Scam letter(s) from Julia Pokusakina to Bezm (Germany)

Letter 1
Oh, I'm so glad that we continue to communicate and see your real interest in me. Personally, I'm very much interested.
I will pryyatno you to carefully read the following text, because of your decision depends on our future communication.
I really like you and I am ready to do everything for you, for example, give you my phone number to come up with taboy in Skype, and most importantly to organize a real meeting. This is all possible, but subject to what I initially you should know very well, as a man, Cator will become very close to me!
I had been looking for the man of her dreams on the Internet. As you can see, the search could be better)))) patomu that many men do not trust women. I perfectly understand because around deception. I have more than once tried to deceive men, so I sent them money for them to come to me or pay shipping gift ...
Throughout his search, I tried many different sposabov communication: Skype, mobile phone, email, etc. This is all wrong ... I wrote to you that do not know your language, I only know Russian! In conversation, I always use an online translator. Yes, it helps to remove barriers to understanding and communicating. I will not say that through it all you can not understand. Something is clear from what you write. But this is still not the same. Converter greatly distorts the words, thus changing your message. It interferes in communication. I'm looking for my soul mate and her only man. Paet stated that the first steps are very important to communicate to me.
I am a girl who wants to be safe, and this time udilyayu attention. I found a solution how to keep us safe and good understanding between each other. I found a solution to how we can build a real relationship and actually meet. I am not interested in just talking on the internet, I'm interested in real action - a real meeting. As I wrote, it is necessary for the least serious relationship - to understand that we are for the people and is it worth it to spend time with each other.
For this, I propose that we use the services of a single site, which helps with the professional translation of letters. Professional translation, you can use the wish that we do not really understand what we write to each other. This is a temporary solution ... I specifically came to this site to find out that it was his man. Then, as I understand, that we are made for each other, I will start to learn the language, I Cator you specify. How many languages ??do not learn a little, we will meet on Skype and then arrange our first meeting. But before that, we just need a very good understanding of each other. In another way ..
I want to tell you right away that I do not like men who are trying to avoid responsibility. I understand the responsibility of ignoring my letter peresprashivaniya obvious facts about which I wrote earlier and the worst - an assumption that I have someone to cheat and vymagayu money! I do not want your money, I just navsego propose to establish our communication versatile and more convenient. Your job is to accept or refuse. But I'd like you to tell you immediately agree to my proposal or not. no need to go around and about. We must speak the truth. Because only on trust in each other, we can build the future and to create a real relationship.
I hope you will not hesitate with his answer and vblizhayshee time write me.
Letter 2
ogromnae thanks for your letter and for your beautiful pictures! You do ochyn Narva.
I almost did not understand anything of what you wrote to me. : (
I understood that you agree with me to continue talking on the site, I'm talking about, and as soon as we get to know each other better there, just discuss the first meeting.
You need to register on the site
Just because you are there you will not pass the registration, it would require a special invitation. I can send it to you if you're really interested in me and want me to quickly learn and then actually meet. The fact that I only have one invitation and I want you to understand if I give it to you then we go through and how to know each other oragnizovyvaem meeting.
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