Scam letter(s) from Kelly Bates to Jarl (Sweden)

Letter 1
Good evening and how are you doing today Just want to tell you more about me.I am Christine,32years of age and i work as a Labor and delivery nurse at a private hospital.I am a cute caring lovable woman who is into anything really at this point in my life, whether it be a serious relationship or just Dating, but know my ultimate goal is to find a mate though.. I want to enjoy this phase of my life in my search and if my future mate happens to show up in front of me, I will not let him go.. I am tending to move a bit quickly with no directions and not responding to general cliches in life. So if you do not want a woman that moves quickly , well I for sure am not the woman for you.. My passions are meeting my future soul-matepartner.. I believe I am a very good woman with a very big heart with modern qualities.. Am in Ghana now with my mum, unfortunately for me i am the only child of my parents and i have lost my dad about 2years now.It has not been easy for me but is part of life,still have to move on since i have my mum and she's been a wonderful mum to me.She is all i have got in life now so i don't joke with her at all.My dad was into import and export of cars from Europe to Ghana and met my mum on of of his business trip and they gave birth to a pretty Angel called Christine in Ghana. I'm pretty laid back, down to earth, a very positive person, enjoy the simple things in life.. I'm told that I am kind, caring, generous, thoughtful, opinionated, beautiful, and intelligent and have many lovable qualities.. I try to allow life itself not to stress me out and remain a happy go lucky person.. Love to kiss and hug.. I think one of my biggest flaws is being too nice and loyal to people in my life, but it is just the right thing we should all do, but in general, good always outweighs the bad. I'm very flexible in things I like to do, whether it’s going out dinning or just hanging home eating pizza and putting in a DVD.. I love the moon-sun season and the lightning it brings.. I'm very thoughtful of others and always make the best of a bad situation.
I hope i have said alot about who i am I am looking forward to read something about you as well.Wish you a lovely day and talk to you later online.
Letter 2
Hello Jarl,
I am most grateful to hear from you once again.I thought maybe you are not interested in me and therefore decided not to reply my mail.Could you please send me a pic of your face so i will have a clue what you look like.I must say bearing children is something i least think of because i honestly don't want to be a mother due to some personal reasons which i believe you will know with time.
As far as i do believe in love i don't see age to be a problem at all when it comes to relationship.The most important thing i look out for is love,trust,respect,honesty and the rest is a bonus.I got home late today because i had a lot of work to do at the children ward.Wish you a lovely night and am looking forward to a nice mail with all i need to know about you.
Letter 3
Hi Jarl,I must say i am so excited and happy inside to at least have a clue who i am getting to know.I hope we get to know each other well and perhaps meet someday and see how things will go between us.I must say i love your picture and you have a beautiful house.I love beautiful garden.It will be fun to wine and dine with you in your garden someday.
I do understand you perfectly so you have nothing to worry about your grammar.I would love to teach you more as time goes on.
What makes you happy in life?
What do you do at your leisure time?
How many times do you laugh in a day?
Do you easily get moody?
What's your favorite color?
What do you look for in a woman?
Wish you a lovely night and am looking forward to an email with a honest answer from you.
Kisses and hugs.
Letter 4

Hello Jarl,
Thanks so much for a honest reply to my questions.Xoxoxo means kisses.I am sorry you don't know what it means.
I am also looking for a a caring,loving,romantic,understand,easy going,respectful man to spend the rest of my life with.
I believe we have a lot in common and as such my instinct tells me you are a good man and i think it would be a great pleasure to know you more and meet you someday.
How was your day? and how are your kids? i love kids so much and will be glad to meet them someday and maybe take them as mine.hehe
Anyway i need to take a shower and then have some rest.My day was okay just a little tired.
Wish you a lovely night and a sound sleep.
A big hug from Ghana.
Letter 5
Hi Jarl,
I had a terrible day today because a building collapsed and the casualties were brought to where i work so i had to do extra work to safe life.
Well i have nothing important to do this weekend than to go to the market and buy some food stuffs and then visit some good friends of mine.
I really love candle light party.I wish am there to prepare nice food for you and i believe you will like to try something different.
I have been in Ghana almost 3years and i am hoping to visit you someday.I also feel like i have known you for ages.I really wish we could get fare someday.
I can do anything possible to make my man happy so i don't have a special way of making love.hehehe.
Can we chat on msn?Think it will be best for both of us to at least get to know each other well.
How old are your kids?Would like to meet them someday.
Wish you a lovely night and am looking forward to a nice email from you.
Millions of kisses and hugs to you all over your body.
Letter 6
Good evening my dear Jarl,
I think you are a gentle man and you have passed the test to my heart.
I don't think being with you for 2weeks or over will be a problem to my mum.
All i need to do now is to personally introduce you to my mother as a good friend and it will be easy for me to come to sweden.
I know you would ask how i am going to introduce you.
Due to the traditional background of my mother,before i can talk to my mother about a man i need to present to her a gift from the man and then i can talk to her about the man.
Would be happy if we can have a chat in 2hours time so that i can explain everything to you so that you will know how to go by it.
Hope your day was okay?Waiting to speak to you in 2hours time.
Letter 7
Hi Jarl,
I am very much okay and my night was a great one.
I am sorry for sending you such a picture though you like it..hehehe
I take the pictures myself,i set it and then capture it myself.
Hope the kids are okay?Do you leave them at home when going to work or what?
I know it's all strange but believe me i feel you have used a charm on me
What i have for you is a feeling i can't fight.
You have been a part of me and that's all i can tell you
I really can't wait to be with you.
Do you still say you are old and you are not handsome?hahahaha
Can you define who a good looking person is?
It's the last thing i look for in a man.
What i look for is a man with respect,loving,caring,understanding,romantic,easy going,not rich not poor
Those are what i look for in a man and i believe you have all these qualities.
I have traveled to London before so i don't see why you think it will be a stress for me to travel to Sweden.
Is just a matter of both of us putting things in place and there is a straight flight from Ghana to Sweden.
You only have to tell me which airport i should arrive at then you will pick me up and take me to a hotel or home.
I don't know how much a flight ticket cost but i will find out.
I already have a passport so i only need a medical report,police report and then i can get a 3months visa but won't stay for 3months.
I will go to the travelling agency to find out what i need to get the visa and how long it will take to get the visa.
Wish you a lovely day today and all the best of luck to you my dear.
Millions of kisses and hugs to you all over your body.
Letter 8
Hello Jarl,
Good evening and great to hear from you.
I am happy you spend quality time with your kids.
I had a busy and hectic day today and in fact i really need a warm massage from you.
Would be better we stay in the shower together so that you will show me what you can do best..hehehe
I also went to find out about the police report and the medical report.
Don't be scared about the police report because i have done nothing bad..hehehe
It's just a document needed by the embassy to confirm that you have no criminal case or
any sickness before they would allow you into their country.
It will take 2days to get the police and medical report done and then i can proceed for the visa.
The visa fee is 100euros and the both report also cost 400euros which in all making 500euros
It will take 2weeks to get the visa ready so we both need to decided which date we want to meet and then we can begin with the process.
I also can't wait to have you beside me so that i can put my hands on your chest,rub your body and your balls with my hands.
And please note that i take those pictures myself and my mum knows nothing about it.hehehe
They are only for your eyes so hope you keep them safe because we will be watching them when i come.
Well the Gift for my mum should come from you.We only need to buy her some pieces of clothes,shoes,necklace and perhaps a nice perfume which i can buy them here without you shipping them from sweden to cut cost.
That was just my thinking but in case you have any other suggestion you can bring it out so we will both know what to do.
I think i need some rest now.Need to take a shower first,think about you and then sleep.
This is another hot picture i have just made for you..Please don't shout when you see it because the kids might hear you..hehehe
Goodnight my dear Jarl.
Millions of kisses and hugs to you..
Letter 9
Hi Jarl,
Just got home,i am also tired and feel sick.
I think the date is okay because i want you to have much time for me when i come.
I don't care spending just a night with you and come back to Ghana.
What matters me most is to see you and hold you and feel you.
I think spending some days at gothenburg before going to your home is a perfect idea.
We need a good hide out so we can entertain each other for a while.
Yes i had a boyfriend but is rather unfortunate he was a gangster
He was into drugs so when i realized it i left him and he went after my best friend.
He is nothing but a dead person.
I have never smoked,i only drink alcohol occasionally.
I am 5.4feet tall.
I eat everything that comes my way.
I am very romantic and fun to be with.
About the gift for my mum,it's something special from your heart so which ever amount you give me i will buy things worth that amount.
But i believe with 150-200 euros i can get her all what i stated in the list earlier on for me and believe me she will be very very happy.
I know what makes her happy..hehehehe.
Since the visa take a little time i think we should try and begin the process as soon as possible so i can have much time to organize myself.
I need to take my shower and then have some hot tea and go to bed since i don't feel fine.
Wish you a lovely evening with your kids and could you please extend my regards to them..hehehe.
Millions of kisses and hugs to you all over your body.
Letter 10
Hi Jarl,
No please don't be sad because your thought has given me strength and am now feeling fine.
Hope your night was great?
I am having breakfast now with mum and i have told him about you.
I am waiting so that i can do the formal introduction to show respect and to show you are a responsible man.
When do you think we can do this?Because i am not working on Monday so if you can send the money for the gift on Monday i can go to town and do the necessary and then after i can go to the travelling agency and begin with the medical and police report and then go for the visa.
What are you doing today?How are the kids?Have you had breakfast already?
I am home the whole of today so am waiting for your reply so i will know what to do my love.
Wish you a lovely day Jarl.
Millions of kisses and hugs to you..hehehehe
Letter 11
Hi Jarl,
Good afternoon and how are you doing my love?
I closed from work exactly 12.00 and i am currently at my friend who works at the traveling agency's place.
He has made a cheaper reservation which i think you will be more comfortable with.(550euros+ service charge of 20euros)
But i have paid for the service charge already which is 20euros so we have 550euros to pay.
I have attached the reservation so please check it and see if it's okay.
This reservation last for 5days meaning i should make the payment by Friday so that i can get the reservation booked.
Are the kids back from school?Have you eaten something?
I will be going home from here.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 12
Hi Jarl,
Good morning and how was your night?
I am doing great and you?
I am sorry for not showing up online last night.
I had a little problem with my internet but it's okay this morning.
I am off to work my love.
Thanks for your effort to help pay for the ticket,but please don't forget i said i will be going to a village to take care of the poor so please try your best and raise 300euros and then i will add the remaining 250euros to pay for the ticket.
I hope you will make an effort so that everything will be fine.
Wish you a lovely day at work today and all the best.
Millions of kisses and hugs to you all over your body.
Letter 13
Hello my love.How are you doing?
How was your day ?
I have been to the travelling company today and everything is well.
The visa will be ready on Saturday.
Tomorrow will be my last day at work to begin my leave.
I am very tired and need a massage.
I have attached a scan copy of my passport as i promised.
Hope to talk to you before you go to bed.
My regards to the kids
Love you
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