Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Katsuba to Doug (USA)
Letter 1
We talk some times ago, we met there and you left me a email on site, I did not write to you at once and much time has passed.
I am looking to know people from around the world, as I travel, lonely times are killing me, since I am looking for clean, disease-free, open-minded, joyful people to have a few hours together out of this world.
I hope to get a word from you and have your email.
I hope to receive your email soon
Letter 2
Hey, I am pleased to see your msg, I am glad that we kept contact ;)
I think you can forget me, because it was some times ago on ehormony maybe or not. I also do not remember you, but I find your email on my computer! Are you maybe surprised my letter ... i understand
I read your email, but I can't write much today .... don't worry, i write more about me later but send photo now ;)
Letter 3
Hello dear Doug ;) I am very happy you have answered on my small msg. I can write only in English.
I ask to read very attentively my letter, it is important for me to know your opinion about that I write.
Do not do hasty conclusions, read my letter up to the end I actually good and tender, simply the life forces to be cautious and rough so it is a lot of deceit and evil. I really very much like you ;)
Nobody not knows result of our correspondence, but I hope we with you will be a great friends.
I am student and I study at university as the economist. But more about it in the next letter.
Before to begin dialogue, I want to tell at once, that money for a life I earn dancing a striptease.
And I not know what do not think about it. If it contradicts yours morally and ethical principles and do you think need stop our dialogue you can save your time and can not read my letter further. Ohhh sorry forget to say i live in Engels in Saratov region located in the Southern part of Russia
Read more if you want about my small city. I am very legible in people. I very well understand in people.
I do not want to brag of it, but it so. Though to me not many years, but I had difficult life and I had to mature early.
Simply should from whom wait for protection and hope only on myself. But it has learned me to be pleased to each instant of a life and not despond and not complain on destiny. In fact we creators of the destiny. You agree with me? And I also want to tell you, that if my intimate photos are necessary for you only and I am not interest to you as the person, not necessary to write me that more. Many tried to receive by deceit my photos.
Said, that love me, made many compliments, promised many money, but if not like me as person I will not send such photos.
And as soon as they understood it they at once disappeared. It was hurt me and it is insulting. I not against such photos, I even very much would want to send it. I like it, when me admire, it raises me. But I would not want that forced me.
When I will want, I make such photos and I will send it to you if you will want it hehehe
I hope to see your letter asap. It would be very interesting me to hear more about you!!!!!
Tell more about youself, about the country, about the city where you live. It is very interesting to me. What do you think of all that I have written. It is very important for me.
Do not forget me, write as soon as possible.
The best regards to you!!!!!
Letter 4

Hi my friend Doug!
I can name you my friend?!
Great to see your photo, i like it very much ;)))
I am glad that you not condemn my work as the dancer of a striptease.
It is not a shame with my work. I like to dance and I love good music.
And i have a beautiful body. It would be a crime to hide it under clothes. I am happy that someone looked at me and was pleased and had trousers tent))))) Once I would like to make for you striptease show, only for you, you would like it Doug? ;) Oopppsss ..
By the way, my name on a scene the "Chika Bonita". Do you like it? And I ask you to send me the reduced and trimmed photos, I have bad Internet, I cannot to receive the big photos. Ihave Usb Modem. So I ask trimmed your foto please. To use the Internet for me is difficult, and I can not use so skype and mesenger. Simple exchange email it for me the most acceptable variant. ...... Do you use youtube?
And how often? Id like to see funny videos there. I find it right now!
Of course this is not me, but this girl has a great sexual body! I know you, so my photos not so frank now. But with each following letter my photos will be more frank. Well, I will tell now about myself. To me 27 years, all other you can see on my photos. I am orphan. I am not have parents. I from infancy grew in a shelter. It was very difficult years, very much not easy time for me. But it was mostly my life. I now with horror recollect my life in a shelter.
Poverty, famine, constant insults. It is hurt me to recollect these years. But I not want to speak more about it, all this is very hurt me and it is sick and please not ask me about it. I will tell to you about it later when we will be better know each other. When I have finished a shelter the state have given me an apartment. And I am good to study in a shelter and now I can as the orphan free-of-charge to study in University and I have apartment. I study in Saratov State Socio-Economic University (it is 15 km from Engels) on faculty of Management. Do you like it? I finish university soon and an practice, And I arrive in one of days in your country on practice. All documents are ready. I yet do not know exact date of flight in yours the country. In the beginning I need to be in your capital 2 weeks. But to me have said that then I can choose for practice any city of yours country. To me will give habitation both meal and all necessary. All this pay the Government, I am in participation in the governmental program on the help. I will be in your country of 6 months. I think it wonderfully, we can dialogue in a reality. We can many dialogue and more. I love sex! After practice i will leave to Russia, to finish study. But in the future I want to leave Russia, to sell apartment and to leave the country. I study at university and earn additionally work in a night club as the dancer and show a striptease. But I not want that you think I am the prostitute. No no. I am not engaged sex for money. Also I despise such girls.
I try each day to visit pool. I very much like to swimming. During swimming all groups of muscles work and it is very useful for health.
You like to swimming? Only I not like when someone start up bubbles in pool, do of pool Jacuzzi))))) I hope you understand about it. In general that it is cheerful, only a small not so pleasant. I hope you now you not dinner, I am afraid has spoilt to you appetite) In general I for a healthy style of life. How you treat to sports? Hey Doug wake up)!!!!! I think you fell a sleep reading this letter)
I hope that this letter has found you in excellent mood!
I hope to receive the answer from you soon.
Your Kate, Your Chika Bonita.
Letter 5
Hi my dear Doug!!!!! Dear Doug, yesterday I danced in club on high heels (about 15 centimeters) about 2 hours now I feel pain in my feet ohoooho. It is easy you men, because you not wear heels! Just kidding! heh a huge pain for the sake of beauty! Are you agree??? To me very much have dialogue with you. Easily and simply ;)
Sorry i forget to say yesterday we had a meeting with my old friends.
We meet sometimes and our most active organize great party how in film "Project X: ....." I not remember a full name. I can say that not all people come as some moved to another city others have families and busy with kids. One of my friends take on this party on "segway" and gave me to drive it. I've never seen it early and is so great! Are you drive on it???? I liked the drive so much! I thought that i drowned it in the pool! At some moment I drive with speeds more than 30 m/h but then I remember about my parents and sharply to stop ..... I want to say more about program. The government program on the help to citizens Russia from your country. And I got this the program, I see in the Internet about this program, and they have considered my application. And then they have contacted my university and have told that they want the help to me with mine practice, I am orphan and as I perfectly to study and i have big prospects. Doug, I receive the grant from this help program! Under this program, I receive the help with the visa and the ticket and all expenses on arrival your country. And besides, when I will arrive to your country to me give 10 000 euro for my needs. I can spend it as I will consider necessary, but it is all I can receive when to arrive your country. I will need to arrive in capital of your country and receive this money in your embassy. All expenses, residing and livelihood both some clothes and all the rest, that to me can be necessary for 6 months of stay in your country also I receive from this help program. But in capital of your country I will be only 2 week, when all formalities and when I receive money, I can go to any sity in your country and there take place my practice and I want in yours sity. And again all it will be paid by with this program. I cannot simply believe to my happiness!!!! I will look forward your letter and hope that I will soon see your answer. I want to continue our dialogue, hope it will be more than friendship?) I will wait your letter. KKKKkkkissss ;)
Your Kate
Letter 6
Hello my lovely Doug! I feel that I very much miss about your letters. I very much miss, when i not see a fast reply. But I ask understand me, now I not have enough time, I very much to get tired, but I write to you at once as I have a possibility. Now I am very occupied, Study at university, and then work, I after all should exist on any money, and except it is a lot of efforts with all affairs with a trip. So I have not enough free time. But I write to you at once as I have a possibility. I hope you not to take offence at me Doug? In my last letter i say about my parent again, I want to say I lost my parents in a car accident, everytime time I think about them and start crying ..... That's why I not want car, because I'm afraid that might happen with me same as with them! Many reassured me that the parents are leaving us, but I not think so early, so this is has been forced to make everything myself! ok .... let's change the topic .... I now do not know concrete date, still many details, still in process and I am engaged in it. As soon as I will know precisely all the information I inform you. The main thing I soon will go your country. And I wait with impatience our meeting!!!!! MMMmmmm I hope you too my lovely? I so dream of it, you cannot simply present. Sorry, likely I to finish this letter. I am very tired, I want to have some dream. I want to see you in my dream! It would be wonderful, me often to dream our meeting, it is excitement. By the way, tomorrow I go on of birthdayof my friend, her name is Marina. I not so want to go. I think that to me there it will be a little boring. There will be one pairs and many of them are already married. And some have children. I have got tired to be one, I want the man during my life and I am glad to our acquaintance. I do not think that tomorrow to me it will be cheerful, after all there there will no be you Doug!!! But I could not give up to friend. She very much is close to me also dear! She is on my photos today. I will tell ours with her a small secret, When we only began study in university, it about 3 years ago, we with her were lovers! We were young and we would like caress and tenderness. But it proceeded not so long, about one month. We have understood that we not lesbians. We have understood that we like men more. But we good friends. More I there is nobody from women did not want such relations, No girl can replace the man! Do you like to see her photo?? But I can tell that she very beautiful, but now we only friends and I very much love her, as the friend. Likely it was not necessary to tell, this is secret. It would not be pleasant to my friend that I tell it. So I will be about it more. It is ours with her a secret and let will be secret it. It is glad that there was time to write you, I very much miss and it is pleasure to write you. I will wait for your answer. I hope that the letter not seemed to you sad or boring. I not boring and not tiresome, I am simply tired today. Kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssss for you Your Kate
Letter 7
My lovely Doug
You know, I so am glad to see your letter, I do not want you to lost, I am glad that you have written. I am happy it.
You in my heart for ever, I very much want you also I so is upset by this my problem.
I now will try to explain to you, whether but I do not know to understand you.
The different countries, different languages, different traditions and laws, Whether I do not know you will understand me, I can not find the necessary words, A problem here in what.
I have a debt for my apartment. It is a debt for municipal service. It for gas, an electricity,
Water and etc. And at us that I cannot leave the country with such laws , not pay this debt. Does not suffice 14,121 rubles, it is 450 usd. If I it to not pay that customs house me to not permit flight.
I at all did not know that is necessary it is all to pay, this law at us recently
And here to me have told that it should be it is paid. I tried to find money,
But here in Moscow I do not have acquaintances and I tried to ask money
From the program with which I to fly. But me have told that they to pay all mine
Expenses, but will not pay my debt. So I cannot find here money, I have tried
All variants, but I can not. And I so am upset by it. I very much hope for you my lovely.
I to return you money how to arrive to you, I to receive these 8,000 usd from embassy,
But I need to arrive at first in your country. I very much hope that you the help to me.
Also we will do all about what dreamt. You in my heart, hot hard wild sex I very much want it!!!
Now it is necessary to hurry up, not enough time remains, money is necessary as it is possible
More faster, than faster than it is better. Now even time has not enough that all to explain. But nevertheless a small pause for a small kiss, kiss you my sexy Doug !!!!! I to believe that you to not leave the girl in a difficult situation, it is not worthy the man.
You such remarkable and kind and the person of whom I very much want, I want to feel
Yours hard strong cock my pussy and ass, I want to caress you my language and I want all
Your juice, I want yours lick. You know I some days had no masturbating and I
To feel what to become wet only from one thought about sex with you. I want you in my life.
You so are important in my life and for certain you to understand it how valuably to have
Something so important in a life to have the person, for which you so dear and valuable!!!
I with hope will wait for your letter, I hope to see it as soon as possible.
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