Scam letter(s) from Clara E. Hodges to Ron (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, How are you doing and hope all is well with you, I appreciate your reply..I am feeling much more better that we are connected now and soon we can meet in real person if things go well, But honestly i have been lied to a few times and i don't want that to happen again so am been careful. I want something serious that would last forever and no games of any kind cause i have a good heart, Anything we are going to talk about or do we need to be very honest with each other cause nothing will work without honesty and trust. I'm trying to hide my profile on match cause too many people are just sending me mails and Ims same as winks and they are unserious people..We can chat well and know each other well.. Get back to me and let me know if you have a yahoo messenger as that would let us chat better,
Stay Well Clara
Letter 2
Hello Ron,
How are you doing ? Oh yes same with me , not interested in games, i have a heart and want to be loved and cared for. want to enjoy a wonderful relationship with someone who has a good heart. I tried to contact you on yahoo messenger but it didnt go through, try to contact me on yahoo messenger and my ID is chodges147 and we can get to chat and know more about each other.. okay ? stay well clara
Letter 3
Thanks for at least writing me to let me know you aren't interested anymore cause some people wouldn't even send a mail.. I really do understand everything you said but the only thing that hurt me was that you should have told me right from the start when my problem came up. I told you i lived in Germany till about 7 years ago before i came back to the United States so maybe there might not be so much about me from the internet' But i am a God fearing and respectful person and understand the word karma' I have been deeply hurt in the past and i wouldn't let anyone go through the same heart break' I would never take another's mans hard earned money and run away with it. I would honestly pay you everything back when i arrive to the States. I swear on my late parents grave that i would never ever play games with your emotion. I was brought up from a good family, Please come online to talk to me.. Stay Well
Letter 4

Here is the bank account information you need to make the INTERNATIONAL WIRE TRANSFER to Malaysia! Account Name: OSABUOHIEN AGBONTAEN
Owner's Address : JALAN 1/13 HOUSE 87
Account number : 1621-7971-4617
Swift code: MBBEMYKL
Clara E Hodges
Letter 5
Address - JALAN 1/13 HOUSE 87
Zip Code - 60001
Letter 6
Hello, This is what i was expecting you to say anyways, I have met men like you that play games around with lonely ladies heart and dump them at the end, Oh you think what i want in my entire life is $2,100.
Oh if that is it, please keep your money and don't bother sending it to me anymore' Oh i went to the Embassy and all they told me is that they cant possibly get me on the plane that all they do is buy tickets for Americans stuck here which i already have a ticket' I know from the Start that you weren't as serious as i was and something told me that you are going to end up breaking my heart' Yes research about romance scammers which i heard about too even before i came to Malaysia' So does that mean i am one of them? I have a heart and God fearing too' I don't ever take people's hard earned money cause i am hard working and make mine, i would have never asked you for a dime if not for what happened here to me, Oh well funny, Get a cam ? oops! I am here trying to find a way to get home and you sit there telling me to get a cam, So you know its me Clara' I would attach a copy of my international passport here' I believe that the most important 'key' to a successful relationship would have to be 'trust'. I believe that with trust, love will follow. However, what I have noticed is that many people think trust, or expect that trust is to be earned by the other person, when in all actuality it is something that comes from within yourself. All too many times people will say they don't trust due to past experiences. Oh yes even the Western Union told me my aunt was a scam just because i was trying to send money to her to take care of my son. Why listen to people who are only doing what they don't know, Oh you close your eyes cause you don't want to see the bad people and i would be here wondering how you are going to see the good ones' I am not going to try forcing myself on you' No way' why allow them and their actions to stop you from finding what you search for? I say open your hearts to trust and bask in the beauty, happiness, and joy, of the true love that will follow. For everyone there IS a someone, you just can't find them if you hide away all your life..
I even told you that i swear to the life of my son, and the grave of my dead parents that i would never lie to you and asked you never to lie to me too cause i want a happy man that we can have happy things together, I used match and found you and something made me fall for you which i don't know what it is, I admire you a lot but yet wouldn't go around crying to beg you to myself' I can give you the phone numbers of other antique dealers in the States that can tell you about me. Thats All I Have To Say !
Funny thats why you are hiding off the yahoo messenger' Stay Well & God Bless You Clara E Hodges
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