Scam letter(s) from Monica Schipp to James (USA)

Letter 1
I specially took these pics for you though im not a naughty one but because of the love between us and the much care you have for me. it makes me feel better. I hope you will like them?
Letter 2
I hope you will like them? How are you today?
Letter 3
I guess you will like this pics. I took them recently. I will be online tonight and we going to talk about the stuff. i will email you the adress later too and the number to text me to. have a nice day.
Letter 4

Name: Judy Scott
Zip code: 45828
City: Coldwater
State: Ohio
This is the info, Send the money to it. If it will be convenient for you add more $50 to make it $200. I will be needing it to buy up pads and to do some other stuff. I hope you can understand its my period time. I will be online later today. Take good care.
Letter 5
Good morning? How was your night? Our last night conversation caused me much pain. I regret involving in such deal. The reason why i chosed you from the begining was for me to have a new life and live good. Im always happy to have you and i hope to have your full fellings on this. i dont want to move anymore. please understand me. Good morning.
Letter 6
I just want you to undersatnd that all what im saying is not a fib and i do care all what i say i do. All i want is a new life and a good life. I dont want to live on like this and i want us to have a greater future together. Please, just give me a speace in your heart for a trust. Marissa..
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