Romance scam letter(s) from Julia Tutrina to Jim (USA)
Letter 1
I am glad that we are in touch, Dear Jim! I see that you are interested in my personality and it will be pleasure for me to share it with you. Of course, if you are really interested, are you?Of course, It is pleasure for me to hear your compliments. You know, how to make woman shy and warm her heart in the same time If you don't mind, could you send me couple of your photos next time? It really will help me to know you. Appearance is not the main for me, but your inner world and way of life is very important for me I don't know how to write you a story about myself and don't make you bored) I will tell you just little about myself now, so you could ask me question what you are interested about, OK? I hope my photos will help me to tell about me. I am common lady, who works in local training center, as instructor. Sport takes important place in my life, because I should look, like example. I develop myself and my skills, so sometimes I win completions in fitness theory and practice. Last time I won professional photo session. Do you like taking photos? It is very popular in Ukraine now, so photos can be very beautiful and
make me look not so ugly ))));-D What can you say?
I want to be sincere with and tell who I am and what I like. I am funny person and love to smile. I enjoy wearing dresses, because they make life more colorful and emphasize my feminity and care. Unfortunately, I wear only sport uniform at work( You like more
dresses on woman or sportive style?
I am serious and family oriented. I am 29 and soon will be 30, so I think it is mature age to think about such important things. For me family and family traditions are very important. Why I am here? I want to find man, who are also sure that it is time to create family, so age difference is not a problem for me. You see that I was in relations and men were interested only in my appearance, but I am not just face and body - I have soul and I want only my soul mate!
Wait for your answer and photos!
Letter 2
I am glad that we continue, Dear Jim!
Did you remember I asked you for photos? Please don't be shy. I repeat that appearance is not the main for me, but I want you to be open with me, as I am. Letter by letter we should know each other better and become closer to each other. Do you feel this closeness? ))))
Meanwhile, I want to tell you about my family and my interests! I love my family, but unfortunately we meet not so often:( My closest person is my sister, Natasha, who is engaged and going to relocate to Russia(((( I am happy for her and I hope she will be happy for me also, right:)? After the death of my father, mother went to Belarus to my grandparents. She works there , as hairdressers and try to find love too. She left apartment for us , so my sister and I do our best to save it and take care about it ... Unfortunately Natasha is relocating and can leave me alone... Dear Jim, you will not leave me alone?)) Maybe it is strange for you, but I like fishing! Really!!! I think it is exciting to catch a big fish! It is very pity that I don't have much time for this((( Also I like rolling! It is not season for them, so maybe I will change them on skates)))
I wait for your next letter to develop our relations into something really serious! I enjoy our time and don't want to stop and you???
With best wishes, Ulia
Letter 3
Oh! I was waiting for your letter, Dear John!
I have a good feeling when I look at your photos) You are very nice and positive man) Do you remember that in my past letter I asked you some useful questions for me
I finished my work a little bit earlier to have opportunity to write you! I am sorry if there is some delay. You see that I don't have own computer and use translators help for communicating with you, because I paid all attention to sport and English lessons were not visited by me, so Now I pay for English translating and communicating with you. It is not cheap, but do you agree with me that money can't be compared with interest, feelings and passion??? I so hope that my efforts were worth of it! I trust you and don't want to lose the connection with you!
Last several days I found myself thinking about you, Dear John!! Do you want we to meet in real life? What will I see when we meet? What will I be able to do with you? Do you like playing aero hokey?) I am fond of it!These are just some of my thoughts. Some of my more
interesting thoughts are, will any of my habits surprise or shock you? And what will happen after that? We all have certain habits that we have grown into, some are good, some not so good and some are just part of me. A lot of questions puzzling in my head:-) But it is naturally, because I want to become closer to you:-)
What can you say about children? What is your altitude? I have very cute Nephew. We always have much fun together , so if I have my own kids, I would be good mother for sure! I can find common language with little kids and can be good friend for teenagers. It is me ) I think it is positive part of my personality, what do you think?
Dear, I can't wait for your next letter! I send you the photo, which I took specially for you in the morning! Please keep it private, because I want that only your eyes look at me, because I trust you, Dear Jim!!
With tender kiss ...) Ulia
Letter 4

Hello Dear Jim, I have to say that I was not in a good mood till I get your letter. I was not expected for such a contour today morning. I had problems with the translating agency, because they force me to pay for the correspondence and I couldn't imagine that it would cost so much (I didn't have money so I have to find my sister to borrow some to write you this letter, but as you know that she is preparing for wedding and can't borrow me enough. Excuse me that I started my letter like this, but I am not sure how to be with it then. I hope not to lose you because of the financial troubles. Can you assist me to save our communication? I can not wait till we meet. I am so excited when I think about the possibility to meet with you. I would like to show you my city and you to meet with my relatives. They would like you very much. You will be like a wonder for them because they have never seen a foreign man) I am sure that family connection are the most strong ones. Some families are given by the nature and you can not change your relatives, but everyone has a chance to build his or her own family with a marriage. Now I am standing on the second way! I am lucky that I have the best sister, who I was speaking about you last evening, by the way) She had noticed that I have a new spark in the eyes, as she said) I didn't tell her anything about you but she asked me herself, so I had to) And she joked: So Ulia, when are you leaving? You will be happy!) She worries about my future. You are so romantic my dear John, I liked your idea as for having sex after I meet you with hot supper, I will send you some more special pictures of me. Please look at the first photo and imagine how I kiss you tenderly everywhere. I caress your dick and it elevates in my hand. I start licking your balls... I put your dick into my mouth and start sucking it. I hear your heavy breath, oh dear you like it? I feel your fingers on my clitoris and my pussy becomes wet, I feel like I want to have your dick in me, we have sex till the dawn... Do you like this dear John? I always try to be honest with people and myself. So I ask myself if it is possible to have a distance relation...and then I remember those stories with happy ends. I understand that it would be not so easy, but I feel something special to you. I didn't expect that I can be
attached to you so quickly, John. I don't know what do you feel, but if you really feel that your heart beating faster when you think about me, let's continue and see where it will lead us. I kiss you! Your Ulia
Letter 5
Translating Company - "Dzagoev Group Translation" Ltd
44, Pelina Street, Dneproderzinsk,
Dnepropetrovskaya oblast,51901, UKRAINE.
Tell: (380) 50 049 2943
E-mail: Dear Mr. Jim, I have to inform you about the situation with our client Ulia Tutrina Unfortunately, we have to suspend your correspondence in connection with her inability to pay for our further service. Your letters will be saved in her mail box till the account is refilled.
Let us know if you are interested in continuing your correspondence and our conditions. And I will send you the necessary information for renewing your contact with our client Ulia. Do not hesitate to ask your questions! I will be glad to explain you the main principles or our work and to listen to your propositions.
Your answer is very useful for Ulia who is waiting for news from you. Thanks in advance! With respect,
Vadim Nagorniy
executive manager of "Dzagoev Group Translation"
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