Romance scam letter(s) from Oksana Kuznetsova to Ed (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello! How are you doing???
My name is Galina! I am from RU.
I am 29 years old and i have a great plans on my future!
You must be surprised to receive this letter but this is not mistake. I know that you have profile on dating site thats why i wrote you.
I want to find a new friends from other country's and possible my real love so if you interesting
you may reply to me on my personal e mail:
i sending you my photo so you can see how i look....
Letter 2
It is very pleasant to me that you wrote to me. Now we can get acquainted and recognize each other closer.
In this letter, I want to tell about myself. I was born on November 28, 1983. Zodiac sign - a scorpion.
I am 29 years old, my weight of 52-54 kg and my growth 173 see.
I live in Russia the city of Kazan, in the capital of the republic of Tatarstan. It is the old city and very beautiful, I not married, live together with my mother because my parents divorced when I was child. I very much appreciate the mother, I am proud of it, and I support it and I help as soon as I can.
I have the higher education, graduated from teacher training college.
Now I work as the dancing-master, I learn children to dance. I very much love children and the work.
She helps me to forget for a while about problems and to distract.
My main vital principles it is honesty, kindness,
Tenderness and love and respect for darling. I don't love lie and
I do not love false people. It is always ready to help and find an approach to a problem of close people.
I - the sincere and open person and never hide something from dear people.
I spend the free time with friends, I go to the pool as I visit a beauty salon or gym. As I already spoke I watch over the body and health.
I had the long relations with the man, here in the city. but he betrayed me, I learned that it changed to me and had the serious relations with other girl.
When I learned it, I long couldn't come to the senses. I don't want to speak about it, because it is very sick.
I don't want to deal with the Russian men more as they don't respect women. I already lost hope to find the love and the second half, and decided to try to do it by means of the Internet. And here now, I am very glad that you wrote to me.
I told you a little about myself, about the Personal life, about work and a hobby.
If you, had questions, you can ask me and I with pleasure will answer them.
If you are interested and really want to continue communication with me, I would like to learn more about you, about your life... It is very interesting to me.
I think that we should hide nothing from each other, to speak more about ourselves.
I don't know, whether you answer me or not. But why not to try? I will regret if you won't want to communicate with me. I look for the serious relations and consequently I want to ask you Whether really you are ready to concern with the girl from Russia?
I think that we should use every chance to find our happiness.
I understood, life is too short to use it only to think and dream.
I hope, you understand, my letters because I am not perfect in language. I understand very well, I can speak. I like this language, I studied it at school, and then at university. I try very much, that it is good to know language.
I with impatience will wait from you the letter.
If you have pictures, please send me them.
Letter 3
I am happy to receive news from you again. It means that I interested you:)
I was afraid that you won't write to me. And I am happy that I have possibility to communicate with you.
Now I am sure that we will know each other better.
Now I would like to tell about the hobbies.
I am a Christian and I believe in God. You believe in God, you go to church?
Possibly, at you other religion, but God one for all people...
My favourite color red. It is very bright and beautiful color. For me this color simply pleases my eyes. I listen to different music, I can tell, that I am a music fan. Music should be beautiful.
As I like to watch movies. I like "Beautiful woman" with Julia Roberts. This story is worth admiring. I'm fond of films where love wins, it is so touching!. I also love films about residual friendship ("We were the soldier", Blade", Brotherhood of the wolf", "Gladiator"). From a comedy I of love comedies where plays Jim Carry: his unforgetable "Mask", "Silly and still Silly", "Criminal literary dust" also love film of and film with Al Pachino of "Aroma of women". Have you watched them?
I very seldom go on discos and different clubs, but my friends sometimes persuade me to descend where or to have a good time.
Also I like swimming and I like to sunbathe under the sun on a beach. You love a beach?
In the winter I love, to ski. It is very beautiful, when ponds are frozen, on trees snow and fresh air. As I already spoke I also I love dances. It is a fine way to vanish from vain, city life.
I as like to happen in other cities or the countries. Though I do not presume to travel much to myself.
I love declines and dawn. It is very surprising!
I as love children and I spend with them a lot of time on the work. When I have free time I like to read I love different books: about love and about risk, sometimes I love detectives. My favourite authors - generally from Russian literature, for example, Chekhov, Turgenev, Tolstoy.
What do I wait from our correspondence? I am the gentle and romantic girl. I want to love and be a darling. I want leaving and attention from the person whom I love. I would like to divide all my personal secrets with it.
The most important on Earth. I look for the person, which there will be my friend, my husband and the father of my children.
And I want, that my dream came true. I really dream from future steady families. But, first of all my attention will be it will be devoted to my husband as children become adults, and they will be to work independently, and the husband - the unique person with whom I will be to remain on all life. Here I would like to set some questions.
You sometime there were serious relations? If it so why it stopped?
What you imagine the wife? I would be very glad, if you answer me. I hope that mine letter not too big. You aren't tired when reading
I hope, you understand that I write to you.
I will wait for your answer.
Yours Galina
Letter 4

You know, we just recently familiar to you, but I've had time to get used to you.
I'd like to read your letters. I'd be happy if you could send me more pictures.
I'm a man on the Internet, because here I can not find the person I really would have liked, which would have given me happiness, love and hope for the future.
We must learn to trust each other and listen to a loved one
The majority of Russian men are selfish and do not respect women. They take a lot of alcohol.
I do not understand this at all. I do not like a drink, I do not smoke. I drink only on holidays, I prefer a little good wine. I hope you understand me? What is your attitude to alcohol or cigarettes?
I am very glad that I met you, now I'm starting to really enjoy life, through our correspondence. This is something new and quite unfamiliar to me. And I want to say that every your letter, you are becoming more and more interesting person, I would love for you to become the person whom you could trust and support. I am the person who makes the choice once seriously.
I hope you understand what I mean. I want my man to love only me. I want to wake up with him and hear the words "I love you" That is my goal and I am eager to do so.
It is difficult to explain why I chose you, but sometimes difficult to understand a woman's heart. It is something like gut feeling or inner voice. Perhaps fate or God that we met.
In our life is all there is no chance. If this is what it was, it is destiny. And I believe that.
There is a beautiful legend that one day God created the creature, and one day decided I needed to share it on strengths and weaknesses. Men and women, that they were together and belonged together.I believe in good fortune, and I think that I will find happiness and family. Otherwise, life has no meaning. Because the person is very difficult to be alone. Life becomes monotonous.
Selling all the time at work and do not want to go home, because no one is at home waiting for you.
Back to work in the morning and it repeats every day. Sometimes try to change something in my life, but do not always succeed. The worst thing for a man is loneliness. To be alone is very difficult.
I love to have fun, joy and happiness. I want to love and be loved.
We like each other. We both aspire to be happier. We are tempted to find love
and tranquility. Maybe we can have a serious relationship, but it is too early to talk about it.
I want my husband, not only as a partner in sex, but also as a close friend, a partner in my life.
Tell me how you usually spend your typical day. the place where you live. I want to find someone who will love me as a woman, as a man, but not as a nice doll. Women in their should respect and appreciate their husbands, to be open and honest, trust and not to conceal anything about them.
Family home should be on the basis of mutual respect and understanding between husband and wife. Both husband and wife are responsible for a happy life family. I think that a good wife should create an environment at home with great tenderness and beauty.
You're probably tired of reading my letter) I'll finish it, I have to go.
I am sending you my pictures. I hope that they will like you.
I'll wait for your answer with great impatience. I wish you a good day.
Yours Galina
P. S. I write the following letter in the near future.
If I did not answer some of the questions I try to answer them in
The following letters.
Letter 5
Hello me dear friend!
Thanks for the shown interest to me and the answer.
Today I am not in good mood. Something like melancholy. I miss love and to caress. I feel loneliness and to me is very sad.
I try to change something in the life, I want to love and be a darling.
Simply and very sadly for me right now.
It seems to me that you are very good and decent person. I don't understand, why your woman the country don't see that the person you good. They are silly women.
I think, I was lucky that I got acquainted with you. I think, you would be very good husband and father. The only thing for what I very much regret that didn't get acquainted with you earlier.
I didn't know that on the Internet it is possible to get acquainted with men. And I didn't know, that on the Internet there are people, such as you.
I as would like, that you wrote to me more about the character, about the feelings, it is interesting to me to know it. what your feelings and intentions to me. the Internet, is a surprising thing thought up by mankind.
thanks to it, we can speak with you, and write each other letters...
I already spoke to you that I live with the mother. I also have a grandmother, it 80 years.
When I was the little girl, I came to it to holidays and in the summer. I liked to remain with it. I still had a grandfather, it for 5 years was more senior than it.
After his death, health of the grandmother worsened, and we with mother tried to persuade her to move to us from the village where she lives. She says that it will remain where it was happy with darling. We respect its feelings, and we don't insist on it, but we it is simple to worry about its health.
I told you a little about the relatives. You have relatives?
You know on work people see that I became strange.
I don't know as, but on my person, on my behavior people see, that my eyes have shine. they ask me that with me. Thanking to you the road I now in good mood. I dream to meet the person with which to me it will be good, with which it will be possible to forget about everything.
Only to have pleasure, to kiss it, to be engaged with it in love. To do in total that it was happy and it was pleasant to it. I think that you divide mine dreams with me. I write to you with the great pleasure.
I finished the letter. My dear friend, I will be very glad to see your letter. Please write to me. Your letters give me additional energy which helps me to live.
I wish you good day
I will wait for your letter
Letter 6
Hello my dear!
I like to read your letters, they cheer up.
I want, that you knew, that you are very close to me. When I only I started to speak with you didn't dream at all that I will meet the such person, as you!
I know that we don't communicate yet so long, but in the heart of the soul I I am convinced that you are the person with whom I could live.
I spoke about you to the mother. My mother, it as my best friend and consequently I always tell it the most important in my life of a thing. This is the close and native person for me, which will always listen to me and will give the correct advice. I appreciate it it.
She told to me that it is necessary to feel the heart. She is glad for me that I found such man as you.
I always imagined love, as a bird with big wings.
I think that it flew by over us. I feel that you need me, I feel that I can give you the love, care and tenderness. I believe that you my purpose in life.
I dream of the love, I never deceived, I not the jealous. I think that it is necessary to trust each other.
Trust this one of the most important components of the relations.
It is my point of view. Possibly it not so, but is my thoughts. What do you think of trust?
I think that it is possible to rely on you and is completely sure that you and I know that you never will deceive me, and I you.
Deception is a trait of character of the bad person and doesn't decorate the person!
I hope that our relations positive and we can trust even more with each letter each other. It is very important for me.
I want to see your pleasure and to share it with you.
I want to ask you, what does you happy? I will try to make everything for you that you were happy.
I think of you much, and I remember all words and thoughts which you stated for me.
Please write to me more, I like to read your letters. Also I think that one fine day we will meet with each other.
I will wait for your your answer.
Yours Galina
Letter 7
Hello my darling!
I am very glad to receive your letter.
I thought all these days of our relations and our correspondence.
I am sure that you found the man of the dream, it!
I don't know as to explain you this feeling. In your letters I feel warmth, care, it forces my heart to fight more strongly each time, with each new word.
My feelings
Increase many times over and if so will proceed further I can't behave under control. Also I can not live without you.
When I started to correspond with you, I hoped that at us you everything will be good.
With each your letter, I began to understand that you are the man who is necessary for me.
I mean that my feelings and words, in relation to you is sincere.
Now I am sure that I can trust you.
I like my life, and it is a pity that only our letters connect us.
I should think of you. You such kind, clever and understanding. I always admire you.
My mother speaks that you are the reliable and kind person. And I want to ask you a question, whether you consider our relations steady or not? I want to know it, it is very important for me now.
I want reciprocity and mutual understanding. I want to be confident in you. Simply tell, what you think on the relation to me?
I feel as the girl who fell in love the first time. I didn't test long ago such feelings.
And I want to know that think of us, about that that between us occurs? I want to know your opinion.
Because I appreciate it and I respect you.
me pulls to you as though a magnet. I was afraid to make an avowal of sentiments at the beginning, I think that you will laugh. You can tell that we know each other too little, but during our correspondence I started to trust you. I don't want to keep the feelings in myself, I don't want to deceive myself and you and consequently I make an avowal of sentiments to you.
I love you... You mean for me now much. To me it is awkward, but I can do nothing with myself.
I can tell that my life only begins. Also I hope this life will be it is connected with you.
I will look forward your letter. Heartily,
With love yours
Letter 8
Hello my darling!
For me it is very difficult, to wait for your letter.
Every day I have ideas and dreams of you, I really think that my love to you real and real.
I want that you trusted me. It is very important.
At first I couldn't believe at all that it is possible to fall in love with the person, having never seen it in reality.
I considered it as totally ludicrous if it is honest. And now, having communicated to you I is ready to take the words back.
It is really possible. It even is very interesting, to recognize each other by means of letters.
In it there is that that romantic and mysterious.
I already said to you that I have many imaginations about you, some of them too frank.
I want to share with you the dreams of day of our meeting.
I will arrive by the plane, I go down on a platform and I go to an airport building.
We are among crowd of people meeting each other. We start to look around at each other.
It is very disturbing moment. And here we see each other. On my body a shiver from these thoughts.
We go to each other. And very much hot we embrace and we kiss each other.
Then, we leave from the airport to spend time together, only together. The whole world as though ours and exists nothing except us two!
I don't deceive you. I don't play games with love. What do you think of our meeting?
How you imagine our meeting?
I mean, "I love you very much". I trust you ^^. You in my heart also I think of you constantly.
I want to see you, I want, to hold your hands, a soft and tender look to look in the face and to tell that I love you.
I want to make you happy eternally, while we not the old. I love you! You are a part me.
You have a heart. My love and everything that is necessary. I will be to care of you, to listen to your gentle words. Your heart and as fresh roses.
I know that you will become the fine father and it is remarkable. God gave you the special heart filled with love.
You do me such happy!!! I can't think of life without you. I know, our future, and beautiful and full of happy memoirs. I
I love you. I want to tell to you that every day, I love you. I will wait, your answer
I love you forever!
With love, sincerely yours Galina
Letter 9
Hello the best man in the world! =)
I just read the letter from you my dear Ed. More and more I I understand that I can't live without you! I can't breathe without you!
You and only you, it everything that I want in my life! It isn't simple words! So tell my feelings! I am very open girl, and I can't hold the emotions in relation to you in myself! I want, that you knew what feelings I test to you! I not I know how to tell to you about it, but I look as the little girl, which fell in love with the prince on a white horse. I was afraid that you won't understand me... I never felt such up to this point. I think that god created you specially for me, you I unique to whom want to belong! When I read your letters, you seem to me that near me. I am sure of that that to me always will be with you in a warm or cold pagoda. I am so lonely here without you, I miss you! Sometimes I think, if we meet sometime that we will remain together even if we will meet within several minutes, it will be the happiest day in my life. It does me a little more happily. This only thing that I wish. I very much would like to arrive and visit you in your country. What do you think of my trip to you? I would like to visit you in your country! But I think that it isn't so simple! When I will have free time, I descend in tourist agency and I learn in detail about a trip to your country. Every day I dream of a meeting with you, every night I dream of you. I represent as you hold me on strong a hand, kiss me gently and I too kiss you on your lips!
I completely understand your character and it does it very easy for me to open all my heart and thoughts for you! I believe that the love depends on four sources it: trust, understanding, honesty and respect.
The basic principles of love are in my opinion that, and I think that nobody can create love without them. Perhaps, I will write to you too much about my thoughts, but I want, that you knew everything about me and about my thoughts. Certainly, when two persons love each other, they face some problems, misunderstandings and disappointments. But when loving each other people compound that love will win! If you doubt that that I wrote to you, you should tell to me at once. Can be to you that isn't pleasant that I speak: "It is important to be honest with each other" I want to admit at me there are no bases to doubt you. Your letters filled with tenderness and love, I should trust you!
Each thought on you does my life of full love and happiness! I consider that we will meet one fine day and we will be the happiest pair around the world! We should be together because both of us love each other! And I believe that God will help us to meet soon! I believe in God, and I trust, in our love! I started to feel something bigger much earlier, than friendship, but I was afraid to admit even to myself. I felt long ago a warm feeling of love to you... I look forward your letter. Tell me about your emotions.
to you that isn't pleasant that I speak: "It is important to be honest with each other" I want to admit at me there are no bases to doubt you. Your letters filled with tenderness and love, I should trust you! With the greatest tenderness
Letter 10
Hello Ed my love! How you today? I hope that at you everything is all right.
I think that all people mad in love. They are given completely to soulmates. The love forces people to behave as mentally ill people.
Probably, it isn't bad. It causes strange actions sometimes. If love it is poison that I would prefer to drink this poison every day. Only The person who loves can fill a bath with champagne for darling, only he can present the favourite one hundred roses and spend all nights on flight about the of darling! This finest that is in the world. To feel it to you it is necessary to love so strongly someone, what you should think of darling every minute! I should think of it every minute. To feel that someone is necessary to have possibility to breathe. Your letters are so gentle and warm! I never heard such words from anybody except you. I think that Russian men simply don't know these a word. It is so pleasant to me to read your letters that it uplifts me to the sky! Sometimes I feel so alone here in the days off. I have friends and girlfriends, but they won't be compared to you. As I met you and I don't have you for full n?aouny. I can't present, as I will live without you. You showed me that such the real life filled with emotions and expectations. I am so happy that found you Ed! I thought that the person can live without love, as I earlier. I thought that it is better not to love, than to feel pain and humiliation every day. But now I know that the love can cure disappointments. You taught me how to be happy with the life to be in the satisfied every afternoon. Every morning, when I wake up, I think of you Ed. And I know that nobody can cause me pain because you are in my life! I looked for the person who will trust me. And I found you! I want to fill emptiness in in my heart and my soul to soul. One person needs some things to be happy, and now I know that the love is the most important component of happiness. Now when I found you, I ask you when me not to deceive. I'm fine don't worry. After tomorrow I receive particulars of a trip to your country and I will write you everything. ok? I wait for your answer.
It is a lot of kisses for you!

Letter 11
I think of you all the time I miss you. You are very necessary to me, it is so difficult to me without you here one... If you only knew as heavy to worry expectation to receive the letter from you! Ed I look forward to be with you. If we will create the serious relations and trust to each other, I would be the happiest woman in world. I like all in your character. At me serious intentions to you. After long time of loneliness I feel that I found the person who wants cares of me and to support me at a difficult moment! I am absolutely honest with you darling, and I it is sure that you too want to spend the rest of the life with me. My feelings to you are so strong that I to death am afraid to lose. I appreciate you and I respect! The true love, trust and honesty is necessary to me. I I ask God to give the chance to meet to me you.
Now I want to talk about my trip to your country. Today I went to tourist agency. I spoke with the manager - about that that I want to visit your country. I signed travel the contract with tourist agency.
I now will explain you that such travel the contract. Travel the contract is a package deal provided to the client addressed in tourist agency for a trip to any country. Into my contract enters: visa, insurance, international passport and air tickets. It everything that is provided by travel company. I already made all papers for a standard tourist visa for 3 months for your country. My visa will be ready within 4-10 days. I as made all papers for the international passport, I can receive the international passport within 4-8 days.
Registration of an insurance borrowed least time... I want to tell to you at once that I already paid for the visa of 150 euro, for an insurance of 100 euro and for the international passport 140 of euro.
The manager in detail explained everything to me as as is made out,
and still the manager asked the airport name in your city or the next airport to your city. It is necessary to reserve air tickets and to learn cost of air tickets. Please don't forget to write the airport name in your city. After you will write me the airport name, the manager will tell to me about cost of air tickets and calls an overall cost of my trip. I hope that it is good news to you? I want to warn you at once that, not enough my cure for a trip to your country will be possible to me. I hesitate to tell, but can be to me your help with payment of air tickets is required. Today with payment of my visa, an insurance and international the passport helped me the brother with the father. I am very grateful to my family that they help me. It is difficult for me to address for the help to you, but I want to be honest - I don't earn freely to travel all over the world enough... I hope that you understand me. I never and whom didn't ask about the help therefore I feel uncomfortablly. The only thing that forces me it to make, this huge desire to be with you. I hope that it won't be unsoluble problem for you. Our life doesn't depend on money.
It is so unfair! It is opposite to me to realize that our meeting depends on money. It is very difficult for me, to do everything most, I the girl you should understand it my dear! I am the weak girl, and it is unfair to charge with all cares my shoulders.
I kiss you my love! I will wait for yours the letter!
Letter 12
Hello, my darling!
How you today? Whether all as it should be? I hope, you as it should be. I is glad to read your letters and I am so glad to learn that I can hope for your help. The road I feel a little awkwardly because I should ask you about the help. I always considered myself as the independent person who can solve any problem. It is so a pity to me, but it appeared not so... But I am glad that now there is you Ed - the man who can come to the rescue of me at a difficult moment.
After our acquaintance a lot of things changed. Earlier I considered myself strong and independent, and it needed to be felt that I can care of mine life itself. Now I feel simply as the girl who needs support. But it is pleasant for me, to feel support of the person which protects me from all troubles in life! This morning I came into travel company to learn an overall cost of my trip. I spoke with the manager, he told me everything about my trip in detail. The overall cost of my trip of 1130 euro enters into this sum: Insurance: 50 euro.
International passport: 90 euro.
Visa: 100 euro
air tickets there and back: 890 euro. Yesterday I paid 500 euro. Now I needed to pay 630 euro within 4-10 days! I hope that this money isn't for you a great difficulty for you. After I will pay completely for my trip, the tourist agency will reserve air tickets on my name. And as soon as the visa and my international passport will be ready, I can receive everything but at first I should pay for my trip completely. The manager so explained to me that my visa will work within 3 months.
On how many you want that I remained with you? I think of all 3 months, what you think? Please send me your telephone number I learned how you can help send me the money. I feel ashamed and uncomfortable ask your help but I have no choice.You can use the system Western Union. That is my name: Russia
republic tatarstan
postal cod 420075
serova 15 a / p 34
Galina Pat you are the most devoted and sensitive man of my heart! Only for you I opened the heart and soul for I know that you never will force me to feel pain... I wait for your letter!
I feel your breath in sleepless nights.
I hear your joyful laughter when I am happy is it is important that or who made me happy...
You are a part of my life...
We are two always nearby - even then when you is so far.
You... My love...
One destiny on for two...
And the whole world - ours with you...
Yours love Galina
Letter 13
I am glad to receive your letter.
Darling, that you do many thanks for everything for me. I see that our relations are expensive. I trust that we will be together soon. I too don't sit in place and I try to find any opportunity.
My mother spoke recently with the uncle. He lives in other country.
And seldom comes here on a visit. I likely forgot to tell you about it. Mother told it about us with you, my uncle is very glad for me.
After all he loves the niece. He knows about a problem with money that I can't find money to meet the darling. It seems he agreed to help us.
The uncle told that for a number of reasons can't transfer money from the of the country to Russia. Whether therefore he asked there is at you, the bank account about online access? It will be able to transfer money to you, and you in turn will be able to transfer money here.
I will pay the contract and I will come to you.
I think that it as option which can be used. What do you think of it?
I need to consult to you, after all you are my man and your opinion is very important! And if at you it turns out nothing? that we can use this option.
I very much love you and I will wait for your answer.
Whole Galina
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