Letter(s) from Maria Bajenova to Eugenio (Mexico)

Letter 1

Hello my love Eugenio!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter! I love you!
Mine Eugenio, last night I could not fall asleep easy because in my head there were thoughts on our relations.
I keep mind about you, and about possibility of our meeting.
I have written to you that I hope that in the near future we can meet and now I constantly think of it.
Yes the stomach has passed. You likely know that women have such days, in which it not on themselves. It by nature so is made.
Here already all is good.
Our meeting will be very joyful moment because after some time of dialogue in letters, very much it would be desirable to see you, to see your sight, to feel your hot hands.
I wish to embrace you and to kiss, as you that person with whom I wish to be all life.
My head is hammered by thoughts on you, I do not understand that occurs. I understand only that I wish to be with you because I love you.
I understand that nobody is necessary to me, except you. My heart rejoices, when I see your letters.
Your letters bring to me great pleasure. I very strongly love you Eugenio.
We discussed our future with my parents. Mine the father and mum understand me, they are very glad that we love each other.
My dear, my parents are ready to release me to live together with you.
Time you are ready to meet me tomorrow I plan to go to travel agency and to study, as I can arrive to you.
I am ready right now will meet you! I am ready to leave right now the family, the friends, the work, the country to meet you my darling!
My darling, write to me, what you think of it? I will wait for your letter!
I love you mine Eugenio! I wait for your letter.
With love, yours Mariya