Romance scam letter(s) from Marilyn Isabella to Kayne (New Zealand)
Letter 1
Dear, I am pleased to receive your message and thank you for your personal email address. I joined the site a few days to go and you will be my first exposure. I am totally new to everything. You are such a nice and wonderful Man, and it would be nice to know you better. I think you sound great and interesting for me. You sound like a real man, and i hope you can give a little time and know more about each other. If you are here for fun or play alone, please do not answer me interested.Am looking for serious relationship. I am looking for a man to be together, someone looking for part of my life to not be a player. My name is Isabella Marylin, I am single never married, no children. I was born and raised in Syracuse,NY USA . Few months ago I moved to New Zealand. I live in Gisborne, tolaga Bay. I am very new in New Zealand. I am with my mother, I was living with my father in Syracuse before he died of diabetes 6 Years ago .. I came here just because my mother, because she needs me so much ... Seeking for a loving partner, a husband and a man who always make me look happy .. I look forward to feedback from you ... Marylin
Letter 2
Hello solo dad (lol),
I'm really happy for you to take the time to answer me. I hope this small step you take leads to something good for both of us. I'm Marylin Isabella and I think you already know ... Well I think we should go to each othermuch better.
What do you expect of true love and a serious relationship? And are you a passionate man and knows how to make a woman happy .... which is important in a relationship because it makes good home. Do you live alone inyour own house and how many hours you work a week and how often do you get online. In my spare time, Iswim 2-3 weeks because it's my hobby and I like jogging. I'm only 30 years old by age, age is just a number for me, all I want in my man his honesty and trust. I'm quite tall with a slim and mentally stable, physically fit, a bunch of laughs, warm, caring, honest, good listener, God fear and a positive person. I'm a really easy personto talk to and a good listener. I like chilling with my family because that's what matters to me most. I like going to the movies. I am a family oriented person. I would love you to answer questions for better understanding. What is your full name? What do you like in a woman? Are you a player or for real? Are you really single for now? What do you do for a living? work? Jobs? How many girlfriends have you on the internet and what is your bad and good experiences on the internet? What do you do for fun and leisure? How do you treat your woman? Do you live alone? What city do you live now? Are you a faithful man?
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter and I think this is enough for the first letter, and I hopeto read from you soon. Marylin
Letter 3
ATTN.Kayne, I have been instructed by Isabella Marylin to contact you regarding the fund she inherited from her late father;Bram Isabella. He has filed you as the beneficiary to his fund.The fund is presently kept in a trunk box and secured with a treasury company in Malaysia.As is legal adviser,i am in possession of the documents concerning the box.Since you are the beneficiary,it is my obligation to ensure that the box is retrieved and handed over to you. The box contains the sum of 6,500,000.00 USD. Please confirm that your address and phone number written below are correct,it is important because it will be used to deliver the box containing fund to your house. You need to provide me with a scanned copy of your international passport or driver's licence which is needed for documentation.Once i have these informations,i will proceed with the process of retrieving the box for onward transfer to you. Your swift response is required. Yours Truly, Jerry Chow ESQ +60143236289
Letter 4

ATTN.Kayne, I will present the document and information you provided to the treasury company tomorrow. You have to wait till i conclude with the management by 2 pm on thursday,after the meeting,i will have adequate information concerning delivery of the box. Truly yours Jerry Chow ESQ
Letter 5
ATTN.Kayne, After the meeting with the management of Hybrid Safe Deposit,the arrangement to release the box for onward transfer to you has been approved.Therefore you have to pay for the clearance and tax fee which will allow the shipment of the box out of Malaysia.A proper arrangement is in place for delivery of the box to your address. The documents will cost 5,500 USD which is to be paid by telegraphic bank transfer through the bank details below: ACCOUNT NAME: WONG YIEN. BANK NAME: PUBLIC BANK BERHAD. ACCOUNT NO: 4770947534. SWIFT CODE: PBBEMYKL ADDRESS: NO.3 JALAN CENTRAL,96000 SIBU,SARAWAK,MALAYSIA. Once the transfer is effected,send a scanned copy of the transfer receipt to me by email. After the account is credited,the treasury company will procure the documents required for the shipment of the box out of Malaysia,and their dispatcher will deliver it to your house address. Your swift response is required. Truly Yours, Jerry Chow ESQ
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