Scam letter(s) from Alina Zozylia to David (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello David! How are you doing? Thanks for your interest in me and I am extremely happy that could attract your attention. Well, are you looking for a friend or your second part?
Do you want to find somebody whom you can share your joy and troubles with? Whom you can open your heart and soul?
I am not sure I can be exactly this person but I promise I'll try to do my best. :) Frankly speaking I don't know English but I'm translating the letters with the help of the translational agency and I hope that won't be a communicative barrier between us!!!
I just want to begin my letter with telling you about myself and to give you an opportunity to understand whether I am the girl you are searching for... So, let's start with simple things. Like name :) I am Maria, a girl of 28 years old. I was born in Ukraine, in a small city Artemovsk where I spent 19 years of my life. I lived there with my family, which consists of my mother and father only. I don't have either sister or brother, only two cousins whom I can see now very rarely.
My parents...what can I say about them? They mean a lot for me and I love them very much. My mother is an accountant in a small restaurant. You know, we are rather alike, both with our character and appearance. My mother is the best friend for me, we have so many things in common and can always share everything with each other.
My father is a bit strict man, but he is always fair and wise. He is working on a mine. The work is rather difficult but not well-paid. Have you ever heard about the mines? You know, Donetsk region is a capital of industry in Ukraine and there are a number of different plants, factories and mines where the majority of our grandfathers and fathers work. My city is quite polluted and ***** because of it, but nevertheless in spring and summer it looks so nice, like a small piece of Heaven, when everything shines so brightly and nature just captivates your eyes with indescribable beauty. Well, I think I will have a chance to tell you more about my family in next letters, if it will be interesting for you, of course :) And what about your relatives? Are you in good relations with them?
It will be interesting for me to know about you family, friends. Just to understand the way you live and spend your days. Well, let's go on...
As I have told you I was leaving in Artemovsk only for 19 years, I studied in a simple school and like a lot of children I had many friends whom I spent the best years of my childhood in this city. You know, I was always very active and energetic girl, since childhood I have been fond of sport, I do love swimming and sometimes playing table tennis (or ping-pong as Americans call). You won't believe, but from time to time I even liked watching football at home with my father, he is a great football fan and he accustomed me a bit to this :) Nobody believes in it! Girl and FOOTBALL? :)
Well, sometimes, I don't mind to have a look at the crazy football match. And you? Do you like sport? What kind of? After finishing school I decided to enter the University. I wanted to get a high education, but my parents were too poor to afford paying for my study. I had to do something. So, I tried to enter the Economical department in one of Donetsk Universities. I passed a lot of exams and did my best, but unfortunately I couldn't enter for the free education... I was very disappointed and lost in the middle. But, gaining force I finally decided to catch this chance and start studying in any case. I know that life is like riding a bicycle- you won't fall off unless you stop peddling.
So, the most important is not to give up and believe in yourself. So I did it. Since I have entered the University my life has totally change, I became more responsible an independent. To leave my family, friends and native town was rather difficult for me, but I could do it.
So, now I am living and studying in Donetsk, I am renting a flat with my friend. I am already at the 4th course and my study is going well, though sometimes it's a bit difficult. I managed to find a job and my parents are proud of me because of it.
Now I am doing baby sitting and take care of small children when their parents are not at home. Of course, it is just a temporary job and it helps me to pay for my study and live somehow, but nevertheless I like it very much. I do love children, we always understand each other very well and have so many things in common. You know, I am rather young, but looking at these little and cute boys and girls I feel I can be a good mother in future :) So, as you can see my life is a bit crazy...
I have a lot of friends at the University but I decided to try myself in communicating through the Internet. I've heard a lot of stories how with the help of it people became good friends and sometimes even more... I don't know whether it could be, because this is the first time for me to get acquainted in this way, but I know one thing- I liked your profile a lot and want us to continue lettering and getting closer look at each other. Don't you mind? Hope I did not bore you with this letter, just wanted to tell you as much as possible about myself ;) Hope to hear a story about your life, hobbies, interests, and everything you want to share with me :)
I want our relations be built on honesty, so you can ask any questions you like and I promise to answer them sincerely. Wish you a good sunny day and great mood! :) I'll be looking forward to receive your answer. Faithfully yours,
Letter 2
Hi there again David! I feel awesome after receiving your reply to my first letter.
I like your photos very much! That is great that you have hot weather now as we have cold weather with snow now!
I wish I can have holiday maybe in Thailand.
I'm really happy that you wrote me again, I understand that we will need time to see if the relationships between you and me will be strong and long-lasting, but I'm ready to work for it and I have really good feeling about you and me. To tell the truth I was worrying a bit you would not write me back because I am not well-experienced enough in this way of communication. Well, frankly speaking computer is like misery for me and every time I am trying myself in using the Internet I am solving this unknown riddle more and more ;)
Unfortunately I don't have a computer at home, but I am glad the agency I use can give me the access to the Internet and can help me with a lot of things including translating letters and others. My dear! We have crossed this barrier between us and now I feel myself freely while writing you the letters. Well, we have known each other for such a short period of time but I feel like we have met before, don't you have the same feeling? I think we have all the chances to become good friends as friendship is very important in new relations.
If you can speak and share either your problems or happiness with somebody it means you are getting closer to each other and you can call this person a FRIEND. I want to call you like this. Or probably our friendship will grow into something more in future? How do you think, can our relations develop more? I wanted to ask you whether you are lettering with somebody else? That is very important for me to know, you can tell the things as they are, I won't be offended. I just want to know the truth. And if you have other girls who write you I won't be surprised as people are just trying to find their happiness and I understand everything. So, that is not strange you could conquer their hearts! I think you want to know more about me, just like want to know more about you, my dear. I consider myself to be rather helpful person, I will never refuse to help if somebody needs it. I hate when people lie. That is so awful to turn into a person who always cheats, lies and just can't live without it! People have different reasons for lie, but I think that all of them don't excuse the harm people do to other people by their lie.
I don't have any special hobby, but I think I like the things that almost all people love, I love music and I like movies, me and the girl with whom I live usually watch something in the evening when we are not working or when it is not necessary to prepare for the University. Oh, enough talking and talking, I will be waiting for your letter, my dear.
I'm sending you one more picture of do you like it? Have a nice day!
I will be waiting for your reply with great anticipation! Truly yours,
Letter 3
Hi again, my dear David!!! How are you today?
What are you doing?
Is the weather good in your country now?
Thanks a lot for your honesty and as for me I correspond only with you and I do not mind about your correspondence with others.
As for Thailand I will be really happy to visit it with you! I know, I'm telling these words with every letter I send you but I want to repeat them again- I AM SO GLAD we are lettering and every time getting your mail I feel so happy! That is strange for me, but I have never thought somebody can grab my mind and attention like you do. That is true, we live so far from each other, but while reading the letters you send me I have a feeling you are rather close. Each time I have a break during the day I am hurry to go to the agency and check whether there is something from you or not. So, as you can see our communication means a lot for me, it brings me happiness and your words always make me smile and think about good things! And what about you, dear? You know, I can't tell about myself that I have a good experience with men. I want to share one sad story that happened with me several years ago. I had a boyfriend, it seemed to me we were the happiest couple in the whole world and were made for each other. Once, I wanted to make a surprise and came to his house. I had plans for the evening to have a romantic dinner and thought he would like this idea. But entering his flat I could see him not alone, there was other girl whom he was kissing.... Oh God! At that moment all my dreams were broken and I didn't want to believe my eyes!!! How could you do this to me?- I thought... And that was the end. He made a lot of excuses and explanations but I didn't want to hear them. I didn't want to see him anymore. I hope you don't mind me telling you this story, I just want you to know that I'm open and honest with you and that I want to share this with you. Now I am a bit hesitating about our Ukrainian men and boys, it seems to me they absolutely can't understand women and we are so different.
So, I am here, at the Internet and I want to try my destiny here. You know, I am not waiting for a prince or a superman, I just want to find a man who can be my friend and love, my support and my everything. I am ready to devote all myself to him and build strong and happy family with him. I'm just tired of being lonely, there are the people who surround me, I have friends and people with whom I'm communicating, but I don't have my THE ONLY ONE!
I think the things that we least anticipate always soon come to pass, so I am an optimistic girl by nature and I have a feeling that something really good waits for me in future. That is just a woman's intuition :) and I want to believe it!
My dear, I do hope to receive your wonderful letter as soon as possible though I have noticed I can't spend a day without reading your answers :) I wish you to have a good day!
I want you to think about me :) My picture will remind you that there is a girl in Ukraine that is extremely intrigued and charmed by you. Bye-bye! Yours,
Letter 4

Hello, my dear David! How do you feel today? I do hope my letter will make a sweet smile appear on your cute face :)
So, how is your day passing? What are you doing?
I work on weekends but not all the day long. So I go for a walk or to the theatre! It is nowhere where to live but the main thing to be together with your second part! And I do not need so rich house with pool as it seems really luxurious but to live in a house nice! As for me today I am in a good mood and I want to tell you that since we started lettering every day that I spend is full with sun and joy!
You know, my dear, that is so great for me to receive your letters! :)
Reading them I feel a very pleasant feeling in my heart, I feel warmth and softness and I realize that my sympathy for you is growing into something ******... Darling, have you ever thought about our relations? Is it a simple friendship for you or something more? Are you really serious or just playing jokes? I am speaking like this not because I don't trust you or I am not sure in your honesty. No. There is another reason. I do believe in every word you say and I want you to know that I have never met such a frank, openhearted and honest person you are. The matter is it seems to me the Internet is just a way to flirt and play jokes for a lot of people and I don't want somebody do these things with me. ... I am afraid to tell it to myself and to you, but during the days of our lettering I felt myself absolutely another person, my world has changed and it seems to me everything has happened because of you.
You appeared in my life so unexpectedly, like a little star appears on the dark sky at night and you could spark the light in my heart and a little hope for my future. I don't want to scare you, maybe everything is going too fast for us, but I have never felt in such way I feel now. My dear, you have a talent to captivate my mind somehow, all the days are passing with the thoughts about you, I can't do anything with it, but I find myself thinking about you everywhere, either at the kitchen while preparing breakfast, at the university, or just while riding by bus to my work... That is becoming funny! I can't recognize myself sometime. You know, I stared smiling more often, even my friends have noticed that. "Why do you look so happy?- they ask, "Have you fallen in love???" I wish I could answer this question but I don't know what is going on with me... Maybe that is really true and I finally met a man who could turn my world upside-down? You see, I was looking for someone whom I can love, devote all myself to and with whom I can be really happy. And now I am asking myself a question "Is it you or that is just an illusion?" I am lost in the middle... Maybe you will help me to understand these feelings? To clear it up? What do you feel? Have you ever thought that it is space for two under one umbrella? When you are alone under umbrella you are always from a side. Only second hand can give a balance to the umbrella and only two people can be comforted together in a rainy day. Sometimes I feel that is a rainy day for me and I even have no umbrella. I don't want tears to be mixing with rain drops on my cheeks!
I do want to be happy, and I feel that you can give me your hand and turn my cloudy routine into sunny days :) I have so many things to tell you, but I will leave them for another letter. I wish you always to have only sunny and warm days in your life :) Have a good mood. Hope this little poem will make you smile and my picture remind you about me... I have a little secret
That only I can know
My secret makes me happy
It makes my heart aglow I shouldn't really tell you
But I know that it's true
I want all the world to know
My secret's ...!!! I will be waiting for your wonderful letter as always! Yours,
Sweet Maria.
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