Letter(s) from Ekaterina Verbochka to Bertrand (Belgium)

Letter 1

Hello my dear!!

I am happy that we have opportunity to know each other better!

I think that letters is very good way to know person! Because in letters you can not be shy and hide anything! In letters you can know person with another side.. I think, because it is another side of person which in normal life maybe is not shown so often..

First of all, my name is Ekaterina.... Yes, it is very famous name since Russian Empire:-) But I am not from Russia, I am from Ukraine:-)

I am almost 28 years old fitness trainer... And I really love my job... As I put in my profile, sports play great role in my life:-)

I can describe myself as funny and interesting person! I like have fun! I like smile and make happy people around me! Also I am optimist and I really very kind and open person! I love people and I like spend my time different!

As any normal person, I don't like rude people I don't like lie!

I like watch movies! Really different! historical, comedy, detective, romantic!

What about music I also like different!! Love a lot of old songs!
romantic of course ))like a lot of girl songs! Cant tell that I prefer one style in Music!

It would be very interesting to know the same things about you? your favorite movies, music, food and how do you like spend your free time?
DO you have many friends?

Write me, I am really looking for your reply... Hopefully with your pics:-))

Kisses, your Ekaterina.