Scam letter(s) from Julia Matrosowa to Jarrick (USA)

Letter 1
Hello mr. Jarrick. Our company offers its clients a professional service to arrange a visa in the U.S., without having to stand in long lines for the submission of documents and to delve into the specifics of the authorization of a category. Our specialists will give a comprehensive personal advice on any matter relating to issuance of visas to the United States of any category, will pick up the necessary documents, fill and serve all the necessary forms and applications for you. Solve all problems and difficulties in the authorization process. You need a visa to the U.S.? Contact us and you will have it! We guarantee our customers:
Visa with no problems.
A formal service agreement.
The solution of problem cases.
Free advice on all matters of a permit.
Saving time and money for a visa. Our company does not accept credit card payments. In order to accept credit cards, we need to work with a bank that will transfer the money to our account in one, two days. In return, we will pay the bank a fee of 1.5% - 5% for each transaction on a credit card fee charged for each transaction on the current account. We will also have, under contract, to pay monthly fee to use the POS and equipment necessary to withdraw money from a credit card. To pay the cost of the documents you can use the companies: - Western Union,
- MoneyGram,
- Contact. We hope that we can help you.
You can contact us for assistance at any time.
Travel agent Natalya Ckulkina.
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