Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Garmach to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Somehow I really knew, you would reply me:-) I always try to follow my heart in doing the right thing and I know that what I am doing is the right thing for me. I hope you know what I mean and you have had similar feelings. I should say honestly that I like your photos. Don't shy to send me more, because your way of life attracts me. I am impressed with the way you express yourself and your feeling) I feel your deep soul and it is touching my heart!You know what you want! And all the romantic is it! Your inner world is close to mine. Dear, I am happy to know you are a serious person and looking for the same thing as me! It's a great start for our communication! And I must assure you, that I am not for fun here! I am a new person in the Internet dating, and maybe I will have some mistakes here, but I have a strong wish to meet a serious person and create a family! You know this is only the beginning, I like our friendship (can I call our relations as friendship already?
Hope so:-))) Telling more about me, my date of birth is on 21th of July, my sign is a cancer, it 's good sign for woman;) and this year I celebrated my anniversary 30 years old. As for my measurements, I am 168 cm and 56 kg of the weight. I am a honest, tender, kind, cheerful and sociable person. I love nature; sometimes I like to go to the picnics or just walk in the wood when I have free time. In summers I like to swim and badminton on beaches, spend outside as much time as I can . But my work keeps me quite busy and I spend a lot of time on my work.I forgot to write I am an assistant of photographer! I work in the photostudy and help the beautiful moments of the life to stay forever! Anyway I like to enjoy the life as it is. I hate lies and treacherous.
I don't like any kind of cruelness, maybe because I am too kind and tender inside of my heart. I like a home comfort, warmth and calm in family relation. I also adore animals, dogs, especially the small ones:-)Frank., tell me about your life hobbies! What do you like, what you don't like? I am looking for an intelligent, very smart, open-minded person who has a kind heart, a loving and romantic, and good sense of humor. I am going to correspond with and develop the friendship at first!I chose Internet for this, because it will be foolish try to find a native person for myself in my town only, because I spent here almost 30 years and didn't meet him. I think my fate lives far away! I know, there are a lot of cheaters in the Internet, and we have to be careful with new friends on-line. But i am sure there are many good people with a serious intentions here also. And I think you are one of them. I don't want to waist my or yours time for the useless games. I have a goal and want to reach it!What about you?Tell me about your ideal woman or wife! I really hope you are not disappointed and will keep in touch with me, and write me soon:-) I send a sweet kiss hopefully to remind you to write back.
Letter 2
HELLO SWEETHEART Frank! I like our correspondence more and more,I like your personality very much and I am happy I have met you! My heart never advises me wrong ways! Thank you so much for your wonderful photo!!! I can see that you are a very nice man and I am so pleased with your attention!!! But I still can't understand why such a man like you is alone??? You have everything to find a nice woman and be happy. But I think at is my gain:) Dear, I like your plan for the trip very much! I wish I could have it with you!) I have a feeling, like I know you for a long time already! Every day I am waiting for your letter with impatience.You know, you became the part of my life already!Maybe I am too fast, but time only will show us the future. I wish I could speak with you by the cam! It will be better,then 100 letters. But I have a few obstacles that don't let me do this now. i don't have my own computer and I don't have a cam now. But my friends have it and I want to talk with you by cam as soon as they come back from the vocations.I hope you don't mind? And I have to tell you one more secret.I don't know English! I didn't learn it before, but now I know how important to speak English and I am going to learn it as soon as possible. I don't want to have any barriers between us. But now I use the translation service. It helps me understand your letters and write to you! Today I was walking beside the flower stand. There were sold so beautiful little yellow roses. When I saw them , I remembered about you! I wanted to present them for you! Do you like roses?Were you ever presented with flowers? I adore make such gifts for the close people.
Why only men give flowers to the women??!?! Stop my letter here!
Don't want to be borring for you Wait for your respond
Letter 3
My darling Frank ! I was happy to see your pics and read your letter! Sorry about your stealing! But maybe it must be happened in your life, because you know, you have to make clear some place for the new things!) I wish I could write you letters more often, for 5 times per day. I have a lot of thoughts to say you , but when I come to the agency i loose my mind. I think only about you and can say nothing.But i think it's to early to share my thought about you with you!) The time will shows everything! But it makes me happy to know you think about me also! Dear, you know already who I am looking for, what kind of man I need, I didn't point the age or the country anywhere. Do you think it's important for me? I want a person , who will love me, will be sincere, reliable and caring! And I am sure you are such person!You are a strong man, the kind of man I am looking for!And we will overcome all obstacles between us!Are you ready for it? My parents taught me to follow my feelings, feelings never lie. I can't live with out letters from you. Well today I will tell you about my hobbies! You should know them if we are going to live together!) I know you want it!=))) Every morning I make a gym. I like jogging! After it I take a shower and drink a cup of coffee with toast! I make a perfect toast! I will treat you with them! By the way I adore cooking! but not for everybody! I want to make the best dishes only for my closest people and i adore treating my guests with the delicious deserts!I have a book of dishes, which is written by my hand!But when I start cooking for myself only, I can make an omelette only, but with big affords!))I like spend my weekends with my mother and brother! We like gathering in the kitchen and talk about news and ideas,your thoughts and events what happened during the week! Yesterday a trouble happened to me.I told I live in a flat at the 4th flour, which I rent? When I came back home , all flow was in water!The water was at the neighbors' ceiling also! So, I flooded my neighbors.It's because of an old pipes. Now I have renew their renovation...Not good situation.Anyway life is life!) I hope you like my pics.Tell me, what do you think about me.Do you see the common future ? I hope I don't make you board with my long letters, I just want to tell you as much as possible to you, frankly speaking I want to tell you everything!)It means I trust you!Is it good or bad? What do you think? Waiting for your reply Tanya
Letter 4

Hello, my sweetheart Frank ! Thank you for writing to me!! So how has your day been? How are you? Hope all is fine and you are smiling! It is wonderful to be reading your letter and to hear your words. Sorry about your roof also! So you understand my problem very much! Dear, I will be happy to hear your voice also. But let me know the number of the phone, and then we will hear each other! I don't have my own mobile, I sold it because of the damage! To tell you the truth , today was fine, I spent it with my family and it was very nice... but I was missing you too much... it was a pity that you were not next to me.. but Ii do have a hope that next time we will have it together and will have lots of fun, right?) What do you think about this? Will you like it? Dear, sorry for Such short letter today, but I can't afford myself to pay fro translation anymore. Do you remember I wrote you about the accident with my neighbors? So, I must compensate for the damage as soon as possible. That's why I have to give almost all my savings to them! Dear, I don't have any other opportunity of connecting with you, but you are very important for me!I have to ask for the help and for saving our relationships.May you help with refilling the account for the correspondence? You are very important for me, and I hope you serious with me also. PS Waiting for your answer and hope you like my pics.I wanted to show you my body and make you think about me! Kisses
Letter 5
13 December 2012

*** Translating Company - "Connection" *** Translating Company - "Connection" ***
*** 7B, Sovetskaya street,Antratzut, Lugansk region, 58000, Ukraine. ***
*** Working hours : 9 am - 5 pm (Except Suturday, Sunday and federation holidays) ***
*** Tell: +3 80 99 623 82 43 ***
___________________________________________ Dear Mr.Frank, I have to inform you about the situation with our client Garmach Tatyana. Unfortunately, we have to suspend your correspondence in connection with her inability to pay for our further service. I have to inform you that she was paying for the translating of letters and now her account is empty. Unfortunately, we can not continue your correspondence until the account is refilled. Miss Garmash want to continue the correspondence with you,but she doesn't have an opportunity to do it! All your letters will be saved in her mail box or you can take place at the expenses. Please, let us know if you are interested how you can continue the correspondence!!! Let us know if you are interested in continuing your correspondence and our conditions. And I will send you the necessary information for renewing your contact with our client Tatyana. Do not hesitate to ask your questions! I will be glad to explain you the main principles or our work and to listen to your propositions.
Your answer is very useful for TATYANA, who is waiting for the news from you. Thanks in advance! ___________________________________________ Have a nice day
With respect,
Anastasiya Zavgorodyaya,
executive manager of "Connection" company *** Translating Company - "Connection" *** Translating Company - "Connection" ***
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