Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Bykova to Andrs (Hungary)

Letter 1
Forgive that to you didn't write earlier, I had problems and still I worked and went on practice to the small village where there was no Internet.
Already more and more better and I can already speak with you and more learn about each other.
If you remember me and want as to talk to me that write, I will wait.
Letter 2
Good afternoon, I am very happy that you wrote to me.
I'm fine now and already I feel more freely and I can and I want to continue with you our friendship or there can be that that more.
I went on practice to school, passed in it in remote the village, there I was engaged with children in disabled people and helped them with everything.
To me suggested to work there, but I solved that I can not live and work there, it is very far from the city and I simply can't live there years, but all the same I am happy that spent such days with these children and very much it was pleasant to me and there can be I still will return there when already I will have everything.
Now I study Spanish and the Hungarian language on the Internet and I understand not much.
Write to me more about that that you think of us.
You would like to meet me face to face and to carry out not how many weeks together?
Now I where don't work and already finished study and received the diploma, but in our city there is not enough work for me and it would be desirable to prove to be where that in other country.
Well I will wait tomorrow from you for the letter as now it is necessary to leave home.
I hope at you everything well and you are glad as to my letter.
Kiss you.
Letter 3
Good afternoon.
I am very happy to see your letter.
These days everything is good at me as last days I was occupied and on the street there was a rain and I was at home.
I not so well understood that you told to me, but I think to you as the idea to meet was pleasant.
I don't know certainly you will decide to arrive, but I will wait for you at myself and if you want to arrive to me on a visit that I you I will wait.
I would meet you in the city of Kazan.
Concerning hotel, it not a problem but if you don't want to live in hotel that you can remain with me.
Simply I can't write on the Internet about myself and I do not know even from what to begin.
I thought that it would be better to meet and already to recognize each other more and later to solve that us to do.
We can remain friends but if we are pleasant each other that we could meet further and later solve that us to do.
While I don't work and I am at home, now I am engaged in studying of different languages, including in your language.
So if you think that this good idea, we can already start to a date choice when we will meet.
As the cold now begins and there will be a winter already soon.
It would be better if you arrived this month or in the following.
Well I will wait from you for the answer.
I will send you not many photos with me.
Kiss you.
Your girlfriend of Nadejda.
Letter 4

Good afternoon my dear
I understood everything that you wrote to me, Excuse as that yesterday I didn't write to you, I was at home and couldn't leave and for rains.
From this point I will come here at least twice a day.
I am well very happy that you decided to arrive to me and I go mad of it and is very happy to it.
I will begin with that that I want to tell to you that you to me as are pleasant and I would like to have with you any communication and later if at us everything turns out to have that a family and to live together, and I hope that you as look at it and don't play my feelings.
As I see that you told that want to arrive for Christmas holidays and to spend with me week of your vacation, it is very good, but even before three months and would be desirable on earlier meet you. =)
As I with you agree concerning that to remain with me, than in hotel, I wrote to you that I live only with the grandmother and it won't be against you, and will be on the contrary happy you to see.
Now I want to learn that you wrote in the last letter as I understood you told that I should make for you the letter the invitation to pay less money as I understood, I heard about it and I will try to make everything that you tell.
I as think that it is possible, as I have now a lot of free time and I can be engaged in preparation for your arrival.
Today or tomorrow I already learn everything and I will tell to you that for this purpose is required, I think that to me all will tell in travel company.
Well I will write everything soon to you.
Have a nice day.
Kiss you.
Your Nadejda.
Letter 5
Good afternoon my dear Andrew!
I too am very happy to see your letter and I as I think of you every minute and already I represent as everything will look.
This morning I went to travel company and learned about that to make to you the letter the invitation, they told that than can't help and I need to go to Moscow in embassy of Hungary.
After I told that they as that me connected with that person who more understands better and knows that it is necessary to make and I talked to it.
It told that it is necessary to obtain from you all data, after to fill from in embassy of Hungary in Moscow and to send to your country, it everything will be considered from 3-6 months, and still there is a chance that can not give it.
Can to you it is necessary to make cheaper visa and to arrive as the tourist?
On it will leave time and expenses a little.
You won't need to pay for hotel, you need to choose simply date, to buy two tickets and to arrive to me.
Well expensive Andrew tell as you want also we and we will arrive.
These days the cold and any more very good weather begins.
Tell when you can take vacation?
In how many you come from work home?
So it would be remarkable if we met already soon.
Well I will wait from you for the answer.
Kiss you.
I have one photo for you =)
Letter 6
I am happy to see that you liked my photo, it very much pleases me, it was that year in the summer, we with girlfriends took pictures.
Yes as I understood that if you awake to do such visa that you will ask about hotel and where you will remain and on how many you will eat to Russia, then I don't know what to do, as I asked about myself and how many it is necessary for me money and as all this will occur.
Concerning the visa, me told that if I go to Hungary that to me it is necessary to make the international passport, after it is necessary to make the visa, and later to reserve tickets.
Completely where that will cost about 500-600 euros.
But to me didn't speak that about hotel and about that how many I will be there at you.
To me told that the visa will be for 90 days and these 90 days I can be at you.
Still I wanted to learn, whether there is at you a Schengen visa?
Well hope we that that we will solve soon and everything will be clear.
Now I should go home and only tomorrow I will come here back.
I will think of you every minute.
The with pleasure whole.
Letter 7
With kind day road!
excuse couldn't write earlier as I was at home and for bad weather.
I didn't understand why to you my data and about what Visa you speak?
Explain me please everything that you want to make.
Now I descend I will order tea and I will wait from you for the answer.
Kiss you.
Letter 8
Hello expensive Andrew!
We have an awful weather and on the street it is not possible to be.
Now I all crude will go back home.
I am at home these days off, but tomorrow I will try to write to you more.
As I understood that you to me told, tomorrow I will send you all my data.
I wish good days off.
Kiss you.
Letter 9
Forgive that didn't write, there were not big problems and I couldn't write to you.
I all the same don't understand why to you my data?
You want to make to me Visa?
I can make it if it is so necessary for you.
Well here that you ask.
Bykova Nadejda
Kutuya 5, 51.
Later I still will come to look here your answer.
I hope at you everything well.
Kiss you.
Letter 10
Hi mi Andrew!
Forgive that didn't write to you, now I not so well feel, but it is better than last days.
Now we have very awful weather and last days I caught a cold and couldn't where not to leave.
I was hurt by the head and a throat and there was a temperature.
Now to me it is more better and I can write to you, but all the same to me the doctor told that I often didn't go out of doors, and that can be complication.
I understood that my data were necessary to you to arrive to me.
I wanted to ask when you will arrive to me?
I already wait for you with big impatience.
What new at you?
Badly that I have no computer house, I very much would want to have houses the computer to write to you every day and as to see you and know about you.
Well I will try to answer you today.
I kiss, your Nadejda.
Letter 11
Good afternoon, I hope that now to you is more better, to me as it became better and already all diseases left.
I understood that you told that documents will become very long.
I thought and yesterday descended in travel company, I learned everything that I need to go to you on a visit at least for few months.
I can make itself for myself documents, it is the international passport and the visa, but on tickets I will have no money, and on it if you solve that I to you arrived that you should me help to buy tickets.
How you look at it that I to you arrived?
I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.
Kiss you.
Your Nadejda.
Letter 12
Good afternoon my dear!
Forgive I was ill last days.
Now we have an awful weather and I don't go out of doors when it is very bad.
Last days there were rains and in one day even there was a snow, today where that +1 degree and is a big wind, but I very much missed you and came to talk to you here.
On an occasion of your question of my private life, and my relations with whom that, I to you will tell that I not didn't have for a long time whom and I had last relations only with you on the Internet.
Concerning tickets, the prices always different, but now are necessary to me money for documents, it is necessary to make documents at first.
On documents I don't have where that 120 euros.
Documents will become about 10 days after they will be already ready we we will look tickets aboard the plane and we will choose cheaper.
But I think that on tickets I will need about 500 euros.
In total amount that to you to arrive to me 600-700 euros are necessary.
You are ready to help me that I came to you?
The car and the big house isn't necessary to me, I want simply that me loved and did me happy.
I hope at you everything well and you already solve everything soon and we will meet and we will be together.
Well I will wait from you for the answer.
Kiss you.
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