Scam letter(s) from Brenda Frank to Willy (Denmark)

Letter 1
Hi Honey, First i would like to apologies for not responding to your emails ever since, i just cant explain what i have been through, i had to go back to Yemen because i was told that some of my client went there because some of the goods where return there and that was why they could not pay me my money so i have to be here to meet with them face to face so that we could sort everything out...i am sorry. You have always be in my soul and my heart, i just cant forget about you honey. but want thing for sure is i am going to be with you but i would like to know how we can plan this out so that i could be there to sort this issue out with your bank and Paypal their self so that there will be a core agreement in between us. i really dont want to be involve with things like this and right now i am getting scared about everything as i am confuse more and more hearing about it each and every day. anyway i want you to come up with a plan that will enable me to come there to sort this out myself. I really miss you all my life as i hope our love doesn't go in vein. I will be getting a number soon where you could reach me from here in Yemen. Love you Baby...ur love Brenda
Letter 2
Hi Honey,

Good morning from here, How are you doing today baby, i hope you slept nicely. I just want to thank you for everything and your love towards my life...i love you very very much which can never change.

Ok your plans it’s great, i will make sure i get my business together and come straight from Yemen to Demark as soon as i finish..but i guess i may stay here for about 12 days more, i have got a lot of tax to pay for the goods that were return though i dont have the money so me and my customer will be paying for it and then the goods will be export again to the customer but this time she will be traveling along to enable her to monitor it till it get to the final destination as soon as they got on sea i will be on plane coming to you.

when i am there first i will like to meet with your bank so that we can clear the paypal **** out then from there we will focus on our life and business..i realy want to make babies now, i am not getting younger you know hehehehehe.

I will be going now to the field so that we could get some Crain and Pen loader to carry some goods into the container.

anyway you are the best thing that had ever happy to me in my life and i just cant stop loving you more and more no matter our trouble, obstacle and distance..but my love its still strong like rock just as it has ever be..i sleep and woke up day in day out dreaming and thinking about you, how we going to spend our first night in your dark room, on your bed playing,kissing and have long lasting ***..i keep imaging it/...some time i cry..sometimes am sad..thinking i am not with you..sometimes i smile and laugh when i just feel you are always there for me and you will wait for your trust love are my hus..***** Norgaard Olesen.

your love and wife..Brenda.
Letter 3
Dear Love,

Thanks for your mail,your website,and the resident pictures, i know i will be happy with you and that area most be a very nice place to stay.

Honey i am really working hard here, i have be able to load all the customer goods into contaner and it will be ready for shipment from next week.

I paid so much money here honey just to pack all this goods on ship so that i can recieve me pay. however they have issued me a check but it cant cleared here so i will clear it in Denmark as soon as i reach then sort all other problems out(paypal).

Honey i have to take shower now..i love you with all of my heart and i will be with you by next week so prepare yourself. meanwhile i will also need your last help by next week and please dont fail me because this time we just have to make it right.

I love you so much honey..

your wife..Brenda.
Letter 4

Hi Honey, T

Thanks for your advice, i will be there with you from next week ok and i don’t have any home now in the UK but if we would be moving there by next year then we will have to rent an apartment.

Honey i have got to tell you something very important. its that i want us to have ****'s at least i want to carry my **** from next year as time is running out on my age and i want our **** to look like you and i because you are such a wonderful man and i love you very much from the depth of my heart.

Okay honey, how did your day go..i hope fine..i will be rapping up by Sunday so i would want you to please one last time help me with some funds. i have spent all i took with me than here for the shipping and i have being issued a check, to by cleared in EU country but i can’t clear it here> However i will need 800GBP as i am left with 200GBP. So i need this money to sign up their shipping tax clearance and 500GBP for boarding fee, this i will bring along with me because they don’t usually collect it from anyone but i have to declare it at departure before they would allow me to enter plane.

Don’t worry about my ticket honey as i bought ticket from UK to Yemen then from Yemen to Denmark. so i will be sending you the details of my arrival as soon as i reconfirm my flight.

Honey, like i said before that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me come rain come sun...i will always love you as my husband.

Missing you dear..Brenda
Letter 5
Hi Honey,
How are you doing today? Thanks for your mail. helping you with that will be fine okay so you don't have to be paying such for tax in the Sweden. Ok honey i will have to sleep now as i have been working all day. Love you Brenda
Letter 6
Hi Honey,

How are you doing today? Please honey i will be getting ready this week to come over and i want you to honestly tell me how much you can help me with so that i can make my statemated burdget.

I will be with you soon.

Love you baby.

Letter 7
Hi Honey, i am very sorry to here that baby, but dont worry we will be much better when i am there okay..i promise..anyway what do you advice? should i stay till month end for you to be able to asist me before i boad to you?

Please tell me what to do dont have to worry about my hotel bills here because i had an agreement with the management before i come that i will only pay them when i get to Denmark.

I love you so much baby..i will be in lay on your bed soon.

Letter 8
Hi Honey,

You want to asist me or not?

Letter 9
Hi Honey, I Know you have been nice to me all along in this relationship and i think i have been nice to you also so we both are fair to ourselve left to my knowledge. at least by now we should focus more on how we are going to live together in peace and harmony then clear out your debt because i will be bringing along my check, which will be enough for you and i to pay everything we owned then open and register company anywhere in EU. so please honey, like i said before i need this one last help from you ok even if you have to hold on from paying some things back there, i will pay them when i come and i will also have some money with me when coming because i am not going to spend that which i have to show the immigration when boarding the plane. Therefore honey i need you to send to me 400GBP to Yemen with my name by month end asap. I love you with all my life and i have swear to God to be with you all my life...i love you so much..your lonely wife..Brenda
Letter 10
Hi Honey,

Thanks for your mail, i will have to go to their office to get it for you okay and right now its already late here so it will be tomorow. Thanks honey love you so much..i need to lay now..Sweet Dreams.

Letter 11
Hi Honey, Hope you slept well, here is the information from the immigration office. Name: Mohammad Raz.
PO Box 229, Immigration Department,
Sana'a, Republic of Yemen.
Tel: (1) 352 319. Fax: (1) 352 316.
Email: Honey i was told that you cant transfer money to them through account because of terrorist issue with Yemen so the authority has block transfering through bank. so i told them that you will be using your master card in sending it through western union. Ok honey how was your day? i need to go some where else as i quickly ran to their office this morning so that they don't close before i get there because they often work from 8 am till 12:30pm then go for break till 3:00PM then finally close by 7:00PM. Honey i will be talking to you later..i dreamnt of us overnight and i know am seeing you by month end. love you so much my Hus. Brenda
Letter 12
Hi Honey, I just woke from sleep as i need to shower in about half an hour, and i got this mail from you well i think you are right as i never know this anyway..but i guess its also because of the fastness of the transaction as you know bank its slow, perharp it could be monitor more before the person cash it unlike WU when the person can cash it as quick as possible. well that was what they told me to ensure good behavior just do it the way they ask please ok? my love. i have always know u are the best husband in the whole wild world and i promise all of my heart. i don't have much to say now till i am right there in your arms. please do let me know when u have it send so that i can confirm my flight date then send it to u so that you know my arrival time and come to pick me up from Aalborg Airport in Denmark. i love you so much honey and i will always do. your wife Brenda.
Letter 13
Hi Honey,

Thanks for your mail. I will have to get them from my luggage those i have with me here, then have it scan to you. I am sorry i may not be able to send you that of my business associate because of how vital this documents are. so how did your day go? hope you have been doing well..i really do love and miss you..Brenda ur wife.
Letter 14
Hi Honey, Good Morning, Honey I promise you with all of me that i need you more than ever and i will be in the next flight to you as soon as i get the money. also i will be able to help you out in paying not only electricity bill but also which ever bill we could sort out at the moment in other to reduce our stress and be happy together. I just cant wait to sleep on your bed then takecare of the dog whenever you are not around...take a long walk together with the dog..Honey i dream about us yesterday were on me on your bed doing funny things..i have never been so happy in my life...but before i knew it i woke up..then i realized it was a dream...i felt bad because i found my self here again as i woke up..but deep inside of me i know...its soon,its near...i will be in your arms...I love you so much honey...Ur Wife Brenda
Letter 15
Hi Honey,
Thanks for you mail as i wish you all the best in your exams. I love you so much honey and is there is any one important thing i 'd pray for in my life for God to bring us together..have family together and love each other till eternity...i will be with you soon honey. this i u so much...Brenda
Letter 16
Hi Honey,
Thanks for your mail. sorry to respond late..i went looking for where i could scan documents to you but i could not find any yet. but this internet shop said they has but its bad so they will get it fixed. honey i am missing you so bad...hope you eat very well...i would like to feed you..honey...i need you so much..i want you honey..i just cant wait..i will email you again..your wife Brenda
Letter 17
Hi Honey,

Just find out that they have fixed their scan here so i have it scaned. this are vital documents please keep safe. honey please i want to be with you..your wife Brenda
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