Letter(s) from Michelle Mark to Georg (Switzerland)

Letter 1

I love your profile dear feel free to mail me via my private mail so as to know more of each other on michelle_mark01@hotmail.com
Looking forward to read from you soon
Kisses and hugs

Letter 2


How are you and hope all is well with you,lets see if you will be interested after knowing little about me, Well let me tell you that ,i am a girl of integrity,am not on here for games,i want a casual relationship that may lead to a long term relationship and i hope you want that as well,feel free to share your mind with me ok,i am a gentle girl and i will always be honest with you as long as you are to me.i love to have fun like going to the beach,taking a walk , going to the movies and i love watching modeling TV show a lot.My name is Michelle Mark and I'm 30yrs old from Cardiff Wales. I have attached some of my pictures to this mail and i hope you like it.It doesn't matter to me anywhere you come if there is love. I have just broke up from my relationship and i'm looking for a man to share my whole body with.
Please tell me more about you self.
and do you mind having a nice chat with me or what do you think

Letter 3

hi dear,
i am so much happy to read from you dear
yes you are right as i believe conversation is very important in a relationship which is an aspect of communication which can not be do without in a relationship
my dream is having a man that will surely understand me as i like reading swimming and sight seeing tooo
i would have love to share my nude picture to you but i dont do such as am not a whore and am not a porn star and i can go against my principle...
i think when we meet we gonna have a nice time and i am gonna pose nude and you may take my picture dear
i await your response
lots of love from Michelle

Letter 4

hi Maria,

am happy to read from you again
hope you have had a nice night dear.... yes am promising you am gonna pose nude for you as am a woman of my words dear

yes i decided to go for that course of study because have got a flair and passion for politics and even the world politics, my dream is having a good career and a good family with kids and a good and understanding man....

i love swimming, reading, sight seeing and in being in the midst of people but am a shy lady as i dont usually go out and i havent gotten many friends....

can i ask you this why do you decided to mail me and hope you are not mailing other ladies as am a jealous type and i get pissed off easily with this dear

can i trust you as i am gaining your interest dear

i await your swift response


Letter 5

I so much welcome your view about my dream in the world of politics...
Have got some mentors that keeps me going with the likes of Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and the likes...
I really live in the world of possibilities where everything is possible and as a result I believe and am gonna achieve it.

Let's move into our family life.

Take the lead.

Yes I do understand your view about jealousy sometimes I tried to be blunt and I say the truth maybe its because of my zodiac (Taurus)


Letter 6

when would you like me to come dear... and what is the nearest airport to you so as for me to contact an agent here who can handle it as am American and there precautions..

what are the interesting places you gonna take me to when i come to you
do you have a house
do you have a car to pick me up at the airport
what are the things we gonna do together when i come to you dear
i cant just wait to see you dear


Letter 7

Are you there???

good morning dear,
hope you have had a nice night dear
wow thats gonna be interesting to see the panoramic view of the island is the 12th-14th okay by you or what do you think dear

i am gonna get back to you tomorrow as regards my flgiht to you

i just cant wait to have a glimpse of your property

what do you think now dear


Letter 8

Good Morning dear,
how was your night and hope you had a nice night dear...
yes the countdown is on dear but i just contacted a traveling agent and i was told that there is no flight from cardiff to the milan malpensa for now....
i wonder if there is no other close airport to you dear as i the adrenalin of meeting you is getting high here baby
i await your swift response baby

Letter 9

morning dear,
how was your night and hope you slept well
i just cant think about you baby
yes i got this
its taking a long time in getting myself prepared...
have got only a 100pound with me and i will be very happy if you can help with the rest or what do you think
i will be happy if i can get the money via Western Union this morning so as to get it paid and start packing my bags

here is my details

Michelle Mark
12 whitchurch cardiff wales
CF14 1BP
United Kingdom

Letter 10

I just came back from the booking office and have gotten it paid but I was to be told that before I could be offered a boarding pass I must hold a certain amount of 1000GBP which serve as my Personal Visitor Traveling Allowance.
I was told that this fee is only to be shown at the point of departure and arrival here. This fee is gonna make the immigration knows am capable of going for the trip. I was told that the money is only to be shown and not to be paid only to serve as an assurance that am capable of flying to you

I just don't know what to do as I have been crying since that this won't make us meet because of me not having the fee dear...

I am so much worried dear as I don't know who to tell dear... I just don't know what's gonna happen

Baby am gonna send the scanned receipt of the ticket to you later tonight baby
I am getting scared...

I await your swift response dear
I am so much missing you and can't wait to meet with you dear

Your Darling Michelle

Letter 11

Good Morning Dear,
hope you had a nice night dear
i had to send you all this so as for me to gain your trust again
i so much believe in you and i want you to believe in me so as for the fantasy of meeting with you will come to reality soon

attached with is some documents for your perusal

the other document asides my ticket receipt shows the content of what i wrote to you... i had to get this yesterday at the booking office

i want you to know that as i said earlier am not a beggar and i have always been contented with myself

helping each other at this junction is for our benefit and besides have got nothing to do with your money dear its only to be shown at the point of departure and arrival and i promise you have your money back first thing immediately after our first hug

i await your swift response as i can no longer wait to read from you dear and meet with you

Kisses and Hugs

Letter 12

Hi dear,

i am happy to read from you dear

i just have to clarify myself to you dear that i would never do anything thats gonna affect me or you and besides i had to send all that to you so as for you to trust me

i want you to know that friends were once a stranger and who knows where this is leading to between us

yes have got some reserve as have got only a sister who resides in swiss...

i never asked you to help me with it all dear

i only just need a helping hand and thats all dear afterall you said it too that when two people are into a relationship they can help each other
i would be very happy if our meeting and project can come to reality, at this junction as far as am concerned am so much into you and i dont wanna stop now baby

kindly have a rethink baby

what do you think

Kisses and Hugs


Letter 13

baby ,

yes i understand you mostly dear...
yes have got some friends here who can help me but i could not get the full stipulated fee that was what i mean

i am really serious about our meeting dear

attached with is what am gonna put on when we meet dear


Letter 14

Morning dear,

I have had sleepless nights and endless thought about us there and I just can't stop thinking about you dear...

I have been able to raise 500gbp dear, I would so much be happy if we can share this too dear so as to make the dream of our meeting a reality dear

I so much await your response this morning as I so much miss it dear


Letter 15

I don't understand dear

Letter 16


I don't understand all what you mean

I did everything through an agent dear

Do you mean I have been scammed?

I can't believe this

Baby please try to understand me


Letter 17


I have been crying since your last mail dear
I could not believe it that I was scammed
Am so so so sorry baby
I don't know what to do dear
Just tell me dear

Letter 18

There is no regret whatsoever
We are meeting
That means the document is not real
Gonna be on the flight to you baby

Letter 19

What I think is I go straight to the airport and fly to you

Letter 20

now i understand baby...
missing you already

Letter 21

Good Morning dear,

I just can't wait to meet with you dear
What type of clothes can I bring along when coming to you?
I have to be awake very early
My bags are packed
I have called up a taxi to pick me up around 4:30
See you soon

Your darling michelle

Letter 22

Good day Sir,
I am Dr. O. James from Dr Savage & Partners Hospital, Cardiff Wales, United Kingdom, I Actually got your email from a lady's diary who claims to be your girl friend whose name is Miss Michelle Mark who had an cccident today around 5: 15am about 60km to Cardiff International Airport. We found your email and a Phone number in her Diary and a printed copy of your picture and we also found a traveling document with a Ticket going to Milante,Italy.

We have also contact her friends that we got their contacts in the diary.

She was brought via an Ambulance into our hospital at exactly 05:25am this morning, I promise to give you a call once she speak to us.

kindly reply this mail if there is any question or any inquiry about her state of health .

Please understand that she is presently under intensive care and under close watch.

Once again do not hesitate to ask for more details on Miss Michelle Mark as regards her health status and i will be glad to give you more information.

Best Regards