Scam letter(s) from Melissa Harrington to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Dear mr Mike,
Thanks for your prompt reply. I am happy to see that you are a very kind and loving man and I must say I have been impressed with your ability to itemize issues and deal with them with good dexterity. As you must have realise time is not on our side now.I want the best for Rita and it is my joy that she has met a man like you Mr Mike.
I won't have much time to type an email this time because I have to be off to see Rita's mom. As you must have noticed I spend many hours there daily and so I just came online to read your email reply, and so I can send a reply as well after I saw Rita.
I will be needing a sum of 500 Pound Sterling to cover court fees and change of name and re-registration fees and also for insurance. And another mandatory sum of 150 Pound sterling to cover British ministry of justice administrative fees and I hope to get it effected by monday so time is of great essence here. I want you to send it in Stephen's name who is my asistant in the office so he can pick it up at moneygram or any of your choice and drop it off with me at hospital So I can leave and quickly be back, that would save the time of having to go to get it first before going to make the payments,his details is Stephen Bennett , Heathrow, London, UK.
Do send me details of the Moneygram as soon as possible by email.I appreciate your concern and will be a great joy for us to have you around soon. Thanks,
Paul andersen esq.
Letter 2
Dear Mr Mike,
Am sorry I have not been able to sit at my computer to read my emails this evening untill now.
I truely understand your position mr Mike and I appreciate it that you are taking me as someone you can talk too and as a man and father I know what it is to have responsibilty and insufficient funds.
Well as it is, your help is all we have now and thank God the rent money is still at hand,I will deduct from it and get the whole court issue cleared by monday morning to avoid further delay.I will also see the doctor concerning an extension on the hospital bills payment since we still buy medications for her from private pharmacy.So its a YES,you can send it.
Mr Mike I really must thank you once again for your support in making this work out for Miss Rita and her mom..may God bless you! Thanks,
Paul Anderson esq.
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