Letter(s) from Maria Makarenko to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1

My dear Frank, how are you?

My mood is perfect as I feel that I stand on the edge of my new life, new feelings and new emotions.
I appreciate your attention very much and hope to know more about you. If you are interested in me and my words,please write me.Who know, maybe we are searching for the same things and it is our chance to be happy.
I send you my photos, hope you will like them.Reply me as soon as you can, I will be waiting with impatience!

Yours Masha

Letter 2

Hello dear Frank!!! Thank you very much for your attention and for your letter. I am really very happy to receive a message from you because I am interested in you.
My height is 167 sm. . My weight is 55 killo.

You know Frank, I have never had such an experience of communication and dating through the Internet.
I am a new one here, that is why it is a little bit uneasy for me. I don't know what exactly I have to write in the first letter to come into your notice. I should say that the task is uneasy. This letter should be interesting, I can't bore you in the first letter)) In this letter I have to make the full and complete picture of myself in order you realize whom you are dealing with. Wow, the task is very difficult!! But, I will try to do my best+I will just be who I am really are.
It always works)))

So, where should I start? Ok, I will start from the beginning. Sorry,I am a little bit nerves!! So, as you know, my name is Masha. I am a single woman of 33. I have a son. His name is Ivan, he is a six years old boy. I am from Ukraine, Nikolaev. It is a small city but very cozy and beautiful. In Nikolaev you can see very clearly how the city is taking full advantage of the emergence of free market and the development of democracy. The investment boom is visible everywhere you look. The city has become one big construction and renovation site. The number of new office buildings is going up in Nikolaev. Nikolaev people have always been known for their hospitality and friendliness.Nikolaev Ladies are famous for the warmth and good nature.
Not only they are physically attractive, but also intelligent, charming and very family-oriented. There is a number of theatres, concert halls and cinemas, night clubs, bars, discos and casinos open in the city. Two years ago a big skating-ring was open. Gyms equipped with spa, massage rooms and bars are waiting for those who like to keep fit and healthy.

Nikolaev is famous for its Zoo located not far from the Central Bus Station. It is the largest zoo in Ukraine. Nikolaev Zoo has Polar bears, tropical animals, an amazing collection of snakes, fishes and many other species of animals, birds and even rare plants, which grow on its territory. A day spent in Nikolaev Zoo is unforgettable!

It was a little bit about my city.)))))))))

I was married, but our paths and views divided and we decided to break up. I am a "free" woman, as it is very popular and fashionable to say, for 3 years already. I love my son very much, he is the sense of my life.
Though our family is small (just me and my son), we are very friendly. I try to give and teach my son everything I have and know. Ivan is a very friendly boy. You know, he is a real man, though he is a little boy yet. He does everything to see a smile on my face.He is s good person and I hope that he will become a great man and the best father for his future children.
Now, Ivan attends a kindergarten,as I need to work and to support our family. I am a manager at one small, but successful firm. I am a manager on a purchasing of alcohol drinks. I sit in the office and work with computer.
I receive orders from clients. I don't meet with them, I just receive their orders by e-mail and make registered parcels for them.
That is what I do. Our firm is a young one, there are 22 people working there. I like my job very much and I value it.
We have a very friendly collective and I respect my colleagues. My boss is a wonderful person but he is a very strict leader. But, I think that it should be so. )) Isn't it?As for my personality and features of character. I think that my eyes will tell you about it. In fact, eyes is the miracle of our soul. Look into my eyes and write me, please, what you can see there.

So, dear Frank, I think it is enough for today about myself. As a real lady I have to keep some secret and mystery!!

So, I, as wise people advice, will leave some good and positive information about myself for future.
I will only ask you to tell about yourself, ok?

Frank, it was very pleasant to receive your letter and more pleasant to answer back!!! I hope to hear from you soon.
Darling, the photos which you have sent to me is amazing.
I should say that you are a very handsome man. You are so courageous on this photos.
It is seen at once that you are a real man and to be with you means support, care, protection.
I feel that you are a very responsible man. As one proverb says: to be like behind a strong fortress.
You have a very beautiful daughters)

With the best regards, Maria.

Letter 3

Hello dear Frank!!!

Oh, I am so happy to open my mail box and to find there a letter from you!! It is incredible!! I even didn't know that one letter could cause so much happiness and joy!! Thank you very much dear,for the piece of gladness, you have made my mood today!!
My dear Frank,you have such kind face))))))))))))))) I love your photo)Thank you )

Darling, how are you today? How is your mood? How are your days? What are you busy with?

You know, it is so interesting and curious for me to know each detail from your daily life.
What do you wear when you go to work? What do you drink in the morning?

You know, such small and not very important things can tell much about you and your habits and character.
So, if you can,write me about your days, or if it is too difficult for you, just answer my questions, ok?
It will be enough for this time ))))

Darling, Frank, I want to be open with you and to built our relations on mutual understanding and trust.
So, a little bit more about I am the only child, though I always wanted to have a brother. My parents are in a divorce. They break up when I was a little girl. Since that time, I have never seen my father.
He didn't want to contact with me and to help my mom with my education. So, I don't know what is father's care and love!! It is very pity that I have repeated the fate of my mother (as I have written in my previous letter I am in a divorce and I raise my son by myself). My mother is a teacher in a school. She is a very kind and wise woman, but her life was very difficult, as she had to renounce from many things because of me. She gave me all that she had and knew!! I am very thankful to her and I love her much. I have many friends among women and I do believe in friendship between women. I have a cousin. Her name is Alena. She is the dearest person and she is always with me, when I am good and bad!! My son, my mom and Alena is my family. I can give my life in the sake of them!!
And it is not just words!!!

Today I waked up in a strange mood. It always happens to me when I wake up and see grey sky outside the window.
At such periods I always want some warm and care. No, I am not talking about sun or good weather. I am talking about my loneliness that is in the center of me,in the depth of my body - in my soul. I am really exhausted, I am fed up of being alone. I also want to be happy, to love and to be loved by the only man, my man, my beloved.
I think that I deserve it. I will be the best woman for him, I will do everything just to please and comfort him.
I know that it is in my power to make him happy!!!

Dear Frank, how do you think, do I want too much? I think no. I just want to find my true love... that is why I am here. I am here to make one man the happiest in the whole Galaxy. I don't know who he will be and when it will happen, but I believe that it will be very soon, I feel it.

Dear, I want to know you better, as I am very interested in you and if we know each other better, maybe my dream and my wish will come true. Maybe, you are looking for me and I am for you.

What do you think about it? I want to continue our correspondence and what about you?

Oh, I think I have to stop here, I am too talkative today. I will be waiting for your letter impatiently. Yours Maria.

Letter 4

Hello my sweet Frank !!!

Thank you very much for your lovely letter. It is such a pleasure to read your thoughts and with each letter to know you more and more. You know, it is honor for me to have a correspondence with you. I find you a very wise, kind and interesting person. Also, I think that we have much in common. This makes me very happy and I believe if we try we will probably develop our relationship into a higher level.
I want this much, and what about you?

My dear don't worry I think that you can buy a new garbage can and thieves should be punished Honey Frank how are you today? How is your mood? What are your plans for the day?

As for me, I am fine, and my mood is perfect. Your letter has made my day. You know, I always very glad when I receive your letters. I can't explain why I am so happy, and why I am always waiting for your next message. ))) I just smile all the time. Does it mean something?
Today after work, my son and I will go to circus. Ivan likes different shows and presentations. I try as often as I can to attend theatres, cinemas, puppy-theatres with him. I want Ivan to be active boy and I want him to be interested in everything that happens around him. You know, I look at modern kids now, and I begin to realize that they are very culturally poor and they have their own scale of values.
Many kids spend their time in front of TV or computer screens. They spend all days long there. Of course, it is not their fault, it is parent's mistake. Most of parents think that they have occupied their children with something (in most cases computer games) and that it is enough and fine. They don't want to play with children or to spend their free time with kids. It is bad and I try not to behave myself in such an egoistic way. I don't want my son to be interested only in computer games. There are a lot of interesting things around, and I want Ivan to see these things. It is very important and useful for his development as a person.

Oh, I am sorry, I talked too much about my son. Sorry, it is because that I love him much. )))

What are your hobbies and dreams? Do you love kids? Do you want to build a family?

I think it is enough questions for today.

Frank, I begin to realize that I can't without you and your letters ))) I like you very much.

With all my love, Maria.

Letter 5

Hello darling Frank!!!!

Oh, how I was happy to read a letter from you!!! )))) Thank you very much for your attention and care!!!!
I like every word from you!!
With each letter we learn something new about us. And this is a real adventure for me!! I like what you write, what you think!! It is so interesting!!

Darling, I also want to talk to you by the phone… I want to hear your voice… but how will we talk if I don’t know English?
How will we understand each other?

And what about you dear? Do you find our correspondence interesting?

You know, I begin to get used to receiving your letters. I get up in the morning with a thought about you and go to bed with the same thought. I imagine you, and I am always interested what you do right this moment. It is so strange+ but I like this feeling. I like thinking about you. It makes me so happy)))

Is it good or bad? Can you tell me what do you feel and think about me?

Darling, do you have your favorite occupation? Some work, or think which you will do in every mood, in every time and second+ it is interesting to hear)))

As for me, I have the one. I have a little free time because I have to work. But I try to find some time during weekends for my favorite occupation: knitting and sewing. I leaned to knit when I was ten. The first thing I made was a muffler. I knitted it for my Mom. And I was so proud when she wore it.
)) Now, I can make quite complicated things. Not long ago I've knitted pullovers for son and Mom, and a hat for my cousin Alena. When I see a beautiful knitting-wool in a shop, I find it very difficult to go by without buying it. )))) Sewing is another favorite occupation.
Sometimes, I cut patterns out of magazine, but more often I design clothes by myself. One time I even think about to open my own shop, but everything is bout money- it is too expensive for ordinary people as me (((( I think that it is great. Thanks to this hobby I don't have to spend much money in order to look attractive))

Frank, I hope that you like my letters and it is not boring. I write all this to you because I want you to know me better and better with each letter. I hope you will understand my "mission and aim" )))) and will do the same!!!

Many kisses, yours Maria.

Letter 6

Hello my beloved Frank!!
Honey, today I am in the a very special mood!! I feel myself like a bird+ I am flying and I am happy just because I have waked up and read your letter!! I don't know how to explain my mood+ I just feel something special to you.
Something, which I have never felt earlier. I understand that I have never met you in person, I have never seen your face, I have never talked to you, but this is what my head says but not my heart!! My heart is singing a song of unbelievable emotions and love+ Darling, you know, with you I feel myself free and have no taboo or topics which I can't talk!! It seems to me that I know you for agesand that is why I am not shy.

Frank,today, I want to discuss one thing which we haven't discussed earlier. I want you to understand me in a right way. I just want you to know as much as possible. As each normal woman I love sex. I think that it is very important in relationship. If sex is bad then there is no future for two people. A man begins to look for a woman who will give him everything he wants. Do you agree with me? So, I am the woman who is trying to please a man (but the one) in all aspects. I am not a shy woman in a bad and I like making love with my bellowed. I like it happen often and I prefer to discuss with my partner everything concerning sex: how he likes, when, where, how often, if I do something wrong he should tell me about it and so on. I want the same from my partner, I want him to ask me how and what. It is very important I think.

And what is your opinion, dear? I can be different: sometimes kind and tender, sometimes crazy and wild+ everything depends on my mood. And what can you say about you? Can you say that you are a tender lover?

I am waiting for your answers impatiently and I hope that I haven't frightened you with such topic.
I just think that we should discuss it as we want to have future together.

You know, I begin to think about you every minute+ Miss and kiss you,