Scam letter(s) from Marina Kravchenko to Chalo (Brazil)

Letter 1
Hi !
Thanks a lot for your letter,I was very happy to get it.I always think about you and you are in my heart.
Dear,I don't need a copy of your passport,I trust you and it is the most important for me.I believe that my trust will help our relations to grow.But I didn't understand if you need the copy of my passport?Tell me please.As for video,I also don't need this because as I have already told you,I trust you and for me it is better to meet with you sooner and to see you in reality not just on video.
My dear,as for the price of the international passport,it costs 250$ and it will be ready for sure till the date you are going to come.As for the medical insurance,it is needed for me.I don't know may be in your country it is called in some other way,but here in my country it means that I will go to my local hospital that is situated un my village where I will do all the analysis and they will give me the certificate in which it will be written that I have all injections that is needed and that I don't have any deceases such as cancer and AID and so on.Because the person who have such deceases is not allowed to go abroad.
Thanks for your trust,it really means a lot for me and please be sure that you will never regret about your trust.I promise you that with me you will be really happy and I will do everything for this.I am sure that I really need medical insurance and we will see what to do.Of course I will ask you advice.
I will end my letter and I will be waiting for your news and for your help with the funds for my documents as you have promised to me.I know you are a real man,I trust you and I know that you always do what you promise.
Thinking of you,
Letter 2
Hello my dear, how was your day?
I just arrived again home at midnight, but I got to the end of the afternoon to send you the money, with WESTERN UNION Company, The code for you to claim the money is: 557-224-6283, by the value USD $400. Please be careful when you go and pick up the money. I hope that his city is secure.
I will be waiting for news from you if all went well.
Letter 3
Hello my love !!!
Thank you for your letter and of course I was happy to talk to you yesterday.I miss you so much and i can't wait for the day when we will be together.
This morning I went to the travel agency and found out about the price for the ticket for the next week.I was told that the price is equal if I fly for one week or two weeks.
the ticket costs 1180$ and as you remember,I have 200$ and I didn't spend anything from it.So to be able to buy a ticket it is needed 980$.I really hope that next week we will be together,we have been waiting for a long time to see each other and I can imagine ** happy we will be together.
I will end my letter and rush to my work.i will be waiting for your news.I love you and I miss you very much.
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