Scam letter(s) from Olivia Kovalevich to Eddie (England)

Letter 1
Good afternoon, and how are you today! My name is Oliwia. I live in Armenia.
I wish to tell to you that we do not know each other, but I to wish to communicate to you.
Now I to wish to explain to you which that. Approximately one year ago I to address in the Internet agency of acquaintances then I to want will get acquainted with the man through the Internet. To me to show to a photo of men and I to choose you. Most likely you were already registered once on a site of acquaintances. They also have electronic addresses of people. After I to stop in your photo, I to learn your electronic address. Also I wish to tell that one year ago I already to write you the letter, but you not to answer me. Also I to try to search for you on Facebook but could not find. And here after a year I wish once again to try to communicate to you because I find you the nice man.
I to understand that year is the big term and you are possible is already married or have the woman, in that case I to ask you that you not to answer on my letter.
But if you on former one at you are desire to communicate to me then I will wait for your answer.
Letter 2
Wow!!!!!!!! You to answer me!!! I am very glad to see your answer! I very much to rejoice that you have decided to answer this time me, and very to cheer me up as I was not for a long time such happy. I wish to speak you the truth and to receive reciprocity. You have liked me! I am glad that we to have correspondence! About one year back I tried to get acquainted through the Internet, but all have ended badly. For all my life I wrote to very small number of men. But they asked from me bared photos. I have stopped at once it to write. Such acquaintances are not necessary to me. I wish to communicate with the adult serious man. I sincerely hope that you such what is necessary to me. If I appear to you interesting as the girl, we can easy continue our correspondence. I will send you still the photos. I to hope that I to appear very interesting the interlocutor! You know sometimes by means of the translator I will understand not absolutely correctly your letters. However I can understand the most part of the letter correctly! I ask at once a pardon for this misunderstanding! If you cannot answer any of my questions. Then you can simply write me that about what you want. I wish you to ask also, tell to me better about your residence, and I to tell to you more about myself! To me of 36 years and I live in the country Armenia, in a small city near to our capital. My city is called Kapan. I think you a little to know about my country! But I with pleasure will tell to you about my country and about my city! Yours e-mail I took in the Internet agency of acquaintances. I think you when that got acquainted there. If it not a secret. Tell about the acquaintances on the Internet. Now I wish to speak to you about the most important thing. I the lonely girl without the man and children. I live with the parents. My full name is Oliwia Kovalevich. I to work in shop in which to sell basically products, but also we to sell subjects of personal hygiene. I to spend on work a lot of time as sellers not to earn many money and to have to work much to receive a good payment. Also I to be engaged in a sports hall. Also we sometimes are going to sit with my girlfriends at home to drink tea or wine is very rare and to speak about a life. I not so love discos and also bars as there a lot of noise and smells as cigarettes. I wish to return to conversation with us. At present we can write letters each other only through e-mail. I can write letters and send a photo. I to think that if at all of us go well then I can call to you. I to write you letters from the cafe Internet. I to know many computer programs, Such as skype or msn and such as personal - facebook or others. But in the Internet of cafe I cannot use them as these pages often break computer hackers. And then the administration does not bear responsibility. Therefore here in Internet cafe I will use only e-mail. I live with parents and not to have children. But I very much love children and once would like to have children. I like to play with children of my girlfriends. As they to have children and for a long time already almost all married. It is a pity that still I have no children though to me more than 30 years. All girlfriends speak me that it not terribly and that at me still all ahead. I wish to find to myself the worthy person. You understand me? I wish to get acquainted better with you. I will wait still for your answer and a photo you are final also to me is very interesting!!
Here Oliwia. Protect the health!!!
Letter 3
Hello hello hello my dear friend!!! I to go home from work and to run in the cafe Internet, and I to see your letter. My mood to improve now and I to feel heat at myself in heart! I think that you are the good person and you can be trusted. Actually it is difficult to trust men, but I think, that at all of us it will turn out! If between us really there will be a liking and that that more then you can come to me on a visit when you have a free time. I wish to tell to you history, about my former life. Long time I to meet the man, it is from my city. We to meet long time and all will think that at us well. But once I have started to notice some strange things in behaviour of my person. And unfortunately yes!! I to appear the rights!! The man which I to love had other woman. Then to me to tell my girlfriends what to see it in cafe with other woman. For this reason I to consider what to trust men difficult because at any moment they can betray you. To me was very sick to worry this moment! But thanks my parents and girlfriends which to help me with it! Therefore I consider that in relations should not be nothing such as lie! Actually I well brought up girl, and me the parties, expensive cars, money do not interest at all. I vote both hands for pleasant dialogue, instead of for selling relations! Money it angrily! Recently I strongly to be disappointed in men from Armenia. All of them *** interests only! They think only of ***! I to understand that *** - is the important part of a life and so the nature is arranged. But I to consider that *** should be with the person of whom you are assured also whom you love. Here one more of the reasons why I to want will get acquainted with the man from other country. My parents to bring up me by old Armenian traditions. My father belongs to a known sort in Armenia. Actually still approximately 10 years ago here there was all on another! People were more kinder and easier. Now all on the contrary. All money and *** interest. I do not presume to communicate to myself with such people.
I am very glad that my girlfriends are brought up also well as well as I, and we to hang together in difficult situations. I to consider that the main thing in relations this trust because the trust - is a key to good relations! And if there are good relations then there is a life.
I want that you correctly to understand me. Me your financial condition does not interest, also me your age and colour of your skin does not interest! Also me your social status in a society does not interest. I think that the most important thing is moral qualities of the person, his soul and heart. And if our dialogue goes well and we will understand each other then once we could will meet and to try our relations. If certainly I interest you as the woman. I well enough know an English spoken language and we will not have difficulties in dialogue. Here in the Internet of cafe I should use the translator, because on the keyboard only the Armenian letters. And as to my hobbies. I like to go to pool on Saturdays in the evening. I and 2 more my girlfriends we go to pool. We take masks or points, also a cap on a head. Also we bathe 40 minutes. And then to go and drink hot tea.
Or sometimes wine if there is a mood. I think that so. I also wish to tell to you. What most of all it is not pleasant to me in people? When any person tries to show it that it above others. Not to like me it.
Also that that when the person brags that it has many money. In general it is disgusting for me. It is never important. I work fairly in shop. I cannot reach the big. Though I can more and work with diploma higher education. But nevertheless. Also it is not pleasant to me when people speak that they have expensive things. It not the main thing in a life... Also it is not pleasant to me when people speak lie. I learn at once it. And in general any truth will be learnt sooner or later. And then then it will be a shame to the person. It is pleasant to me when the person can always tell greetings. Or always to rejoice or support. I like positive people. I think that you such?
Tell to me more about it. That that should like me in the partner? Not important where it works and how many earns money. Main this happiness and trust. I think that people should trust each other in the relation. I wish to learn more about you and about your life. Tell to me why you At you are not present the woman? Why you till now one?
What at your sight high-grade and kind relations? I wish to learn more about you Because to me interestingly what men live in your country?
The main thing that to us was interesting to communicate, I think that at all of us will turn out. It is very interesting to me to communicate with you. You to do to me compliments and I very much like it! You well done I with impatience will wait for your answer, write to me soon! Take care!
Letter 4

Barev im sireli ynker. Yes zhptum e, yerb tesnum namak It in the Armenian language is meant "good afternoon by my friend, I to smile when to see your letter" I think that with you so still nobody to greet, but all when that occurs for the first time :). I also consider that not clear our letters will seem to you and it is possible indeed :). Today at me good mood, and I to feel fine! I to hope that at you all too is good to find also my letter you in sensible spirit! I think that now at the given stage of our acquaintance very hard in accuracy to explain what I actually! I will write you letters and you will create at yourself in a head my image and lines of my character. And I will learn also you. And to meet and see possible once we what we actually!!! You not to represent as it is interesting to communicate with the clever man from the far country. Usually on the Internet it is much malicious, but now when I to read your letter in my heart the pleasure and warm-heartedness has started to stay. I start to learn again that feeling when you the person of an opposite *** starts to interest. You remember that I to tell to you about the man with which I to have long relations. It very strongly to offend me the acts and I strongly to worry then when I to learn that from it there was other woman. Since then I become very closed for men. And now when there has passed since that moment already a lot of time I to start to understand and feel that my heart is ready to love anew. I start to understand that there are which men interests not only ***. Our dialogue delivers to me many positive emotions. I am very glad that I to have honour to communicate with you. I hope that you also find in me the interesting interlocutor. As to my work - this month has passed not badly for me and our collective on work to carry out a general plan. We should sell every month the goods for the certain sum then to receive the award. Our salary directly depends on quantity of profit which we to bring to our heads. Recently our country to start to live on another, our government much at Europe and Russia takes seems to me that. Our government to sell it is a lot of factories and factories to Russian businessmen. The life in our country has changed not to the best. Presently ever less people speaks on Armenian. People in our country speak in different languages. Basically it is Georgian, Armenian and Russian. And I not to tell that at us modern enough country, recently she to have not the best time in the life and many people to remain without work. As a whole consequences are not restored till now. The real estate has very big cost. Apartments and houses there is no time did not cost so expensively earlier. Recently we had to face this problem. My parents and I to take on credit certain sum of money and to buy the house in a new residence. It also has helped me to forget last relations. It was a unique exit to work and receive money. I very much like this small house, especially it is in absolutely new area. I cannot tell that it very big but if you to come to me on a visit then for you there will be a free room :). Earlier we to live in 30 kilometres from city Kapan, but then there there are few workplaces and we have been compelled to move in Kapan. There, in a small town where we to live earlier, till now there lives my grandmother. My grandmother now the pensioner and to it nothing to be engaged :). It to do fine cheese! It very tasty!! It has a cow and hens! It is pleasant to me is on a visit at the grandmother there always it is tasty, cheerfully, and pure air. My grandmother all life conducts a healthy way of life. In spite of the fact that now to my favourite grandmother it is a lot of years, it it is very good to move and behave in shape. We is frequent with my parents we visit the grandmother and to go to it on a visit. As at me it is a lot of relatives and all of them with good sense of humour. At us the interesting nation, people which to have other nationality to say, that to us there is no time not to happen boringly. I wish to tell to you a little about the parents. My father call Ararat and it to work as the master after the electrician at the enterprise, by the way he speaks that many times beat him a current, such force, that any person to die of such quantity of an electricity. But my father is live! We with mum always to laugh when he to tell to us such histories. All the matter is that my father constantly jokes :). To discompose it and to force to be angry it is necessary to try! But when I small, at me sometimes it turned out. My mum to work as the assistant to the doctor in hospital, it to work in hospital all life and well understands a human body. I often to tell to mum about that that occurs in my life and mum to support me. Both of us to understand that I should live already with the man and me not few years. Yes, I am possible to look young, but in a shower I dream to become the favourite wife and careful mother. I hope that in the near future the situation to change. I madly like to communicate with you and you are interesting to me as the man and I am ready to write to you more many, but I should finish this letter and run home. It is sad that I cannot to write to you from the house. It is connected with that that we live in new area and at us still it is impossible to be connected to the Internet, as here yet wires. I think I that if all goes well and we will be interesting each other then we can call each other, but now about it still early to speak. I wish you good mood and always to be in shape. With impatience I wait for your following letter. With heat in heart Oliwia.
Letter 5
Hi the darling! I am glad to read your letter and I wish to tell thanks that find time to answer me. I wish to tell to you thanks for warm words which you to write to me. I not to hear for a long time such pleasant words from the man. I to start to feel that to me begins now more interestingly to live. Today I to hasten from work to run in the Internet of cafe and to write you the letter. Usually I and one more woman, earlier we to go home after work together by the bus, but today she to ask me why I to cease to go with it by the bus home recently :). Then I to speak that after work to come into cafe to write you the letter... Also what you to think??? YES! You are right!!! When girls to learn that we will get acquainted with you on the Internet then they to ask me about you. All was very interesting to them as to you :-). But this all female conversations and jokes. By the way Roza and Naira to speak to you "HI". I wish to talk to you on a serious theme. I want that you correctly to understand me in this situation! I understand that we gets acquainted with you on the Internet and earlier never to see each other in a real life. And we can communicate in letters easily and easy. I wish to ask you. On you how many are serious to concern me? As the woman I am afraid that you communicate with me to brighten up the leisure. You all the same the man and you are interesting to correspond with the woman, you can be understood. My dear I wish to ask you as the serious man. If I to you am not interesting or to consist already you in relations, also if you are married and to be in earnest about me not. Then I to ask you is sincere with all my heart that you not to answer this letter. I want that you now correctly to understand me. In my words there is no not a drop of harm and I do not want that we to stop correspondence. It is pleasant to me to communicate with you! I to speak you such words as the woman, I hope for your man's decency. If you to wish to play simply with me - then we need to stop. Serious relations are necessary to me. I already have more than 35 years to me it would not be desirable to waste time still. Time is precious also you it know. One of these girls with which I to work had a novel with the man with whom it gets acquainted on the Internet. This man to live in Australia. They to communicate and call up in a current of 6 months then they have stopped dialogue. They even never to see each other! I do not want that with me to happen the same history! Therefore I ask you once again all to weigh and be defined. If you are seriously adjusted also I really to you it is pleasant, then I am ready to try to build relations with you. I like your letters, I to understand that you same as I the simple person and we in what that are similar. I even represent you as the person. It seems to me that you are simple in dialogue. Therefore today I have decided to ask directly you about it. I not to want that you to break my heart. I agree and ready to try to build relations with you in the presence of gravity in our relations. I should will apologise for such frank letter and I wish to tell once again to you, that I like to communicate with you and you do to me pleasant compliments. I to feel that you the wise man. Under your letters I to understand that you the adult and clever man, therefore you should be the good boy with the girl from Armenia (k) In my words there is no bad form and I should ask you about it to think that you understand it. I very much to hope that you not to play with me! If you really to communicate with me with the good purpose then I will be very glad to continue our dialogue!!! I will finish on it, I ask you to concern with gravity my letter. I hope you in a sound body and in sensible spirit! With the best regards your friend from Armenia. Oliwia.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Eddi!!! I am glad to welcome you. I wish to tell to you thanks for the letter which you to write to me. You really to force me to rejoice more and more lives. I am glad that you to concern me with gravity. My girlfriends on work to start to notice, that recently I to become more cheerful person. Also it is all to occur to me thanks to you. I sincerely hope that once the destiny to give us chance and we can meet you. I know that you to want that we to start to call up, but I think that about it still early to speak. It should seems to me that we at first in letters to learn each other better, only then we can speak about it. I to understand that the man always to hurry events, but please understand me correctly, I very much to value our relations and consequently I to want only the best. Sometimes I to ask a question why such man not to have relations with the woman. And in general in your country many beautiful women. You the attractive and clever man of average years you are able to speak such fine and warm words when to hear which it would be desirable to breathe a full ******! You such fine man and why you one? I think of it much. And if I am valid that of women on whom you to stop the sight then to me to me has very much carried that you to answer my message this time. By the way till now it is interesting to me, why you not to answer me on the message last year?? Tell fairly, I am very bad to turn out in that photo which I to send to you one year ago??:-) Today, when I to go from work to the Internet of cafe I to represent that you to go near to me and we to keep for hands. Now in Armenia not bad weather, a mellow autumn. I very much like this season in Armenia. From trees to fall leaves, to shine slightly warm sun. While I to go along the street, my unique desire was to feel that you are nearby. You know, I adult enough woman, but sometimes I to feel the child because it is necessary for happiness not too much. The main thing - that near to you was the person who you is loved also by you can always let it all into the secrets and desires. Actually I very romantic person and I very much love flowers and stars. I know that once we can meet together a dawn, it would be simply more tremendous. I cannot imagine how much it is a romantic scene at all: YOU And I, and only stars burn brightly in slightly foggy sky! We to stand on a high mountain, the warm summer wind blows, you to embrace me behind and whisper to whisper in me ear tender words. During this moment I to feel the happiest woman on light! I really became more cheerful since that moment when we to start to communicate. And you for warm words which you to write thanks to me. When I to read your letters, my heart to start to fight more often and more often. I think that if all goes well then later we can call up. But I consider also that we do not need to hasten. I very much to treat kindly you and you to know it. I want that at us with you all was good, therefore I think that with you is necessary for us still will get acquainted more better to speak about real meetings. On it I will finish, but it is obligatory to write to you tomorrow. It is very pleasant to me to communicate with you. Care of itself. Your friend from Armenia, Oliwia.
Letter 7
Hi favourite! I strong to embrace and kiss you! Each time when I to see your letter, my heart to fade because I to test boundless pleasure! You completely to understand my letters and it is easy to me to communicate with you. You to give to me it is a lot of pleasure and good mood. I to hope that you to test to me the same warm feelings as I to test to you. You to present to me a new life and very to rejoice that my life will be connected only with you. During our correspondence I very much to get used to you. I to think about our future meetings with you much. I to worry and worry in this occasion much. Even this morning, when I only to wake up, I to think at once only of you. Thought on you not to leave me in a current of all day and all the day I to think of you and about our meetings. Today I to talk to the chief. I to speak with it about holiday which I wish to take fast. I not to take holiday in a current enough long quantity of time, because I and my parents should work much to pay under the credit. We to pay in advance the credit that an overpayment to make less percent. We to take the credit to buy the new house. We to have a part of money, but all of us equally not to suffice on house purchase.
I seem to speak already to you about it in last letters. My chief - the woman, her name is Tamara. When I to talk to it concerning my holiday, she to ask me than I am going to be engaged at this time, on what I wish to spend the holiday. Then I to tell to it about you and about our acquaintance. She has told, that wishes us love, well-being and happiness. We to discuss with it details of my holiday. As I not to time was not in your country, I while do not have necessary documents that I could fly to you. We have solved, that time not to vanish in vain, I will work while documents such as the passport for travel abroad and the visa prepare. Then, when documents will be ready to buy also I tickets then I will have holiday. Me very much to arrange such plan because documents prepare about a week, but I do not wish to sit at home this week, I wish to work this time while will be prepares documents. The next weeks I plan to go to embassy of your country in Yerevan to submit documents on visa reception. Actually I very much to worry, because I still never to leave so far from the house. But I think that you to help me to overcome this fear. Today I cannot write much as today we with girlfriends again to go on jog. I wish to be in shape because we soon to meet and I I want it is pleasant to you! I wish you pleasant day! I kiss you! Yours Oliwia.
Letter 8
Hi my love! I to embrace you!!!! Today I again to go to cafe to read your message. The Internet the provider whom to give access to the Internet to our area to inform that at them to arise technical problems and they are compelled to postpone connection of services of the Internet. Certainly it was not the most pleasant news, but there is nothing not to do. Also have some to be ill I foot, after yesterday's jog. But it was simply remarkable. I think if at you to arise the desire then we can run with you together. We will have the most healthy family. I will prepare very tasty dishes. You likely never to try Armenian cuisine dishes. These are very useful and tasty dishes. In our country the cookery is well developed. My father also is able to prepare well. When I will be a number you will forget about hunger for ever. By the way I wished to ask as often you to be cleaned in the house and to put things in order? Do not think anything bad, it is simply interesting to me. At that time when I will be with you you will have a rest from the homework, I incur all cares. It so is romantic! I will iron your things, I will make to you breakfasts dinners and suppers. We will go to bed and wake up together. I will clean a dust in your house. Also I to want, that you to show to me interesting and historical places in your city. By the way!!! I always to dream to look football at the big stadium where it is a lot of people. Tell you to go sometimes on stadium? We can so much all pleasant do together. It will deliver to me many positive emotions! I think that time will suffice us well to learn each other. As I am confident that our characters to find common language:-) I plan to make the visa for the term of 3 months, but I cannot be at you all this time, and before definitive moving to you I should come back to Armenia. For reception of the visa many documents are necessary for me. To prepare all necessary inquiries, I should make many inquiries.
I to have the passport for travel abroad and registration of inquiries should not occupy a lot of time. After when I to have necessary documents, I should go to Yerevan, in embassy of your country and give these documents. To make term of registration of the visa approximately week. To me also to be demanded return tickets, the insurance and presence of the certain sum of money, by the way probably the copy of your passport and the special inquiry which to testify that you to give me habitation, throughout period of validity of my visa is required to me. If it to be demanded, then you can give me such inquiry? Today on work I to try to talk to colleagues in your language. When I to study at institute I strenuously to study English and the Italian language. After the termination of institute I to work as the journalist in a current of 6 years. The first 2 years I to continue to study foreign languages and attend special courses. But then work has started to occupy a lot of time, and I not to have time to do the private affairs. At me it was not simple time. A life as though have put on fast rewind. I not to notice as quickly time began to run. I to receive quite good money at that time. But then the power in ours has changed also employees of budgetary sphere began to receive the ridiculous salary and I have been compelled to search for other work. Since then there has passed a lot of time, and today I to recollect it in practice. I well enough know your language, but all the same I hope you will not laugh over me the first some days:-) I am good to understand you when to read your letters but when I to answer you, I am compelled to use the translator because here, on the keyboard there are only Armenian letters. Also today I much about us with you. How you consider? Probably we strongly to hasten with our meeting? Probably I to lose a head when to communicate with you, I constantly to think of you and you to inspire my heart, I to feel that I to start to live anew. I madly wish to meet you face to face! I can lose against these joyful events feeling of a reality and before our meeting there should pass more many time? Anyhow it is very serious step for me. I know that you also to feel responsibility. I ask you to think after perusal of my letter and to answer me my questions. I very much to thank destiny, for that that you to exist on this planet! Care of itself! I love and kiss you. Yours Oliwia.
Letter 9
Hi my man! I to kiss you! I really very much to wait for your answer because in the last letter I to speak with you on a serious theme. I am very glad, that you to support me! You care of me. Sometimes at me to be made such impression that we with you to find for a long time already each other and to live together, and now I to come to parents for some time. Certainly it is sensations all only. They to arise not simply so. It occurs because you to understand me and to me you are pleasant that to feel to me. I am very glad that I again have decided to write you the letter and you to answer me! Today I to talk to parents concerning my visit to you. My parents strongly to worry in this occasion. They very much to be afraid for me! My father to speak to me that there were many bad cases. Women and men got acquainted on the Internet and then women to come to men to try to build relations, but then men to beat them, to take away passports from women and to force them to work as prostitutes. I know that you the good person and to me there can not be such things. Simply my parents strongly to worry in this occasion. I think that they can be understood because they my parents. Any parents to worry about children. My father to ask you that you to send a copy of the passport, please send to me a copy of the passport in the following letter. My parents to speak that so will be quieter. They very much to worry about me. I think that for you not to make it of difficulties. In advance thanks! Within the next few days I am going to go to Yerevan, I need to give my documents to receive visa. Most likely I will need to buy return tickets. You should tell to me the full name of the airport in your city that I could buy tickets. Please do not forget to make it, I kiss you. Also it is interesting to me what weather now at you? It is better to me to take what things with itself? I very much to wait for that day when we can meet at last at the airport and embrace and kiss each other. I think that we with you easily to pass all difficulties which to be coming us. We already have much enough made to be together, the main thing - that we to find each other. I am very glad that between us to arise the trust and respect. I think that there was not enough time and soon we can meet for the first time! It will be the happiest day in my life! Already so about what I to dream every night before a dream will be fast! Today I to search for the information on what concerns my visit to you. On one of sites stay not difficult but if girl to come from east countries then all becomes much more difficult was spoken that conditions. Whether I do not know actually so it.
Today, when I to go after work, I to come into shop and to buy to you a gift. I think to you very much it is pleasant! It is very interesting thing. You will be delighted! And I wish to present as soon as possible to you it! On it I should finish the letter because I should go now and to take the inquiry on my registration which also is necessary for me for giving of documents on registration visa. I love you! To tomorrow my love!!! Yours Oliwia.
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