Hello my friend Tomek! It is pleasant for me to receive your letter again how your day today was? I hope, your days are filled only with good mood and positive emotions.
I had a lot of work and consequently could not answer you earlier. I ask to understand me and to not become angry! Thanks for new photos. You beautiful the man, me are pleasant to receive your photos. You have more than it? It is pleasant for me, that you have written the letter in Russian. I have understood, that during many years you studied Russian. It is good, that we shall not have problems in dialogue. In what language you want to receive my letters? I always try to have only good mood. And now, when I have found the person similar to me with which I can speak about any theme without any constraint, I feel happier.
It is really interesting to me find out you and though I still at all do not know you, in fact we have written each other only a few letters, I can already tell that you the interesting person.
In a word, I am pleased with that has decided to go in the Internet, in fact in this world many people with which to me interestingly would be real, and now among all these people I should find one who can do me happy.
I do not want to hurry up and foresee too something, but, to tell the truth, I would like that you became this person. What do you think of it?
You really want to have warm relations, love, respect between us and understanding in all? I appreciate all this. Tomek, tell to me more about your family. You have many relatives? They live with you?
I have not the big family, almost all of us live nearby from each other. I live separately from the parents, she is mum and the daddy. I live in an apartment at edge of city Kirov. In an apartment only one rooms, kitchen, a toilet, bathing both vestibules. I and my parents we live in one city. I frequently visit my parents. I am happy and so, I respect my parents, and we live happily, though and separately.
Sometimes I reflect how has carried to me that I live with the parents in one city. Many people can meet their parents only a few once a year, and it is very difficult. So the some people forget their parents, and I do not approve it. They do not understand real values in this world, and in fact our family is the main value. Sometime, when I shall create own family, I shall leave my parents. I know that it difficultly, but I am ready to this.
Not looking at my gentle disposition, I the strong person both physically and morally. And what you can tell about it? You share my ideas about the aforesaid? It will be very interesting to me find out about it. So we live three together here in city but in different apartments. As in village, it almost in 60 kilometer from Kirov, I live the grandmother and the grandfather. She is mum and the daddy of my mum, unfortunately the daddy has lost his parents many years back, it was a hard time then, is especial for the daddy.
I have no brother or the sister. And I have only cousin whom I value too. I see her not so frequently, only a few once a year, but nevertheless we have good relations.
I think enough story of my family, I can continue it for a long time and for a long time, but I do not want to take a lot of your time.
By the way, a name of mine of daddy Ivan. And a name of mum Elizaveta. I work as the dancing-master. I like to work with children, and children very much love me. I love the work. The truth my salary small, but suffices me of my salary to pay for a rented apartment, for livelihood. Certainly, I as any girl want to have many beautiful dresses, but money not always suffices on clothes. As my girlfriend Marina has told, desires not always coincide with the validity. But I do not suffer and I continue to work. Of course I do not want to tell that I rich, but I have a sufficient life.
Though sometimes money earned for a month, suffices for smaller time. Then I ask the help my parents, and they help me in process of possible.
I hope you you will not think, that I can spend only money, of course it not so. And not it is important now, yes, Tomek? Important only that I like my work. The basic work takes a lot of my time, but also my efforts do not demand many. And most of all I like in it that I can communicate with different people. Of course our conversations do not fall outside the limits my work, but also it happens very interestingly.
And what you make for your work? Tell to me about it, whether what you make is pleasant to you?
Whether you are pleased with what you achieved in your work? Or you aspire to something to higher there? It because I want to know your priorities in work is interesting to me. What is your private life or your work more important in your life? When I shall find the correct person my work will be not more important than my private life with this person. Tomek, it is very pleasant for me to have with you the correspondence and I do not want that you interrupted with me contact. I think that better if I shall go now. I so wanted to tell to you much, and I hope this letter have not tired you too. I shall wait from you for the letter with the big desire.
My best regards to you this day.
Take care.
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