Letter(s) from Anna Kupryakhina to Christer (Sweden)

Letter 1

Hello my dear prince Christer!
I so am glad to receive your letter today. So it is pleasant for me to read that you constantly think of me. I love letters for frankness and that you write me the truth. You are completely frank and rectilinear in the letters. Especially in the feelings to me. Lovely so difficultly to keep love on distance. When two loving hearts are so far apart. But I am glad, that at us with you so it is good turns out. It because we are frank with you. I write you in the letters that I think also all that I feel. To me that I write you and that you write me in the letters is absolutely not indifferent. I love you, my dear. And it seems to me, that that may not separate us from you in this huge world. I love you and passionately I wish. As the woman may wish the the man. Lovely, I hope, that you understand, about what I speak you. It is very important for me that you always remembered it, therefore I write you about it in each letter. I am ready to repeat one hundred times again and again as I love you, my dear Christer.
How your affairs today? How you feel yourself? It is interesting to me to know about it!
forever your Anna Kupryakhina from Volzhsky

Letter 2

Dear I very much love you. Lovely I very much want to be near to you.
Dear I all has learned, I have learned travel to you how many will cost. Lovely my documents cost 330 Euros. The visa costs 215 Euro, passport 115 euro. As I will need to buy the tickets, which cost of 735 Euros
I want to issue the visa to remain with you 2 months. This maximal, that I can make, but if you do not want, that I remained with you all these 2 months I can leave earlier. Tell you you want that I was at you all 2 months?
address - str. Aleksandrova 41 Apt 104
city Volzhsky 404126
Volgograd Region
Im born -NOVEMBER 13, 1982 in city Volzhsky . this is Stalingrad - Volgograd Region ( RUSSIA )
Lovely I love you. I do not have such big money, so all my hope for you.
Lovely I do not know that with me will be if I shall not be near to you. Lovely I very much want it!!!!
I LOVE YOU! Your Anna Kupryakhina