Scam letter(s) from Irina Soloveva to Karel (Austria)

Letter 1
Hello Karel!!!!!!!!!!!! You can us this email! Its private!
Very Thank you for the letter! Its pleasent for me! I see that you are the same curious as me)Usually this is in my nature to ask questions and you almost buried me into your questions)Of course i liked your letter and about you being my prince charming,we will have to see about that)))Do you think you are ready to become the Prince?)But we will have to see how our communication will go on))) More my about me you can lookin my profile in ( I am a kind person who wants to know everything,to see a lot. I would like to taste all the different dishes,to get to know different people from different countries. Have you been to Russia? Which country made the best impression on you? What do you like most about travelling? Is your travel connected somehow with your job,or this is just your hobby to see the world? I live in city Nizhny Novgorod! Its not small city!
This is important,I think,to have a job that makes you happy...But I believe that this is not the job which makes you live the life you live. I think that this is always our choice to lead a happy life,the life we want to have. I can't say that I am not a happy person because I have never seen all those places you saw. I am work pharmacist in a pharmacy! I graduated from the College of Medicine. I am a determined person and I will achieve my dreams I just need someone except my Granny and friends who will be happy to share those moments with me. What about my family,and I can say that my family is not big at all.The only member I have in my family is my Granny and she replaced mother and father to me and I am so grateful for everything she did to raise me. My parents was died when i been children! And you? What about your family?You know I have always dreamed to have brother or sister when I was a child,but this never happened...And do you have brothers or sisters?You know,I believe that family is important in our life and I am also here to find someone with whom I can share my life with.Cause i am serious person and I don't like playing games,especially with feelings...May be you want ask me if I was in love,yes but it ended too fast.As soon as I realized that I am the one of both who appreciates this relationship and I left.cause this is how it is,we leave when we realize that there is no place for us in that person's life...And what about you? Did you have relations?****** question...I am sure you had..And probably you were also disappointed if you are on the dating site now...You know,i think this is good that you are the man of action,I believe that real man should be like this. Not only to make a woman dreaming with his words,but also to bring those dreams to reality.i like people who are determined and who know what they want from life) I think this is good that we found each other here,and maybe we will have that romantic dinner with you))))
You have such romantic dinners with other girls?)Just joking)))Hope to hear from you soon) Ira.
Letter 2
Hi Karel You know,this is so wonderful for me to correspondence with you. Really,thank you)You know,i never had experienced that much attention from anyone.I am suer that the woman who will be with you will be the happiest in the world,cause you probably know how to win one's heart)And you are so nice,and yes,maybe one day you will become my prince).i really want to see more pictures with you))) Cause i have a girlfriend who registered also on the dating site,but this site was for the Europian and there she found her second half,or the soul mate,i don't know how it is better to say.And now they live happily together)They got married not so long ago and she moved to live with him to Austria)))And looking at how happy they both are with each other,I think sometimes that this site probably can be not that hopeless)))The more important I think is to be genuine in your intentions and to know what you want.Cause i am not the person who likes to play games,especially with feelings and i hope to receive the same treatment in answer.I don't like people who are pretending or lying...i think that honesty is the best way to know each other and to see if you like this person.Cause lies are building the walls between people and make them far from each other...And this is strange,we are far away and we have the same weather,here it is so cold now -20 degrees C.It is such a cold and strong wind here.I was running to my work. No,I love winter.It's just sometimes you want warmth so much...You know,it always seems that somewhere far away it is warmer,or better...Why is that? You know I have always wanted to have a cat if I would live alone.You know what i would do?I would call my cat Happiness)))and then,each time i would come back home there would be always happiness there))))But,honestly,i like dogs more,but the thing is that they need lots of time to spend with them...and besides,my granny,Toma,and she is allergic,so I can only dream of having such a friend.They say that if someone wants to buy love he should buy a dog,because this is the only love which one can buy for money...Yes,my Granny is the only person i have from my family and she raised me since i was kid. Though she worked at 3 jobs till she retired,she always tried to become both mother and father to me.I look back and see how other children were taken home from kindergarten by their parents,how the parents of my schoolmates were invited to different class meetings and different celebrations...I was somehow jealous and this was something I knew already being a small child I would never have...But my Granny was there,she found time for all those school events and for me....I am grateful to her that she was strong enough to raise a child and that she didn't left me.Thanks to her I am who I am now and I think that I am not a bad person and that she can be proud of me.When I grew up I started taking things more easier than when I was a teenager... I think that this is why I would never do the same to my child,because I felt it...And even there will be the person who will fall in love with me,I want him to not just love me for who I am,but also would find enough courage to love my child and to become father to him/her...As I am 26 and I don't have children,I will understand if my future husband will have children from the previous marriage...I would do my best to meet them with warmth and to become a friend to them...Cause mother I would not be able to replace...I want to tell you how I appreciate the fact that you are interested in my past and hope that you will understand me better now... Cause we are who we are thanks to the family we were raised in and thank's to our surrounding,job,books we read,way we choose...And i hope that you will understand my attitude to the family more now...When I told you all that..That is why,the family to me is probably on the first place,having a normal and healthy family.And since I have never had one,this what i am planning to build in the future....)Very sad what i not have skype!
Hope to hear from you soon))). Ira.
Letter 3
I am happy what you write me Karel! I think you not want write me!!!!
Youlook very good on you photos! You like sport? When taken this photo?
To me like men who older me! For me never important age Karel!!!!!!!!
You know,this is also nice for me to connect with you.I don't know why...I think this is a little strange for me to talk English especially with the native speaker of this language) But I think I am doing fine with that and I hope that you can understand me good. I think that letters is the best way to find more about each other and to have the image of who you are communicating with...And then...when you realize that you want to meet with the person you are talking are evening burning all over from impatience...and when you finally meet..I think this is the best thing to meet someone you seem to know for a long time and with whom you have never even had a walk in the park,or the cup of coffee...You know,i think that we are all looking for the same thing)each person needs someone to be happy with. Happy to just walk,or sit on the bench in the park and talking,happy even to jut sit silently together and listen how their hearts beat..Happy to do some crazy things together,to be able to appreciate each minute they spend with each other,happy to know that there is always someone who will support you and make your day more sunny with his smile)))))))))Unfortunately we usually don't have that much time to notice small pleasant things which surround us in our everyday life.Just to stop for a moment and look around to see how snow shines in the sun,how your co-worker is funny swinging on a chair,how the small child destroys the lolly pop. Sometimes I can't even remember what they were talking about half an hour ago.It i strange,but when I come home sometimes I try to hide from my Granny somewhere in the kitchen,make myself a cup of coffee and look out of the window,just thinking and looking at tars.I think that loneliness can be a gift and a great thing only when you know that you can tell somebody what a great thing loneliness is.If there i none who understands you and shares your thoughts,happiness and sorrows with you, then you can say that you re lonely.It is so sad to come home,to throw key on the table and hear the sound of the key falling and realize that why you need home,if there is none to wait for you...Sometimes the size and power of loneliness has no limits.It is when you are in the company of noisy and cheerful people,you realize that these people are strangers to you. Its These were my thoughts that I wanted to share with you! I sincerely! You can also Devereux me! I'll wait for the letter! Unfortunately tomorrow I can not write! I will write a Sunday! Kiss you and have nice day! Ira.
Letter 4

Hi Karli! How are you doing?
hope not getting cold there)))Cause here the weather,I think is not going to get warmer,they promise snow soon! No,not that I don't like snow..To wake up in the morning and to see the beautiful patterns on your window...To look outside the window and see everything turned white and the mild snow flakes are falling slowly and lay down on the ground...I think that winter time is like a miracle,like fairy tale...
I feel like something is changing in me since we started communicating with you...sometimes we live our life without emotions,without the warmth in our heart.We just live...Each day the same as previous...Only accident things make it a little different...We live the same life each day,every day and we are growing older....And then suddenly we realize that something changed....Sometimes it starts when you one day wake up with the smile on your face....Or maybe when you sleep in a single bed which used to be small for you and then you realize that this is too big when you can't share it with someone....Maybe it is when you make yourself the cup of coffee in the morning and realize that it has different aroma and taste...Only because there is someone far away who is in your thoughts....Or when you sit alone on the bench and look at the empty place next to you.....And you imagine that person then....What would you do together? This is when you go along the road and the city disappears,people disappear,this is when you are your soul with someone on the other end of the world....When with time you are eager to stay alone more often...Cause you don't know what is happening with you....Cause you can't get rid of the feeling that there is someone far away and ask yourself if that someone thinks of you...If that person feels the same...Then you realize that you are not the same as before....Then you realize that there is more in you,than you expected....Then you find strength to wait,to do something to reach that person....Then you realize that you can move the mountains.....
Yesterday i was very busy! I am clean apparttment and prepare dinner!
Also We went with my Grunny to the theater! She loves the theater! I could not deny her this courtesy! Came home late! Immediately went to sleep! In the morning I went on a ski trip! Now I'm at work! How you?
OK? I'll wait for the letter! Kiss you! Ira.
Letter 5
Karli! You know,it is already the habit for me to come here and write you the letters)))How you wheather? Is it not cold today? Only -5 degrees C.You know,I really liked the quotation "all or nothing"....I think this feeling is known to me)I ma such person,just as you,I am sometimes impatient about things I want to happen...It is just impossible to wait for me)))i think this is the kind of maximalist nature that is in me...Though I believe that we should have the strive also in our character...To be able not to just wait impatiently,but also to do something to make that happen,to put some effort into our dreams and wishes...And the best thing is when you have the mix of strive and maximalism in you...But still we need balance..cause i know that the family which is built on the respect and love to each other is the best thing to have in our life..The family here you feel comfortable and warm..Where you know that your couple will support you in difficult times and be happy with you in good ones...The feeling of the home where there are loving people who wait for you...To make the right choice when you start the family with someone and to realize that this person is the one with whom you ware able to spend your life with...Probably this is why i am still single...or almost with you)))I can't say that I didn't have the choice or the chance to have someone by my side...i had that possibility...But it was not how i imagined myself to be...I got the messages from guys that wanted to get closer with me,but I rejected or ignored their males...Why? Cause all of them wanted a holiday girl and that's it...They just wanted to spend time with me on heir holidays and that's all.And they are not what i was looking for...I have never paid attention to the age or the appearance.I think this is not that important.I think that the most important thing is what the person has inside and if he has genuine intentions...And none of them had,this was obvious..Their letters were screaming almost about the way they would like to spend time with me and then to forget like about the dream...i think this is not right,I am here to find the man who will be ready to spend the rest of my life with me.Ad I know that this is not important for me what he had in his past.I know that there are people with different stories and mistakes they did in their life,but i think that this is not important in present time,cause we are accepting people the way they are...But only when we feel that this person is serious about us....I was looking for someone like you,I was hoping to meet the person who will be ready to spend with me each day of our life together...After meeting with whom,I will know that I am ready to wake up the same way together in the mornings even in 10 years...I will be ready to cook the breakfast for him and will share with him all our sorrows and happiness... I need you comments about my letter! Kiss you! Ira.
Letter 6
Dear Karel,
It's cold and gloomy outside but my mood is very high now! And guess why?? :) Because I received your letter and I want to thank you for it! So how are you today? Did you get excited when you received my letter? I hope so! I also sent you some photos of me and I hope you liked them. Some guestions:) Do you prefer your woman to wear dress or jeans and T-shirt? how do you imagine your future family life? I am curious to know about it because I am serious about you. I did not have a complete family! You know, I was brought up by my Granny! Now my Granny 78 years old! But she's done! Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end.This is my motto and I will always follow it.... excuse me if this my letter is not very long, but I'm in a hurry to return to work because my lunch break is coming to end.. I'll be waiting for your next letter with a great impatience. Take care! Miss you:), Your Irina.
Letter 7
Lovely, Sorry! i was once again in travel agency and me not enught money for make last payments! I need about 7238 Russian rubles! To me say this is the equivalent of 267,8 dollars usa! I was paid all my money it about 1054 dollars also gave me some of the debt to Nataly! She told me to ask help from you! I say here! what i dont know! I hope you can give me the money now! Nataly boyfriend who live in Canada send her the money through western union! You know that? Its not far from my home! Brunch open today till 20:00 my time! Now at me 16:55. Nataly says that it is very fast and convenient! I need it today soon! I will not far from brunch and wait you help! I hope you can make it soon! Kisses! Irina.
Letter 8
My Karel! Very pity what cant write you in yesterday!
I just returned today to the city! I went to ski!
I can take vacations 12th february for 2 week!
This time i will visit you!
Its confirm me today!
Now i need only make last payment and my trip will be ready!
My Karel, how you spend weekend??????????????
For transfer you need my data.
ID Full name and address you locations too! She need know to not worry about me if we have a meeting! I am also sending a data ID: First name: Irina. Last name: Soloveva. City: Nizhny Novgorod. street: Beregovaya. home: 2. apartment: 8. postal/zip code: 603117. I hope my request does not hurt you! I trust you! Write you tomorrow! Love! Ira.....
Letter 9
My lovely! Why not write? You know now every hours for me important!
At me now free time! But you not write me informations!
I hope you make transfer soon! I can ended my work today some early and have time make all! Kiss you! Ira.
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