Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Baidukova to Stuart (UK)

Letter 1

Hello Stuart.
I am grateful to you for your message. I want to tell, that I live in Russia, in city Yoshkar - Ola, it is 900 km to the east from Moscow. I when was registered on a site, there there was no country Russia, and I have chosen other city and the country. I search for serious and long relations with the future men. And, I hope, that we can start to learn about each other more and better. Tell to me more about itself? And if you are capable, I would be happy, if you can send me your photo and yours families? I shall tell more about myself and about the family. That you could know about me more. I have family from three person, my Mum, my younger sister and I. To my Mum of 56 years, she teacher at school, also teaches Russian language for younger pupils. To my younger sister 24 years, she now to study in institute, She soon already will finish to study and will work as " Teacher at schools ". To me now 33 years, I also studied in institute and now I have profession " manager - bookkeeper " and I work in shop.
When, I studied in institute, I simultaneously took lessons of the English language. I hope, that you can understand my letters and we can learn the friend the friend well, also I hope in the future we can talk and look each day with each other. It is difficult for me to recollect the Father, we have lost the father 2 years back, he has died of a cancer. And, now we live three, together. We have three rooms, Certainly, it not such big house, but we live together and we try to live amicably and to help each other. I have no own children and yet had no long relations with the man, I have not found my future the man with which I want to be. But, I very much hope, that we with you can create ours sincerely and long relations and I hope, soon will meet with you and to see each other in a reality. I do not know, that you still to tell about me. If, you have questions, I only shall be happy to answer for you. I do not know, what time now at you, but I want to wish you good day and night. I hope, that you soon will write to me the following letter.
Sincerely to you, also I want to send you mine kiss.
Letter 2

Hello Dear Stuart,
Very pleasant for me to receive your letter and I hope, that your day approaches and at you all is good. I very much want to marry very soon, I really search for serious and long relations. I could not to you so soon to write the letter. I had today very heavy day on work. To us have brought a lot of goods and we together with Irina, made readout on these goods, We very urgently needed to make this readout and to give our boss. That we of the goods on next day have carried in all shops. I at once want to tell you, that I unfortunately can not write to you each day. I have not enough time, I give a plenty of time to the work. I need to earn enough of money, to help Mum and to help to feed the younger sister and to help her in study in institute. I work 5 days per one week and I work with 7:00 mornings up to 19:00 the late evening.
Before my work it is necessary to go about 40 minutes. I can contact you and write to you the letter when I have It is more than time for the work and then I can write to you the big letter and tell more about myself. You likely already know, that in Russia it is very hard to find good work. We in Russia have very bad and not steady economy.
And, therefore it is a lot of people in Russia suffer unemployment, also have no good work to provide the family and children. I want I shall find the future the man with which is very happy and I shall be sure in him, that he always will be with me. If, I shall find such the man, I always shall be with him and I shall support always in a difficult situation. And, also I can give my future to the man all the body, heart and love. He, not when will not doubt of my honesty and sincerely love to him. I know, how it is hard to earn confidence the person and love. I corresponded with many men, but I have not found sincerity in them letters and words which it is very necessary, that I could trust him completely for me and to have to him the big feelings and love. I hope, that you now can understand me and can understand me, as the woman. When, I have a free time after work or weekend, I spend with my friends. I like to go to cinema, swimming, go on nature.
Once, we together with friends go on the river Volga to fish. To me has very much liked it and I still would like to go with the person loved for me and to fish. I very much like to prepare different food for preparation, different salads, soups, but most of all I very much like to do pies. Mine the future the man not when will not be hungry, I shall be cares of him all the love. I already should finish the letter, I need to make a lot of work still. I hope, that you soon will write to me also we shall continue to learn each other better. I want to wish you good day and happy night.
With the best regards.
Letter 3

Hello My Dear Stuart,
It is a pity, that I now have no own computer and time, To be with you it is more than time in online and to write to you every day letters. I shall try to find this week more time and to write, to you letters are more often. I do not know, that to you still to tell about myself. I now write to you the letter from the work, I now have a dinner and I want to write to you the small letter. Today we have a little goods which need to be sent us on different shops. I did not speak you, I work in a warehouse, and we are engaged in selling of the different goods and devices. It, very interesting work, but sometimes very much tires me this work. I every day reach for the work by the bus, which always to comes on a stop every morning. When to me to become very hardly, to me to become pleasantly, That we have communication between the friend the friend and I much more become happy when I see your mail. I already talked with Mum, that I have got acquainted with you in Internet and also, that you live very far. She has asked me, that we with you together think of our meeting and the future life together. I could not answer to her this question. I to her have told, that it is necessary for us it is a little time to learn each other And we with you then together can solve for both of us, that we need to do further. I self do not know where our relations can result and I do not know, we can actually will meet and to see each other, I do not know it??? My Mum, already adult woman and she to me has told, that she can me to understand, that I now very lonely woman And I very much would like find future the man with which we together we can to grow fond each other also we can construct together our future life. She, also transfers you big "Hello" and also wishes the big health. I am very happy to hear, that my Mum not against our relations and she really wishes us that at us all was good And we could in fast will meet and to start to have more close and long relations. I recently thought of you and very much I wait for your letter. If, we in the future can will meet, we could be very fine partners and we can be together happy. I understand, that through Internet we cannot transfer feeling and love the friend for the friend which we with you search and we want to have. For, that we could have more feelings and could feel each other love. We should will meet in the future and to spend every day, it is as much as possible time together and to learn about each other much more.
I now need to finish already the letter, I need to go to work.
I hope, that your day has passed happily and I very much wait for your next letter.
I think of you,
Letter 4

My Dear Stuart,
I am happy to receive your letters, it is pleasant, that you write to me. Today Tuesday and I have very heavy day on work.
And, I very much tired, I hope, that you understand and will support me. I very much miss and also I think of you every evening. I very much would like to have with you meeting, But unfortunately I have no opportunity with you will meet and every day and evening to meet with you. It is a pity, that we cannot receive to feel heat of our hands and to see in a reality our eyes. To me is very sad, that I still now am in full loneliness. I feel, happy, only when I see your letters and I read them. You do not know, how inside me is now empty, and I do not feel affinity of the men. I very much would like to see every evening my beloved and together With him to go to bed and every morning to wake up and see its person before me. It is very hard for me to live without it. I had this weekend, usual. We with friends went to cinema and had walk in park not much. I like to have a free time, swimming, to ski. I also Very much I love animals, I have own dog, the girl, her name - Alisa. I not when did not travel yet to other countries and the states, I was very happy to have mine holiday in any country and to visit and To see beautiful places. I very much would like to plan our meeting and to arrive to you. I hope, that it it is possible to carry out our meeting in a reality. I hope, that you have remarkable day and I hope to see you.
Letter 5

Dear Stuart,
I hope, that we can have a real meeting and together share our life and love. It would be more pleasant for me, if I can arrive to you self. I could take holiday on my work and arrive to you, this month. I shall have 28 April, mine birthday and I want to have mine birthday together with you and to arrive to you in England. But, I now cannot pay my arrive to you because of money. You know, that I work very hardly. For me it will be now very difficult to arrive to you. If, you really want now will meet??? I could take holiday now arrive. And to meet with you, but it will be our meeting depends on you. You have an opportunity to help me to arrive to you and to pay all mine expenditure, for our meeting? If, you agree and have an opportunity to help me to arrive to you. I can today learn costs my arrive. I, as learn completely the information on travel to you, I at once shall write to you. I hope, that you had good day and with the best regards.
With impatience I shall wait for your news.
Letter 6

Hello Dear Stuart,
I go agencies of travel to me have told, completely the information on all documents what to me will need to be made.
It: the passport for travel abroad - 165 $ dollars
The medical insurance - 68 $ dollars
The visa - 379 $ dollars
It is necessary to pay for services to agency - 275 $ dollars
To pay for consular gathering - 126 $ dollars And, I will need to go to Moscow, I can receive the visa, only in Moscow in consulate.
And, also the sanction about sanctions to leave my country.
Trip up to Moscow, for me will cost 235 $ dollars.
Therefore, I completely considered, it will cost for me 1248 $ dollars
I shall arrive to you under the tourist visa, to me it will be much better and faster to make all documents and to arrive to you. I hope, soon to see you and will meet you.
I also went today to bank and talked the employee of bank. he has told, that many people send money, through the Western Union or Money Gram.
You heard, something about such bank systems translation money?
If, no, you can go in bank and learn about it and also, how to send money.
Also, that you could send money to me to Russia, to you will it is necessary to have my full data.
I shall write to you at the end of my letter, you should my given specify, when will send money.
I want to arrive to you and to have to live together with you. I shall wait for your news and the answer.
My full address:
Country: Russia
city: Yoshkar-Ola
street: Mashinostroiteley P.o. 80
zip\postal: 424037
My full name: Anastasia Baidukova
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