Letter(s) from Julia Kashapova to Michael (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, Michael! I live in Great Britain.
I very much would want to get acquainted with you. I have found you through a site. I would like to get acquainted with you closer... Probably between us there will be a good friendship, and probably we shall meet in each other the love. If at you open soul and you will not be against dialogue with the attractive, clever woman answer me....
I apply my photos to the letter. I hope it it is pleasant to you. Write something about itself. I shall be glad to know about you any information.
In the following letter I shall write more about myself...
I hope, that I have interested you. I wait your letter and I shall be madly glad to see your photos.


P.S. Believe me, my intentions sincere and pure.... And I hope, that we can continue our acquaintance.

Letter 2

Thanks a lot for your answer.
I like making photos very much; it is one of my hobbies.
That's why I will be very glad to get your photos.
Send me please more pictures; I would like to see you in real with great pleasure.
I hope you will send me pictures with nature and environs, where you are living.
Probably there is see or ocean, or even mountains next to you.
Please describe me your environs. What interesting, what kind of tourist attraction is there in your city?
I am living and working in England, Aylesbury, settlement Bedgrove, it is in 45 minutes by train, not far away of London Marylebone.
I may say, it is a nice and quiet vicinity.
There are a lot of shops, museums, cinema circuit and a park for walking.
I like being here.
I live in the big house by the family.
There are 3 of them: David, Bella and their daughter Kristina. I am their daughter's nanny.
The parents are always very busy, that's why they looked a nanny for their 3-year-old daughter.
I saw this advertisement on the Internet when looked for work, and decided to try to do it.
I have been working and living in this family for 4 months already, every day from morning till 6 p.m.
I help Bella to run the house too: cooking, cleaning and so on. I like to do it, but I have been thinking of my own family and will be finding my loved man.
I want to be full in love and enjoy my happiness. I look at this family and understand, that it is possible to live differently.
And I decided to look for my other half. ))
Write me more about yourself, your work, your hobbies.
Where and with whom are you living?
I like you very much.
I want to know more about your and I hope, we will continue with our communication.

Letter 3

I am so happy to find your letter.
We began our communication, it is so cool. I try to tell you more properly about myself, my interests.
They depend on the season. In summer I like to bicycle and to swim. I do it always for a long distance.
In winter I sky with great pleasure, in autumn - making photos: nature changes, leaves get yellow, red and trees look very magnificent.
Spring is the most beautiful season. After winter, in such days I always want to write poetry, dance, walk and have a breath of fresh air.
I go in for sports. I am sure, it helps to get stronger and more healthy.
I have another interests and hobbies, it is very difficult to tell you everything in this letter.
I have not so much free time, but I always try to find time for my friends.
We meet with each other and spend this time very well, interesting and funny: walking, going to the cinema or to the exhibition.
It is very nice to see the creation of great and modern artists, painter, sculptors and to learn a lot of new things about artwork.
How do you prefer to spend your free time: going in for sports, reading books, visiting with friends in bar?
Or you are fully busy with your job? Are you satisfied with your life? Do you have for an object, what you will be realizing?
Do you need anything else?
Answer my questions, please, if it will be possible!
I want to learn you better and better.
It is very important for me to see a lot of your photos and to get your letters, to communicate with you.
I would be very glad to get pictures of your house; can you make them and send me, if it would be possible?
Kiss you, my baby.

Letter 4

Hello dear, I am very glad to find your letter.
I please to communicate with you.
I want to tell to you, the most important thing for me to find my dear man to build earnest relationships.
I want to live in harmony of love and freedom!
It is those dreams and wishes for everybody in life.
I want our friendship to become stronger and to grow day by day.
What shall I write you else? *** I can write you about my professional qualities.
I graduated from the university, I am a designer, my types of training: graphic design; industrial design; design of motor transport, design of the environment.
I studied such directions, as history of arts, the academic drawing and painting, the academic sculpture and plastic modelling, technical drawing. In a practical part seized bases design.
If you decide to build your house or to make renovations, you need a designer? – well come)) all of your wishes))
I worked in a construction outfit, we did the sketch of future buildings.
I do not know why, but I decided to work in England, I wanted to see this country, i think there is fair wage. But I understand that I am lonely and unhappy.
I was born in Kazan, Russia. Kazan is a very beautiful city, and inhabitants are kindly and friendly.
My mum lives there, she is pensioner and lives alone; my father was dead when I was 11.
I lived with my mother, then graduated from school, entered the university. Then I had different workplaces, I am a miscellaneous person.
As a result I went on the Internet and found a lot of advertisements on all the Europe (nannies and housemaids just from Russia), I was surprised and called according to the advertisement.
The agent talked to me, he looked for a nanny for this family. He offered me everything I dreamed: my own room, bathroom, free evening time, good salary, as against it in Kazan. I thought a lot and decided.
I am not sorry about anything.
I see myself constantly in different roles, I want to be both a chef cook, and a fashion designer – to create my own fashion line and to organize an exhibition.
If it would be possible to life 10000 years, I ll work in all the areas (a doctor, a teacher, a actress, a politician, businesswoman, opening a beauty salon or going in for sports and getting a champion) * _ *
I want to have the life full of bright and rich colors, positive moments and emotions. I know that I can make happy any person.
I think we have much in common and come to terms. Do you want me to find three our general dreams?
There are: - a true and sure person for all life
-to be sure of future
-to see the sun every morning
Am I right? It is so easy to make our life more interesting, to become close friends.
Kiss you, my sweetie.

Letter 5

Hallo, dear. I am very happy to get your letter.
My dear, I had a very unusually and funny day.
I spend with my dear Kristy all day long. She is very clever, but unfortunately she can not stay still.
I must see to her, I am constantly upset with her, because Kristi likes running through the house.
So began our morning story… For breakfast I prepared porridge for Kristy today, then somebody knocked the door, it was the morning post.
As soon as I went away, Kristi pretended to eat her porridge)). She soiled her hands and face, and porridge was poured under the table.
I laughed for a long time, because this little pretty girl wanted to get round me.
As all of children, she dislikes to eat and has often no appetite) It is usually very difficult to feed a child, because he or she wants to be bad))
it seems to me, education of the child is the special science, but it is that, what I like.
And sometimes I ready to run away from this child at a rate of knots, because it is quite easy for her to put me out of temper.
But I can not to show her that something doesn’t please me. It is my work and I always smile.
It happens very seldom, Kristi is a very nice and obedient girl. There are my working-days, it must be funny, but sometimes unfortunately it is not so amusing.
The child is a nature wonder.
Do you remember your childhood? Do you want to return back? Do you want to change anything in your life?
Do you made mistakes, what regret all your life?
Write me a sincere story of your life that would touch me: a small story or a simply situation of your life – funny or sad.
Write me more, please!!! I will wait…
Best regards. Your pretty girl)

Letter 6

Hello my dear friend!
You are very handsome and interesting man: I like to communicate with you!
And I find very magnificent when I have such opportunity to learn something new about you and your life.
My life changed and got more interesting, when I met you. You are good company.
I am very glad that I can talk to you.
Really I can't express all the feelings in my words, because it isn't possible. You should feel and understand it.
And I am sure that our close communication and trust will fructify. And I think, you agree with me.
I feel that there is something wonderful between us, what connects us and our friendship!
My dear, I hope, it will be pleasant for you to read my ideas, I write them with all my heart.
And I believed that very soon we can be closer
I would like to talk to you a little about love.
I think that love this great feeling, that connects people very strong.
Love is happiness and mutual understanding, kindness and fidelity.
And I will be very happy, if I ll have such love.
People often are mistaken in love and then regret it.
But I think that a lot of people had such mistakes. I had too.
My dear, I want our communication and intimacy to be closer day by day; and so then we can plan something special.
I like very much to communicate with you, and you are very interesting and close for me.
Probably you may think I exaggerate. But it is not so.
I want always to speak to you openly and honest.
Also It seems to me it is very important. Also I think you agree with me.
Listen, what do you think about me?
Probably do our searching purposes coincide?
I hope you are well.
I give you many kisses and hugs!

Letter 7

Hello Michael!
I want very much, to get more your private photos.
It is interesting to me to learn how you live .
If it is not so difficult, can you make some photos, how and where do you live?
There are your kitchen, probably, your garden or just pictures of your bedroom… * _ *.
I always wanted to write music, I think I am an artist. I like and can conduct cheerfully an event.
I am happy, there are sites on Internet to find a friend. I am glad to meet you.
I want to get more your pictures and more your ideas.
I want to learn you better. You are a man, you have soul and a body, you have excitement and passion.
I want to feel your love for me.
I can love you passion, as nobody and never did it!!! I need see your mutual sympathy.
I hope, you understand what I mean.
I want you to understand me.
I want always communication with you to learn even more about you. Let's try to write more often to each other. Ok?
I like to look at stars, at the sky, at pictures and at exhibitions.
Probably I have already wrote you about it)) In the evenings I like to seat in cafe near to a sea, and to look at waves. It is just magnificent.
Do you have a car? How do you reach work? What countries did you visit? Where were you on holiday? Do you have a dream to go anywhere?
How do you see our one-on-one meeting?
Can you image us to be in the bed or to shower together.
I begin to image it, I like to dream, but once if we be together, I ll make to come truth all of my dreams))
Write me your data and your address, if i have some problems with the Internet, I can not to contact you without it.
Please write me: the country, the city, the postcode, the street, the house, the apartment and your phone number too.
I will try to call you next week to talk and to hear your sweet voice.
I am thinking only about you. I want to together and enjoy each other as soon as it possible.
The virtual world is not the same for me as for you. It seems to me you to have been communicating on the Internet and to have been meeting.
I am not such a person, all of my life I communicated in reality. I like to see a person, to be near with him, to hear and to understand him.
I am ready to open my soul, my dreams, just to talk, to walk, to have fun together, to watch movies. Lets aspire to it, to plan our real meeting.
Why shall we waste our invaluable days to print letters)) It is better to eat ice-cream together, to drink coffee in the mornings.)
I want to do you massage by candlelight and gentle music.
I will be waiting very much.

Letter 8

Hello my darling.
I get some problems.
Today morning my mother called me, she is bad, she has serious problems with health .
In the evening I fly back to Russia.
As soon as I arrive to my mother and check her health, I ll tell you about everything.
Today I had problems by the family where I am working as a nanny.
They were dissatisfied me to go so soon.
I broke the contract, but I can't leave my mother.
They bought to me the plane ticket, and the rest of my earnings they will give, when I return.
It upset me very much, cause probably my mum need medical aid, and i have no opportunity to pay for it.
I don't understand them, I did so much good for them, I adored their daughter, did everything her to be healthy and jolly.
But Kristi’s parents were very upset, when they heard that I would leave them very urgently.
They should look temporarily for a new nanny, I understand that it is problematic, but they should understand me too.
I ask you not to lose me. I think about you constantly. I wanted to give up my work in the next months to meet you.
Think constantly of us, of our future)
As soon as I am at home, learn everything what happens, I will tell you.
I value you and our relationships. I hope everything will be good.

Letter 9

Hello my darling.
Sorry, that you had to wait for my answer so long.
I was constantly with mother in hospital.
I arrived home well, my friend met me in the airport, she has her own car, and we went at once to hospital.
Mother had a heart attack, but everything is good now, she looks healthy.
She told me, she had a intensive pain in her heart, she was frightened and called me.
She thought, that she can die and wanted to see me very much.
But now we are sitting together and smile, as before.
I love my mother very much, and I am so glad all problems to pass by.
Elderly peoples’ health is always unpredictable, and I will pray my dear mother always to be healthy.
Today morning the doctor sent her home and wished good health.
Now she must not overstrain and be nervous, need rest and have more positive.
I told mother about you, she was very glad me to meet such a man as you.
She hopes, you can be a worthy man for me for all life!!!
I told that she forced events.
But my mother answered – the shine in my eyes by talking about you shows that I love you real and much, isn’t it?))))
I don't know, but something happens with me, and I understand it.
Your photos, your letters are so close to my heart and my soul or already in my heart.
Michael I want to ask you.
Now I am thinking about us constantly.
I announce resolutely, I want to come to you and to see your life.
I want to learn you in fact.
I don't want to work any more and to look after the girl all day long in the house.
To be honest, I was tired a little of this work, I was sad about the fact, these people were ungrateful - let them work.
You are single and me too. Both of us want to love and to be in love.
I would be glad to see you.
Write me, what do you think about our meeting.
With love.

Letter 10

Thanks for the letter)
I think of you more often. I think and dream of you, I like to image us together.
Sex is not important thing for me.
The most important thing for me is relationship between us.
It need feel your hunger to be near with me. I want us to respecte each other: to listen and to understand that we write to each other.
I hope you will feel my desire for our solitude.
You wrote much about yourself.
I can make conclusions: you are a decent, handsome man, but what you wouldn't write , it is just be stories, texts, letters on the monitor screen.
I have only one life, I want to live it as I wish. But it is not the fairy tale, unfortunately we can not realize everything what we want.
I am sure, it is necessary to aspire to the purpose, and we ll make it. If make no progress, and not to achieve an object, everything will be so, as you want.
I thought specially to fi?? a real partner, who wants, as well as I, to live and love, create and enjoy, to walk, to cook together and just to live in harmony.
I want to enjoy every moment of my life. Happy life is sincere life when our hearts will fight together. Can you image such life?
I offer you, me to come to you to your country, to see you, and to fall in love. I want to open you my personality, to show you full beauty of true love.
I am sure, anybody can never give you such attention, respect, love, tenderness, laughter and mood. Nobody except me.
I can conquer the world and the space, my energy will be enough to warm all the planet if light disappears,
Answer my main questions:
Are you ready to invite me?
When are you ready me to visit your house?
Answer me honest and write everything what you think of me.
That do you want? Why do you need me?
I offer so. If you are not against, I ll start to prepare for the meeting with you.
I will call to England and tell that I will not work by the family any more.
I think, it is high time to build my private life. I don't know what the virtual relationships mean.
I don't want to send each other porno photos. I don't want to write virtually my sex dreams. I want only reality, I want to see your eyes, to see, how you have a rest.
I want to understand you, your mentality, your history, your culture, to see your museums, theaters.
I want to see your living, your doing. I want have a lot of common things with you. Give me a chance to see how you live.
You are; there are hopes that my life will change, and everything will be differently since tomorrow.
I want to live with a real dream! You and I; there is what we want (relationships and sex – love and just happiness).
It is necessary to prove that you can not just dream, but you can do something. Are you glad to make people happy?
I think yes)) You can make me happy.
I think you are the man is sent to me by god.
I believe us.
I would ask you to open me your heart.
Can you write me a good letter with sense?
If thousands girls write you, if I don’t mean for you anything, if you don’t need me and my dreams, don't write me more, please.
You are very important for me.
I am very vulnerable person. I will not write you in letters, what I would like to tell to you looking in your eyes.
But if we sit at a fireplace together and drink red dry wine then I will open you all my heart and soul.
Please understand me, I don't want you to offend you.
But before you, about ten different men from the Internet, from different countries on all the continent wrote me
They sent photos and wrote me about love. But then they said that they were boring. I always was upset about it.
But I see in you my future. I am sure we will get unearthly happiness!!! Were you always honest with me?
You are – you are ideal) You ask advice of me, and you respect me, I feel it.
That’s why it seems to me you are the person I looked for.
Think of everything. I will stop or you will fall asleep, when you read my letter))
I have million thoughts in my head, and I can write infinitely.
But it would be better, I will talk to you days and nights; you will listen to me and understand how it is nice to be together))
I just hope... Give me more confidence))
Write me the date when you meet me.
When are you ready to invite me?
With love.

Letter 11

Hello my Michael.
Please tell me how was your day? I hope you miss me :)
I was very worried as you are to react to the fact that I want to be with you.
will you not against. Are you ready to step forward to our happiness.
I did not sleep that night. This bad idea would not leave my head ...
But now, I realize that all is well and soon we'll be together))
We will overcome the distance that prevents us from seeing each other.
my love, I have good news, I called to England and refused to work babysitting
I hope that Bella will understand and forgive me. After all, I was determined - we need to be together!
Michael, I'm in love with you, in your letters and photos.
So I want to have a serious talk about us, I'll call you this weekend)
P.S. Try not to miss a call. I love you, Your Yliya.

Letter 12

Hello my Michael.
Please tell me how was your day? I hope you miss me :)
I was very worried as you are to react to the fact that I want to be with you.
will you not against. Are you ready to step forward to our happiness.
I did not sleep that night. This bad idea would not leave my head ...
But now, I realize that all is well and soon we'll be together))
We will overcome the distance that prevents us from seeing each other.
my love, I have good news, I called to England and refused to work babysitting
I hope that Bella will understand and forgive me. After all, I was determined - we need to be together!
Michael, I'm in love with you, in your letters and photos.
So I want to have a serious talk about us, I'll call you this weekend)
P.S. Try not to miss a call. I love you, Your Yliya.

Letter 13

hello my dear Michael. I'm glad to see your letter))
how was your day? Did you miss me?
I have a good mood, thinking of you as a ray of sunshine in this dreary weather.
Michael, I'm tired of waiting for our meeting. I want to make our dreams come true, I want to change our fate ...
I miss you, I hope soon our dreams will come true and we can enjoy our life together in full :)
My love, I want to have a serious talk with you, I was in the travel agency and learned all details of the trip for you.
The total cost of visiting your country in 1100 dollars. and so I have a bit of a problem to be solved.
Unfortunately I do not have that kind of money, I had to leave my job and fly back to Russia when she learned about the problems of my mother.
David, Kristy's father at the time of my departure was on a business trip and could not pay me to work.
I did not have time to pack and wait for the return of the more Davida from a trip.
Uncomfortable ask your help, but the situation does not leave me any choice.
I do not want to sit back and wait for David will return to London, and send me the money.
Can I count on your help? I'll give you all the money that you pay for my flight.
Please think well over my words, I wish you a good day and good mood.
I look forward to your letter. Yliya
P.S. baby, soon I will call to you, try not to miss my call

Letter 14

Hello my dear
I had problems with the electronic box.
Forgive me for not writing.
Please nipishi me again what you want to know more.
I will answer all your questions.

Letter 15

Good day my sweet) I am very pleased to your letter.
I did not sleep that night, thinking about you I could not sleep.
I miss you my dear, but I know we will soon overcome all our difficulties, all the problems will be left behind :)
Michael, I have wonderful news!
Today I called my employer and asked me to send the money earned.
But David still had not returned from a business trip and can not send money to Russia
Russian banking system does not receive a transfer from the country in which the David.
But it is no problem to send the money to you my love.
You mind to get money in your town and send them to me?
As well as the health of David asked my mom, I said, that's all well and do not worry at all, my mom is fine.
Learning that the problems with my mother gone, he had long tried to persuade me to return to England and continue to work in his family.
But I was determined, I will be with you my love.
I told him about us and explained that for me now in the foreground personal life and I'm not going to ruin their plans.
I'm glad you found a solution to our problem, I wait for your answer.
Love, kiss) Yliya.

Letter 16

Hello my dear Michael.
How are you?
How was your day?
Yes, I'm ready to answer your questions
I am 31. Our age difference does not bother me.
My height is 168 cm, weight 57 kg.
I love classical music. My favorite is "The Four Seasons" by Antonio Vivaldi's.
I do not lyubilmyh films. I prefer serials.
My favorite TV series is "Dexter" and "House, MD".
I really want to come to you dear.
I really love you. And I want us to be together.
I hope you understand my financial problems.
And you can help me with the flight back to your country.
Best wishes. Your Yliya.

Letter 17

Hello my dear Michael.
How are you? How was your day?
Forgive me for such a long answer.
Are you ready to take the money from David and send them to me so we could be together.
I'm waiting for your letter.
Your Yliya.

Letter 18

Hello Michael
What would send me money for a trip you need to register and make
PayPal.com plastic card PayPal.
and only then will send you David my money.
It all depends on you faster than you all do the faster I come))
I want to see you in real life face to face. I want to spend time with you, rejoice and just relax. Ochent I want to talk to you live. I hope you want the same thing.
I hope we will succeed and you can help me with this problem.
I look forward to your letter Yulia.

Letter 19

Hi Michael, how are you?
Why did not you answer for so long?