Letter(s) from Maria Vasilyeva to Mark (Australia)

Letter 1

Hi! I'm lonely girl who is seeking a man for a relationship. Tell me and I'll write you more and will post my photos. I hope soon to get your letter.

Letter 2

I hope we can talk in a more developed form. Tell me about yourself?
On their own country and city? I will be glad to see your answer and photo. Mariya!

Letter 3

Hello my new good friend Mark!
I am very glad that you responded to my letter. Well, I got it the first time too. I have never talked with a person from another country. I have long wanted to talk to a guy from another country. You often meet girls from Russia? I hope not, because they say that we have a lot of beautiful girls =) As you probably understand I'm from Russia, was born and live in the city of Cheboksary. This is a very beautiful city, I'll send you some pictures of my city))) But it is beautiful? So, I hope that you will tell and show me his city. I'm very curious to know more about your country. I hope you will not confuse the distance between us, because our time is not a problem as before =) Now a little about me, you know my name is Mariya. I was born on March 20, 1988 and I was 24 years old. Many people call me humble, sweet and cheerful girl. Likely lies and compliments, but everything is possible =) I hope you can tell me about yourself, where and when was he born? I have long wanted to expand my horizons and I came up with the idea, why not try a chat with a foreigner at first the idea seemed funny to me, but then I still decided to try it. Honestly I do not expect you to reply to my letter, because to be honest I was pleasantly surprised. I very much hope that you will discover me and do not be afraid to talk about myself, because I'll try to act openly and amiably to maintain a pleasant conversation. While it is difficult to come up with any questions, as this is my first letter, but I think we take a closer look, and then everything will come naturally. I will not hide the fact that I would like to find a guy and maybe from another country. They all want to find love. And of course I like all people would like to find this bright and clean feeling. Tell me about yourself. What do you do? What is your hobby? Unfortunately, due to lack of time I have to communicate through letters. I can not spend much time at the computer. Honestly, I thought it would be difficult to think of what to write, but it appears things are much easier ... I think you will too =) I'm glad I met you and look forward to further communication. I would like to write more about myself, but I must have to write in my next letter. I hope for an early reply, as well as a story about you. Regards Mariya!

Letter 4

Hello again Mark!
I'm glad you responded so quickly and I am glad to learn about you something new. No, this is my first experience with a person from another country. Your e-mail has given me and my girlfriend said she found it on some dating site and I decided to meet you. This is so cool, I've never ridden a horse, but this is one of my unfulfilled desires. Did you like my photos?))) Many friends thought I was a model, but they were wrong. Yes, I was lucky, I pretty girl, but I'm not proud of it and do not particularly want to expose their beauty show. Maybe I'm afraid to be cruder and more cynical, and it is in my opinion wrong. I think the main thing is the heart of the man and his deeds. Very often seen as a handsome man was rotten and vile in and these people very much, because in the end the beauty did not excite me, but I think you're also quite nice and pleasant to talk to. I just came from practice and very tired =) I'm aware that the Internet is impossible to know a person completely, but I hope that I can get to know and feel you well enough. Honestly this is my first experience of getting acquainted with a foreigner. Before that, I somehow did not think about it, but I thought it was stupid, why look for a man abroad, if you can find in the country, but now, I think I begin to understand why. Many women leave Russia and it's sad, but can you judge them for it. Worst of all, many of them foreigners, and only use the cheat, and ultimately made not in the best light. Because for me it is very important to choose a decent man. You're a decent man? It seems that it is impossible to find someone close to you in the shower over the internet, but I was persuaded in girlfriends, who is married to an Italian. She told me that you can not judge all by a single example, and convinced me to his wedding with a Frenchman, like his name was Andre. Prior to that, she also met with a Frenchman, but he left her. For a while she was suffering, but then met another. After 6 months, he asked her to marry him. That's how I found that everywhere there are good and bad people and not prejudice give vent =) Just do not communicate with the bad. That's it. I think this piece of writing you were boring to read =) I hope I have no problems with text and you understand everything in my letters? I know English but other languages have not as well. Now I blame myself that a child has received four and three in the English language! Even today and the good weather, but the day was standard, nothing substantial and fun, we sat with her friends in a cafe, a walk, took pictures, and then they bought me cotton candy, and I went home. The only thing that I was pleased with it's probably just your letter. I hope the distance will not be a hindrance for us to understand each other and get closer spiritually. Tell me more about yourself. What kind of movies do you like? What music do you listen to? I am a music lover, for example, I have many different favorite artists and different movies. Tell me about your life? Have you been married? On the job or a hobby ... I want to know you more. Okay I have to go in the shower and then have to do a couple of things. I can not wait for your letter, I send you some of the photos and wait for your. Your Russian girlfriend Mariya!

Letter 5

Hello my dear friend Mark! I'm glad I can see again the response from you, you do not make me wait long for your answers and it pleases. Today I had a good day, I feel an angel, I helped find a lost little girl my mom, and then saved the dog =) It's so nice to do good for nothing. Nice to do something good, it's a pity that not everyone is capable of light and good feelings. Many people have become heartless and evil, but still left a
lot of good and decent people, so I will not give up. I'll tell you another story, it is quite romantic and tragic at the same time. One day I was waiting for a train to go to his grandmother and at the station I saw a man of about 40, in his hands was a bouquet of roses. He did not carry them anywhere, and just stood there, holding a bouquet in her hands. According to his eyes it was evident that he was not ready, in fact, his eyes were a little sad. Well, I for its natural Curiosity asked him why he took so long is because apparently waiting for his girlfriend can not come today. He told me that he once saw a girl in this place and did not dare to approach her, and now once a week he comes here and wait in the hope of her appearance. I was a bit surprised and shocked this act of man. I did not say anything, but in his mind he wanted to meet all the same love. Since that time, I often saw him at the same place and I was lucky to see one day she came to the station. At that moment I looked at the man, his eyes could read the alarm, he was desperate and thought that everything is useless. The man could not see her, she was behind him. Suddenly, he turned around and decided to leave, but then abruptly stopped. He saw it and could not come up. She passed him a smile and walked toward the cash register. He was confused with the colors and did not use his time. Most likely he did not know what excuse to approach her. History would have been sad if now no one has made and unfortunately I had to take the initiative. I'm not thinking written on a small piece of paper, "Do not miss", went up to him and gave him a hand. He asked, "What is that?" I did not think of, replied that I was asked to give it to him, reading the words on a piece of paper, he took a deep breath and went for it. I did not linger and do not know how it ended, but I hope that he will succeed. Pretty true story?) Are you often faced with funny and sweet things in life? On that note, I have to finish writing my dog begging on the street and I need her even walk. I look forward to your letter. Your friend Mariya!

Letter 6

Hello my friend Mark!
I am very pleased that our relationship develops. My name Vasilyeva, yes I have a phone number, but I'm not comfortable to talk on the phone because I have a very busy schedule and you call at the wrong time in this write here. It is not necessary to send me a gift, it's a waste of money, I would be enough cards for you. I do not like surprises, they spoil all the plans. I know you really want to give me a surprise but this not matter. I'll wait for your letter. Your girl Mariya! How are you? how was your day? Tell me something about yourself. I feel so exciting. Do you like to eat well? If so, what cuisine do you prefer? What is your favorite food? They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. My friends say I'm tasty cooking, because I have a chance to win a man's heart ;) In the beginning, I thought they were fooling me, but then I saw with what appetite they eat and I found myself really good at cooking. But I like many have flaws and I will not hide them. I hope so it will be easier. I do not want to hide anything from you. I feel shy about the fact that I feel unnaturally beautiful. Yes it is shy. Many talk about botox, braces, silicone, call me a bitch and it hurts me a lot because I will not do anything wrong, and they speak about me like that. It pains me to hear the words of confidence and have no strength to prove the opposite. Friend insists that you should not take everything to heart and will not please everyone. I am often accused me of destroying human relationships, even though I did not do anything for it, sometimes I'm even afraid to look at the man, that he did not see any sign of this. Possible and in this I carefully choose my partner.
Sometimes I think that I is not worth living, not to cause harm to people, but then the mind takes its toll. Beauty and the gift and a curse at the same time. How easily tell you what others I would not have been able to tell anyone you said you're a good man? Or is it because you are far away from me, and we are not in the same city? Although what's the difference if we can safely speculate. Tell me about your relationship. How was your life? Mine was the only of the tragic pages. I hope I have not much to ask, and you told me about your past? What was it? Lucky or not? Kesha asks the street =) Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about my dog ... I have a dog and her name is Kesha, this pug gave me my aunt and 2 years Kesha lives with me. With animals live much happier and life becomes routine and not so monotonous. I will wait for your answer. Well, fasten a couple of my favorite pictures. Embrace. Your Russian girlfriend Mariya!

Letter 7

Hello my dear friend Mark!
Thank you understood me, the last time I was feeling flooded and I spoke about his weaknesses, I hope you will not become a bit and play on my weaknesses? And I can fully trust you. Because I can not trust you and be open and sincere =) You are very good and kind person, I feel that you can trust. On the Internet a lot of different people, and not everyone can open up and confide in and find your soul mate. I came with a workout and was very tired, thoughts go one by one and try to tie them are not always successful =) What is your favorite season?
Do you love sports? If yes, then doing it yourself or what kind? I have fond childhood many sports, but only professionally engaged in volleyball, unfortunately there are no pictures because the coach thinks photos-plus. He kept saying that the athlete should be humble and not boast about their achievements, because a lot of that ban. In some things I completely agree with him, but sometimes it is too hard =) What can I say, the communist upbringing. Send you some more pictures of several of my hobbies. Yes I athletic girl =) Soon we competitions and coach prepares us are serious about him. Honestly, I realized a lot through sports, for example the fact that one should always try to be the best at everything, never relax and do everything for its purpose. Just to fight for the fact that you dearly. This has helped in many situations. To be honest I like you, I'm nice and easy to communicate with you =) I'm no one was so simple and open communication. Some people perceive any words with criticism and sarcasm, but you're not, and thank you for it. I will wait for your next letter. I hug and kiss on the cheek. And just wait for stories about your achievements. Mariya!

Letter 8

I understand you're distrustful of people. Then I think we should stop communicate, besides you did not answer many of my questions and was dry in communicating with me. Goodbye, I hope you find the girl.

Letter 9

Hello my dear Mark!
God, how I missed your letter. I am now so bad, terrible thing happened today. I was walking home when he saw a young guy in a mask trying to take the bag of a woman of middle age, but she resisted and then he hit her hand. He did all this in front of me when he saw me, he tried to follow me, but I managed to run to the nearest house, and from there called the police and an ambulance, thank God she has received only a concussion and is still alive, but the perpetrator has not yet found . As the woman said, she almost got killed because of 5000 rubles. My God how cruel this world. The offender has not been found, but I hope it will find and arrest. How am I scared. Perhaps he will now haunt me? How did I feel bad. I still do not go out of my mind the picture. I find it hard now to experience what or feelings other than pain and fear ... Therefore I can not write anything intelligible. I want to calm down, but I can not. Her friends are tired of me calm. Tell me something that I could divert his thoughts.
I'll wait for your letter. Your Mariya!

Letter 10

Hello my dear Mark!
Yes I do not want to make sure that you are really you. I believe you, because I do not see any reason to lie to you. Maybe I'm naive, but I'm not paranoid in this regard. Forget it, I do not want to talk about the negative side, I have the mood begins to fall on it. Yes it is a very important holiday for your parents, tell us how it went after. OK. And thank you. Your letter, in part helped me to recover from the pain and horror, I am now a lot easier, the doctors said it was a shock. What is going on in Russia, even during the day it became dangerous to walk at any time may give a maniac kill or rob. Looking at it you want to go away from here. Today I bought a gas canister in case. Thank you again my dear, without your words I would have been much worse. I am glad that I did decide to write to you if I think I am not mistaken. You are a good, nice and helpful and you can not deny me in difficult times. Thank you for that, it would be difficult to recover without your kind letter. I feel your warmth and the feeling is mutual. During the day I reported more good news, the offender was detained by fingerprints, he was a drug addict and he needed money for drugs. God is with people doing drugs, they are ready to kill the man for 5000 rubles. Is likely to remain strong scar in my memory associated with this case, it will be difficult to forget it. But I will try again to be positive and upbeat, despite this terrible event happened in my life. Today I'll tell you about my parents, my mom called Marina, a dad Evgeniy. They have an age difference of 9 years and it did not prevent them to live 20 years together. Mom is 48 and Dad 57. I also have a brother and his name is Andrei, he is older than me for 3 years. He always thought I was a little girl who does not understand the world and its essence. I have always tried to show him that the world is not so cruel, he in turn was always trying to convince me otherwise. I love him like a brother, but as a man he could be better, maybe it's because his life is too shabby. Now you know a little about my family. Tell me about her? Do you have many brothers or sisters? Have you ever thought about the family? What age do you think is perfect for this? I am happy to hear about you and your close relatives. I'll have to complete the letter because it's time to go to the gym. Thank you for everything. I'll wait for your letter. Your baby Mariya!

Letter 11

Hello my dear Mark!
Nice to see the daily letters from you, and feel the need to hear your kindness and compliments. My sweet prince, I can not hide the fact that you give me cute =) I thought long and tried to understand you, what are you people and what is important to you in life, but it is difficult. Tell that to the main thing in your life and what are your future plans? Many are trying to pretend to be another, but I am sure that you are sincere with me and I would be very pleased if I'm right or wrong about you, I feel for you is not clear to me, feelings, hope further letters will help me understand my feelings. The more I know the better you continue to communicate with you, you are very sensitive and kind to me. I certainly would like to meet with you, to go out to a restaurant or something, but I am not quite sure. What do you feel me? Honestly do you like only my beauty, or do you value me as a person? Today, my friend looked at Hachiko, and then wept together =) We have long advised the film, but we could not give him time. Now I think about how there are loyal dogs =) Apparently it affected my feelings =) Have you seen him? After this movie, I squeezed his long Kesha and told her what I have it good and I love her =) It seems highly affected me a movie. Tell us what movies are included in your list of the best? Okay I have to go. I'll wait for your letter. Waiting and kiss you. Your Mariya! = *

Letter 12

Hi sweetie Mark!
I do not know, I'm not going to dwell on his faults, my only drawback for me is that when I laugh much I'd like to sneeze and sneeze when I often get very funny. My friends say it's cute, but I think there is probably the only drawback that I do not like in yourself. No my dear, I do not model. You do not want me to communicate with you? Just so people usually say when you do not want to communicate with someone.
Yes, I tried to offer a lot of people and money, and excessive love for my reciprocity, but it's not for me. I love the chance and I think that people really fall in love by chance. My friend found your e-mail on any dating site. I do not know at what so and I think it does not matter. The main thing that you said, and we communicate with you. I speak good English, but I can not communicate via skype and this for several reasons. 1-weak internet and inability to maintain video. 2 because of the lack of webcam it is not needed. 3 - do not have time for all this. I'm already busy day and I had to delete all the profiles on social networks because they interfered with my work and normal life. They kill too much time and sometimes you just sit there and refresh the page. I even almost got fired because of it.
Lol) That's what brings Internet addiction is that I advise you to spend less time on the Internet;) How nice to receive a letter from you. This is very interesting, and what bands are you most like? Nice to read your kind words and tell me they often. The good thing is still online, he introduced me to you and who knows what it's all up to bring. Today is a very happy day, my friend Nasty birthday. She was 25 years old. Now I clean this up, wash my head and go with my friends to buy a gift my friend. My friend and I will try to find the best gift for our beloved Nastya. God, how I want to introduce you to them, they still do not know that I communicate with you. I do not know how to teach them. I think while I will not tell them anything. I bear, I have long wanted to call you so, but I could not, I was confused my feelings, but now that I understand that you value and cherish me, now I understand that I can open up to you even more than before.
Girlfriend is sort of a gift purchased without me and chose a strange color wrapper. By the way what color do you like? So you want to continue to write, but I have to go, a friend waiting for me. Waiting for an answer, I kiss you my sweet honey = * Your Mariya!

Letter 13

Hi my lovely and sensual Mark! I am very glad to know about you such important things. Yes, I love to dance. My height is 167 cm and the favorite color of burgundy and purple. I am pleased that you have not abused my trust and I am glad that you just trust me. Today again there was a messy situation.
Upstairs neighbor attacked his wife and began to beat her for what she did not give him money for vodka. A neighbor ran to the porch and knocked me to call the police, but in the end my husband calmed down and they were reconciled. It seems to be nothing wrong, but still unpleasant situation. I realized one thing, it's all about frequent use of alcohol. Many in Russia suffer from alcoholism, I know you can drink once a month or a couple of times, but to drink every day ...
This is already too much. And here drink, embarrassing to admit, but we are the most drinking nation and therefore the most criminal. I read an article recently detailing told that according to statistics 90 of crimes were committed by the influence of alcohol. Thank God I drink alcohol only on serious holidays, and I hope you also do not abuse alcohol? I understand that sometimes men have to drink, but I hope you know the measure. I myself sometimes I drink champagne or wine, but only in significant cases. But do not let the bad news. I have to tell you how we celebrated the birthday of my girlfriend. It was fun, we danced, had fun, walking and taking pictures, it was fun and cool. Then came her guy friends, he ordered a salute in honor of her birthday. It was great. It is a pity that you were not with me, they were all in pairs, in the end I took a cab and went away, saying that headache. Sorry you were not there. What did you do? Spending the day? Tell me, I want to know how you spend that time? Can we call our relationship relationship? My friend went to her boyfriend in Spain, and now I do not even know who I talk to ... I miss sitting and thinking what would take you. If it does not work, I would have gone to his grandmother. She is old and needs help with the housework.
Luckily soon leave, and I was finally able to see my beloved grandmother. Well I have to go, Kesha asks for a walk. Need it even walk at the same time and she was too freshen I stayed on. I send you some photos from my friend's birthday, it was great, but unfortunately almost all the friends are gone with their guys and you missed me, I felt a little lonely. Well all I went =) I kiss you my sweet. I look forward to your answer. Your sun Mariya!

Letter 14

Hi my kitten Mark!
How nice to receive a letter from you with a warm and tender words. No area is quiet and peaceful, but something began to happen suddenly, often things like this, I hope it was the last incident. No, I live alone. I am not a connoisseur of alcohol and I rarely drink in this, I did not go into the issues tasting and evaluation. It's always interesting what you can tell at this time. Today I got paid, and we went to a cafe with friends. I forgot to tell you about my work, I work an office manager in the company "Elara". And what exactly do you work? And how the end of the day? My company has been developing various kinds of devices, as well as engaged in aviation development.
Although the company is substantial enough, but still pay there I is not that big. I get from 300-430 dollars. Depends on how doing the work plan. By our standards, it is a normal salary, enough to live, but still on vacation, and other enjoyable things in life money is not enough. But I hope in the future I'll get a raise and get more. What's the average salary in your country? Which jobs are welcome and needed?
I always thought that money can not buy happiness, but when you get your hands on such a small salary, you realize that the money still play, though not major, but enough role in life. It's a shame of course, but nothing helped. Recently spoke to one another, they have two degrees and a doctorate while receiving only $ 600. I hope your country is more advanced in this regard. Here is the situation here in Russia, someone has and buys almost all football clubs, and someone is content with the minimum wage, but we do not lose heart, because life is fickle, and who knows what awaits us tomorrow. I do hope our country will become more civilized in this respect. On this sad note, I will finish my letter and go to the shower. Tell me about your country. What is the situation you have in this regard? My dear looking forward to your answer. Your baby Mariya!

Letter 15

Hi sweetie Mark!
I had just come from training and was very tired. Soon the competition and we have to be in great shape to win. A long time ago I had an injury on his leg and it has recently manifested itself, but now it feels good. My dear do you have any injuries or any health problems?
Can I take this opportunity to tell =) Contestants are many and they are all strong, but despite this, I hope for the best. Do you like football? This is a beautiful sport and there as in any sport, a lot depends on our understanding and with my friends, it is excellent. Yet you and I have no doubt it is better. I hope to win. My dear I have for you today a personal question. Can you talk about your past relationships? Were you ever really in love? I understand it is not always easy to remember it and delve into the past, and do hope you can tell me about it. Just tell the truth no matter what it was not good? I also tell you about their relationship as soon as you tell me about her. Today I have to go to work and give a couple of reports on safety with the new equipment, but it is unlikely you would be interested. Tell me something. For example what you dream, and what would really like? Wish me luck my dear well and win of course. I miss you and your letters. I will wait for your next letter. Your baby Mariya!

Letter 16

Hi my sweet and gentle Mark!
As you wish, you can send them to me. Yes, I play volleyball, I think for football, and especially the fact that you talk about, I hardly ready, I was quickly killed. lol.Today is a wonderful day for me to come to the city of mom and dad, all day I drove them to different entertainment centers and various cafes. I told them about you. She told me that she had found a guy who appreciates, take care and understand me, I'm not saying that you love me, because they would never would have believed that you can love a man over the Internet and do not know if you love me. Do you love me? Mum and dad are happy for me, but my father asked me to tell you to not hurt me or he can stand up for his little daughter. Although I even like them, I feel myself, both in principle and with you. You are my prince on a white horse, you're with me in moments of joy and sorrow with me and you can be sure I'll always be with you, what would have happened. I had little experience in dealing with men. Because I'm a little shy and do not always know how to express my warm feelings. As I promised, I will their story. I was in love with a guy from my course and more likely no one we met with him for 2 years and everything was just fine, but then we started to do different things and in the end we left it was painful and sad. Girls probably experiencing painful parting. Now to me it is very difficult to open, but I always open and honest with people and never try to play with the senses. I really like you my dear. I kiss you, my dear, and waiting for your next letter. Only your Mariya!

Letter 17

Hi my teddy bear Mark!
I'm glad you feel me warm feelings. It was very scary. No photo was taken on the beach is not me. But now its for you=) you my brave warrior=) Someone drew a heart to me, and I just photographed nearby. I have many different pictures. I love photography, I have a best friend and we always take pictures of each other. Today I spent my mom and dad and went back to work. As you probably know I've got a very busy schedule, it is sometimes hard to keep up, but all the while I'm trying to keep up writing to you my dear. I will soon leave, and it's great. I can finally take a break from all the hustle and finally sleep and relax. Today I will talk to the boss about the vacation.
Tomorrow Cape girlfriend go to the circus, she has a son, and recently he tortured his mother with requests for the circus and I decided to keep them company. I really have not been to the circus. You love the circus =) Tell me a story while to somehow distract me from all the worries. I do not have enough of your heat. I had a dream as you and I are sitting in a cafe and kiss, you kiss my lips and then her neck, hold me tight and then we drink tea =) Here is such an interesting dream. And I have you ever dreamed of? Okay, I must go. I embrace and kiss you. Our correspondence reminded me of the movie "1 +1 untouchables." Did you watch this movie? Send a couple of the photos.
I embrace and kiss you on the forehead. Your favorite Mariya!

Letter 18

Hi sweetie Mark!
From morning to night, I work with breaks for lunch and after that I'm going to train for volleyball and basketball. A weekend I relax with friends or to visit their loved ones. In general, rarely get a day when you can just sit idle. On the other hand, it is fun and I enjoy it and not really annoying. And how are you my dear? How are you feeling?
We went to the circus and it was cool and fun. We've all got so many positive emotions. Although many say that the circus for children, but many adults also had a positive and cheerful emotion. It was so cool: elephants, monkeys, bears, snakes, giraffes and even a hippopotamus with a crocodile. Especially fun was when the bear was cycling. My friend's son is a long time to move away from the experience even after the circus is over. What a pity that we have forgotten the camera. I'm sure you would, too, is impressed. I had not thought that the circus has risen to such a level. Now, many animals do something that was previously impossible to see. Since I can not send you pictures of the circus, though, so you would not greatly upset again, I'll send you my beautiful pictures. Do you like? These photos are slightly edited in Photoshop. You probably also noticed myself, because you have a smart man =) Today, I also agreed to leave. This is so cool. A week later, I'll relax and I can share with you this good news. How often do you relax? What do you think my dear rest well affect human performance? Well, let's say, whether a person will do better if he may rest, or vice versa - will come with a relaxed holiday and does not want to do anything? I do not know what influenced me rest and a little afraid of that then refuse to work at all =) Well this I finish my letter. Passionately kiss. Your girl Mariya!

Letter 19

Hello my sweet Mark!
As well, that you've written. Today, I kept thinking about my own family and all of the family. At what time it is normal to get married, start a family and live a quiet life, and why I could not find an answer to this question. The only thing I came to is that you have to be myself and drive themselves prejudice and stereotypes. What do you think, to what time you need to get married and start a family?
How often do you think about this? For example, how many children you want? Boy or girl =) What is your opinion to be a wife? Did you notice the interesting phenomenon that when something really hard you think that you see everywhere associations and reminders. With you it was =)
So today I reminded myself five times for you. The first time I saw the two kissing lovers, at the time I felt like it, so we were in their place. I want to hug you. My darling I miss you. Much like about you and this is a little sad. I'll wait for your letter. Your baby Mariya!

Letter 20

What sense to spend money on phone conversations if we can talk like that. In an extreme case, we can meet and chat. I do not like to give your phone number if we part I'll have to change the SIM card, it is better not to give your phone number. If you do not like our communication, we can just stop communicating.

Letter 21

I already sent you one photo with a leaflet. If I do not want to give your phone number so I'm just uncomfortable. I'm tired of you my suspicions. I hate this, I hate you, I told you so you opened your soul, and you cry that the Internet is a lot of bad people. I do not mind the new look for yourself buddy, I'm tired of you and I babysit.
I am a girl and I so do not cry, you're worse than girls and always dissatisfied with something. It will be cool if you could find a wife at home, that's when you'll know the difference. Goodbye. Hopefully will not see any of your idiotic letter. And because of you, I have only to fall self-esteem.

Letter 22

I congratulate you on Christmas. I wish you happiness, and that to this beautiful night, all your dreams come true. I hope you find the very unique.

Letter 23

Hello my favorite Mark!
Today her friends went to the movies, do not even remember the name of the movie, instead of watching a movie, I always thought about you.
After the movie came under the influence of a girlfriend and constantly asked whether I liked the film, I answered: "normal, you can watch." But in the end they realized that I was not watching it, and thought of something else. And then one of them suggested that I fell in love and then I could not hide anything from them. I told them about you, and my words, you made an impression on them, and then they show me a long time to persuade your picture, and then I did not give up, and your identity is not declassified. As soon as I came home I immediately went to her friend and began to learn what documents are required for the trip. She said that everything is simple, you need to have a visa and passport, and of himself a ticket. This calmed me. She also said to go to the travel agency, since there doing this great and it is much easier to do it all. Today I do not have time to go there.
You are very long for me? That you do not particularly missed, sending you some naughty photos. I look forward to an answer, as well as photos. Your favorite Mariya!

Letter 24

Hello my dear Mark!
Today is a wonderful day and good weather. We celebrate Christmas on January 7, to it I do not really celebrate it. My friend and I had a rest and went to the coffee shop, have fun and take a walk. It was fun. I have two news: one good and one bad. I'll start with the bad.
The bad news is that the trip is a little more than 1,000 euros. To be more precise then 1021 euros. I do not have the money up as I have is about 30-40 euros. I asked for money from his brother, but he knew for what I need them, and said that if your boyfriend loves you, then he will send the money. Allegedly said this is a test of his love. I do not know what to do, my dear. Only hope for you. The second news is good. All registration will take 5 days. It turned out that I have a friend working at a travel agency and is willing to help me quickly get a visa and passport fees. She also said that the main cost will be tickets for them will leave about 470 euros, and the rest of the passport, visa and insurance. My dear, I do not know what to do. Now everything depends on you. This is the only thing that divides us and prevents meet. I'm not very pleasant to say this, but I hope you can help with the money. The rest I will take care of themselves. I am very worried and do not know whether it is possible our meeting. All is now in your hands, I did everything in my power. I spent a lot of time and effort into getting to know all of this. I'll wait for your letter. Your favorite Mariya!

Letter 25

Clear. It was a stupid idea. I see no reason to talk to you further.