Letter(s) from Elena Polkovnichenko to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, again!

It was nice to hear from you again. I want to tell you some about why I am here. I think that the Internet can be the place to find one's second half. I feel that it can happen here as well as anywhere. I even feel that the distance is not a barrier. You know that they say there is no distance in prayer and the same can be said about love. Love is patience, kindness, understanding, it isn't selfish, it is giving and nurturing. I think that mutual respect, honesty, and open communication are critical to a relationship and that is especially true of Internet and long distance. Both people have to want it to work out. Both people have to be committed to it. We learn about each other through our e-mails and sharing our photos. This means that we must be frank.
I just want you to tell me anything you think is necessary to be told, and you can ask me any questions about my past, about my life, about making love, secret dreams, fantasies. I have all of that, like any other person does, but not everybody speaks frankly. What do you feel about this?
I really want to find a good man, I just never found the right one for me.
It's simply an e-mail to find out if we are thinking in the same way, but I'll definitely tell you more about me later, if you want.
Take care and write when you can.
I'll be waiting,