Letter(s) from Haddy Kojo to Alvaro (USA)

Letter 1


Thanks so very much for your mail. Attached file is our photo together with the picture's of the items.

I and my sister has received your email and we know you will have the feelings as we have not meet or seen each other before. Indeed it's my great pleasure to communicate with you. We appreciate your indicated interested to help us receive the consignment box (fund) and Gold/ Rough diamond stones from the delivery agent. I honestly don't know how to thank you enough hence the Almighty Allah shall bless you in a way you least expected for your acceptance to assist us considering what I and my sister is going through here at the Refugee camp.

With due respect to your email, I wish to inform you that one man by name (Mr.Hassan Hamid) promised to help us receive our consignment box (fund) from the deliver agent and we heard an agreement to compensate him with 20% of the total sum While he shall keep the remaining 80% of this total fund for us which shall be used for the real investment partnership through his investment plans, advise and supervision. We are talking about life time business relationship hence honesty with sincerity of purpose was highly needed. But unfortunately, when Mr.Hassan Hamid made verifications in regards to the authenticity of the consignment, he disliked our initial agreement with him and started demanding for 60% of the total money. Therefore, I said to him no, because our initial agreement with him was to compensate him with 20% of the total amount. With this development, our plans is to relocate to his country to start a new life and invest the funds into a profitable investment project through his investment plan, advice and supervision was jeopardized because of his greediness and dishonesty. In view of Mr.Hassan Hamid greediness towards the funds, I told deliver agent not to release the consignment to Mr.Hassan Hamid, because he is a very greedy man who doesn't worth dealing with in a transaction of this nature hence there is every likelihood that he shall betray the trust and confidence we reposed on him and by running away with the whole consignment box (fund) Gold/ Rough diamond stones, when he receives it. To be honest with you, as I'm sending you this email, the consignment box (money) Gold/ Rough diamond stones is in the esteem custody of the delivery agent.

If you are sure that you shall handle this transaction with the needed sincere trust, honest co-operation, fear and love of Allah with sincerity of purpose, I will then give you their contact information of the delivery agent where the consignment box (money) is deposited, so that you can contact them and make arrangement to collect the consignment box on our behalf. As you receive this consignment box (money) Gold/ Rough diamond stones over there on our behalf and favor you would help us to process our traveling documents down to Country home so that we can relocate to your country for real life settlement and establishment through you. The delivery agent does not know the content of the consignment, we will be very happy to compensate you with 30% of the total sum. If you can assure me in confidence that you will not sit, deny or betray us when you have finally received the consignment box (fund) from the agent who is now ready to release consignment box (money) to you as soon as I advise them officially and accordingly to that effect. I will give you the contact information of the agent to enable you contact them. Your assurance of the needed trust and confidence on this transaction since this fund which I and my sister has agreed to entrust into your care is the only money left with us.

So this fund is our only hope for a better future hence we are entrusting our life and destiny into your care. We are relying on you to be our extended big brother/father.

Meanwhile, kindly confirm you’re under listed information’s:
1. Your full name,
2. Contact address
3. Your direct telephone number,
4. Age/ occupation

So that I can forward it to the agent and also inform him that you are the person, who will receive the consignment box on our behalf. Your urgent and immediate response along with the above required information is highly anticipated so as to enable me update you the more how this transaction shall be concluded.

You may like to reach us on phone: +2203051639 , after reading this email for more clarifications.

I look forward to receive your urgent confirmation.
Best regards,
Kojo Michael $ Haddy