Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Katsuba to Pete (Finland)

Letter 1
I am very happy you have answered on my small msg ;)
I'll tell you more about me in next letters because now I want to know what you think!
Do not do hasty conclusions, read my letter up to the end I actually good and tender, simply the life forces to be cautious and rough because of many deceit and evil. I really very much like you and your profile ;) Nobody not knows result of our correspondence, but I hope we with you will be a great friends. I am student and I study at university as the economist. But more about it in the next letter. Before to begin dialogue, I want to tell at once, that money for a life I earn dancing a striptease. If it contradicts yours morally and ethical principles and do you think need stop our dialogue you can save your time and can not read my letter further. I am very legible in people. I very well understand in people. I do not want to brag of it, but it so. Though to me not many years, but I had difficult life and I had to mature early. Simply should from whom wait for protection and hope only on myself. But it has learned me to be pleased to each instant of a life and not despond and not complain on destiny. In fact we creators of the destiny. You agree with me? And I also want to tell you, that if my intimate photos are necessary for you only and I am not interest to you as the person, not necessary to write me that more. Many tried to receive by deceit my photos. Said, that love me, made many compliments, promised many money, but if not like me as person I will not send such photos. I not against such photos, I even very much would want to send it. I like it, when me admire, it raises me. But I would not want that forced me.
I hope to see your letter asap. It would be very interesting me to hear more about you! Tell more about youself, about the country, about the city where you live. It is very interesting to me. What do you think of all that I have written. It is very important for me. Do not forget me, write as soon as possible.
The best regards to you!
Letter 2
Hi my friend Pete! I can name you my friend?!
I am glad that you not condemn my work as the dancer of a striptease.
It is not a shame with my work. I like to dance and I love good music. I am happy that someone looked at me and was pleased and had trousers tent))))) Once I would like to make for you striptease show, only for you, you would like it Pete? ;)
Well, I will tell now about myself. To me 27 years. I am orphan. I am not have parents. I from infancy grew in a shelter.
It was very difficult years, very much not easy time for me. But it was mostly my life.
I now with horror recollect my life in a shelter. Poverty, famine, constant insults. I live in Engels in Saratov region located in the Southern part of Russia. Ohhh sorry sorry, maybe you will be have a questions why my profile from other country, not Russia. Ohhh no no I told you, do you remember me telling you on a dating site, I have a friend who helped me get the profile. She lives in Germany.
I finish university soon and an practice, And I arrive in one of days in your country on practice. All documents are ready.
I yet do not know exact date of flight in yours the country. In the beginning I need to be in your capital 2 weeks. But to me have said that then I can choose for practice any city of yours country. To me will give habitation both meal and all necessary. All this pay the Government, I am in participation in the governmental program on the help. I will be in your country of 6 months. I think it wonderfully, we can dialogue in a reality. We can many dialogue and more. I love ***! After practice i will leave to Russia, to finish study. But in the future I want to leave Russia, to sell apartment and to leave the country. But I not want that you think I am the **********. No no. I am not engaged *** for money. Also I despise such girls.
I try each day to visit pool. I very much like to swimming. You like to swimming? Only I not like when someone start up bubbles in pool, do of pool Jacuzzi))))) I hope you understand about it. In general that it is cheerful, only a small not so pleasant. I hope you now you not dinner, I am afraid has spoilt to you appetite) In general I for a healthy style of life.
How you treat to sports? Hey Pete wake up) !!!!! I think you fell a sleep reading this letter)
I hope that this letter has found you in excellent mood!
I hope to receive the answer from you soon.
Your Kate.
Letter 3
Hello dear Pete, What a horror. Yesterday there were so many bad events with me, I don't even know where to start, because I now also in shock, but I was a little better, but still in my head is spinning different thoughts, I feel very terrible!
I want to say that last evening to attack me and beat. You know I walk down the street, I wanted to show your money to embrassy, to the customs assured part of the total amount and I immediately wanted to pick up money from my friends, I went to the Bank, to me came 2 men and started pestering me. I didn't understand it, because at first I thought that they made a mistake, but then I understood everything when they told me to give all that I have (money, gold and precious things).
I give them a ring and to give them money and said that I have no more nothing! But they didn't believe me, they were touch and check.
Then they pulled my bag and took everything and do not leave nothing. At first I tried to resist them, but they said that if I will resist them, then I will be even worse and they **** me. I was in shock from such words, I ceased to resist them, because it would be a shame if they **** me. I began to scream and then ran a young man, who defended me from these moral freaks! but as soon as they saw him, go away and ran. I immediately begin to cry, I have long thought that I tell you and how to say it, I was afraid of what will happen to me something very terrible, it's good that I'm alive.
I have only a couple of bruises, but they will be soon. I don't know how you'll react on it ....
I am very difficult to talk about this, because I don't know how you will react to this .....
Now I am crying, and the tears of sadness, but please don't leave me!
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