Romance scam letter(s) from Irina Baburina to Frank (Germany)
Letter 1
Hello Frank! :) Thank you for giving me your email! I decided to write you and see where it can lead us.. I feel more comfortable writing to your personal address than on the site. We are two strangers yet but I believe we are looking for the same here - love and understanding. For some reason you and I have not found love in our countries. I do not know what made you look for a woman on the Internet.. As for me, I do not like mentality of Ukrainian men.. I am divorced. I have been married for 3 years but it was unhappy marriage. I am 30 and in Ukraine it is common to think that I am too old to start new relationships! :)) But I don't think so.. I think that I am in my best years now and I have a lot to give to the right man. For me in relationship, it is important that we respect each other, trust each other and support each other in everything. Unfortunately that was what I lacked in my marriage.. I don't know if we are compatible, if we have interests in common. But we can learn everything about each other with help of letters! I heard about Skype and other messengers, but unfortunately I can't use all this because I do not have computer at home. I had laptop but my ex-husband left me with nothing when he left me. Can you imagine it? I come home from work and there is literally nothing in our apartments! :)) It sounds as a bad joke now, but at that time I felt like my world had crashed... But enough about my past! Better tell me more about yourself. What you like, what you dislike? What are your goals in life? What have you already achieved?
What kind of woman are you looking for?
Ohh.. So many questions.. :) Guess it is enough for the first letter! I will be waiting for your reply and if I receive it, I will gladly tell you more about myself and ask you some other question, ok? :) Have a nice day!!!
Letter 2
Hello Frank! :) Good to see your letter today! After I sent you my previous letter, I have been thinking would you reply or not.. :) So I am glad your letter is here. I also liked those photos you sent me! You are pleasant man so please send me more pics. Your daughters are pretty! How are you today? Hope the day is nice for you and people around you are treating you very well! My day has been good so far.. It is almost 1pm here and now it is my lunch break. So I decided to write you.. Frank, in my previous letter I have already shared some information about myself. So now I want to tell you a bit more. My full name is Irina Baburina. I am 178cm in height.
I live in Ukraine but I am not sure if you know anything about my country. If you want I can tell you more or you can look up on the Internet.. :) I live in eastern Ukraine, in a small town Rovenki. We several coal mines here so many people work there. But not me. :) I work at the pastry store as a confectioner. Yes, yes, I love sweets and pastry so I have to work out a lot at gym to stay in shape! :)))
Are you sweet-tooth, dear? I am good at baking cakes! I live with my roommate in rented apartments.
She works with me. I have a younger sister. She is married and has a son. My parents are both still alone and live in the neighbouring city. We have never been rich so I had to work from early years and that's why I didn't enter university.. Our school was small so I didn't have a chance to learn English. Yes,
Unfortunately I do not speak English and use translation service to write you.. Well, it's enough about me! :) Tell me more about your current life. What does your regular day looks like? What do you usually do on the weekends? Have you got a lot of friends? I am very curious to learn more about you, Frank! I hope you will write me soon and will send me photos. Have a blessed day. I will be thinking about you.. Kiss,
Letter 3
Dear Frank, It's cold and gloomy outside but my mood is very high now!
And guess why?? :) Because I received your letter and new nice photo today and I want to thank you for it! So how are you today? Did you get excited when you received my letter?
I hope so! I also sent you three photos of me and I hope you liked them. Do you like when woman wears red? Do you prefer your woman to wear dress or jeans and T-shirt? Thank you for telling me about your trip. Roads are indeed in bad condition.. Frank, dear, I did not do much at all this weekend. Saturday evening I just stayed home and watched movies off. Then on Sunday I just got up and went to Church. After Church my friend Kate and I just went out for some lunch. Then I came home and did a little bit of house cleaning. They asked me at Church, if I would volunteer next Sunday to come in at 8:30 in the morning. They are putting on some kind of a winter festival for the orphan children in the area. And they would like me to help them with organization.
So of course I agreed to volunteer. So next Sunday that is what I will be doing.. I love helping people, honey. I cannot do charity because I myself can be called a person with very low income.. But when it comes to help which does not require money I am always willing to help as much as I can. Frank, how do you imagine your future family life? I am curious to know about it because I am serious about you. My parents marriage is an ideal marriage I want to follow in my life. How do I know they were happy together? I was an eldest child and my mother always shared her feelings and thoughts with me. I know for sure that the reason of their happiness was in their mutual passion for each other and their mutual readiness to help each other. In my future family life I want the same. Frank, I want to show you that I know it is possible to build a marriage of your dream.
Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end. This is my motto and I will always follow it. Frank, excuse me if this my letter is not very long, but I'm in a hurry to return to work because my lunch break is coming to end.. I still need to finish a wedding cake for tomorrow! :) I can send you a picture of it if you want..
I'll be waiting for your next letter with a great impatience. Take care! Miss you,
Your Irina
Letter 4

Hello again!
My Clever Frank! Nice to hear from you again and get two nice pics from you.
I would love to visit that market together with you, dear!
:) You are not only special, incredible, sensual, but clever. You are clever cause you don't let the distance between us and language barrier to prevent our future! You don't mind my modest means and the fact I will not bring any material welfare to our future house. It means so much for me and it shows me that your feelings are sincere. You are not materialistic minded so am I. I promise you that I will work hard to learn English. Frank, in previous letters we have already discusses our likes and dislikes and some other things. But now I want to open you more about my past. Here I would like to tell you why I'm working as a confectioner and why I live alone only.
When I was a small girl I always admired beautiful cakes and cookies. I told my mother that I would be a confectioner and I would make all those beautiful cakes myself to bring people joy! My mother told me that I was a dreamer and that I would never be successful. I didn't pay attention to my mother's words and I was so purposeful. I read so many books about confectioners and different techniques, I tried so many ways how to mix different ingredients to make the taste and look of my cakes and pastry better. I knew almost everything and I was sure that one day I would open my own confectioner salon.
When I was 17 and finished the school my mother wanted me to be a plasterer. I couldn't imagine myself doing this hard physical job. My mother was always rather critical so she told me I had two choices. I could be a a plasterer or independent. I preferred to become independent and started living on my own. As a result I rented a flat, started work as a confectioner and entered the college. As you can see I had to be independent but it wasn't my nature. I'm too tired of being strong, Frank. I want to be weak with my man and to feel his support. I am soft and never aggressive. I'm sure that my future husband will never see me aggressive. I'm a simple confectioner and I don't earn much. But if I have a chance to open my own confectioner salon where I will be creating beautiful cakes all people will like and buy and I will earn good money.
Here it is senseless to open such salon cause people will not appreciate the things I can create. I'm sure that people in your country are different and the things I can create will be so popular over there. I'm poor now, but I have big potential and if you let me work I will do well with my cooking talents!
Frank, now you know everything about me.
You have a beautiful girl, she is creative, she is unique with what she makes her living, she is sensual as you already know and she wants you. My MR. Special, MR. Incredible, MR. Clever, don't you want to connect your life with this girl who admires you for so much and who is willing to share her unique heart with you? Give me your answer and write me soon.
I'm waiting... P.S. Do you wonder how I look in the morning? Do you wonder what an angelic face I have when I have just woke up? :) You can see how I look in the morning at the pictures I'm sending you right now.
Of course I sleep being completely naked. But I worn my lingerie not to look too provocative and then I took those photos. Hope you like me in the morning. Love,
Letter 5
Dear MR. Frank, Welcome to "Slavonic Community"! We are a leading language translation agency focused on quality, service, and complete customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide accurate language translation services and professional results at very affordable rates. Here we would like to offer professional translation services for English to Russian and for Russian to English language pairs. We offer translation services by professional human translators, competitive rates, and quick turnaround time. We translate your private correspondence with Miss Irina Baburina. Our service was paid by your lady Miss Irina when she was able to afford paying for our job. Now your lady Miss Irina in the position where she can't pay for your letters to be translated anymore. Miss Irina knows that your correspondence is as important for you as it is important for her. Miss Irina would like to be in touch with you until you are together in real life. If it is appropriate to inform you about our prices and conditions, we will gladly let you know what you can do to continue your correspondence with Miss Irina. Our experienced team of translators not only represents the best linguistic skills - but also has a fine-honed understanding of cultural implications and private-specific requirements. Please get in touch with us and let us know what information you need to continue your correspondence with Miss Irina Baburina. Contact us to track our services, review our terms of payment, and more. Best Regards,
the administration of "Slavonic Community", service manager, Nataliya Obolenskay
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