Romance scam letter(s) from Anna Smirnova to Julian (UK)
Letter 1
Hello my darling Julian!
I really do not know any Filip and I have never spoke with other men at same time.
I simply do not have time and desire for that. I have you and I need not another man.
Yes, the police called me and gave me some questions about this man, but they know that I am not a liar, cause I forgot my flash card in the Internet-cafe when I went to write you first time. On this flash card I had some my photos, and the password from my e-mail address box. So the police said that some other person went to the I-cafe and as they found my flash card with password, they were able to use my e-mail in a bad reasons. I started to receive a phone calls from this man - Filipe and he spoke so bad with me that I called to the police and said about that.
The police said that they will find those persons who did it. But they said that I must not change my e-mail address in the case that if they will use it again it will help them to find those bad people.
But I changed the number, cause this man is crazy, he do not control himself in his words.
So, my phone is +79877286204 this is my new number. I will wait for your call as usually.
My feelings to you didn't change and I hope that yours too.
I miss you so much and I am waiting for the date of our meeting, I will make a copy of the tickets and I will send it to you tomorrow.
I love you so much!
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