Scam Letter(s) from Alexandra Danilova to Robert (USA)

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Letter 1

Baby ,i did not run away ,i have been with my mum all these while .She has been undergoing the treatment and i just came home now to check on you ..i don't want you to be angry with me ,i still want to meet with you.

Letter 2

Why are you talking like this ?what makes u think i have defrauded you ?i am not happy with the way you are writing me .i told you i have been with my mum.we have already discussed to stay with my mum and later we meet in the nearest future.

Letter 3

Hello Dear ,

The treatment they are doing on her now is Lumpectomy which is the surgery performed to remove the breast lump .We have only managed to pay half of the treatment fees ,we have to pay the rest soon for the doctor to release my mum from the hospital when it is time for her to leave.So i have been running around trying to get the remaining part of this money and i have only got $300 so far out of about $3,500.Please don't be angry with me ,i will send you the diagnosis document when i am ready.I am going through stress right now.


Letter 4

He does not have the money ,if he has ,he would have helped with it .he gave me $1,000 already.

Letter 5

Yes baby ,she is getting treatment for sure,i promise you that i will send the scan document of the diagnosis to you ,i cannot be lying about my mum's health .Allah sees this if i am lying ,you should know that this is a very bad thing to be lying about .Baby,everything i have got to come to you ,only the ticket i have not bought yet because you told me to hold it and not buy it yet ,so i listened to you and i obeyed you.I am still your Mrs Safadi , your good girl that wants to spank you red hot when we meet )) I love you and want to be with you forever.I never knew something like this would happen to my mum ever talk less of at this stage in life .I am telling you the truth honey and i promise i am coming to you till the time i will fully paid my mum's treatment fee .Baby,my problem now is the money to complete the payment for my mum's treatment.The earlier i pay this money ,the earlier i come to you my love Robert ( Mr Safadi ).

Yours in Love,

Letter 6

Baby ,so what is the truth other than showing you the diagnosis of the infection ?I have promised to show you and i want to have your 110% trust back because i am assuring you everything will go on well with us and we shall meet soon if we do everything accordingly.I still love you baby.

Letter 7

I have gotten my driver's license baby ,i can scan that for you to see too with the diagnosis of the infection document. Yes you are right and there is another payment for the drugs she will buy and for the instruments used for her operation..everything is summing up to $3,500. I really want to pay this and come to you so that my Mr Safadi won't be mad for a long time ))



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