Scam Letter(s) from Yana to Ed (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello, I liked your profile, I very much would wish to communicate with you, to learn you better and I wish to create family with the good and kind person who will love me!
We can learn each other better and to exchange the photos, and also I shall tell to you more about myself, and I wish to know more about your life!
I shall leave to you mine email:
Also I shall wait for your letter. Sincerely Jana

Letter 2

Hello, I am very pleased to receive your letter, I am pleased to know that I am as interested in you and that you also want to know more about me.
I hope that we will have an interesting communication with you and maybe even going to be able to meet with you in the future.
I'll tell you something about yourself, my name is Jana, I live in Moscow, the capital of Russia.
I am 36 years old, I was born on Jan. 16 and I sign horoscope Capricorn, my height 161, weight 59 kg.
I like to play sports go to the gym and swim in the pool, I try to keep fit and lead an active life.
I work as a school teacher and teach history.
Tell me more about yourself, about how you live, what you do in your free time?
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask what interests you. I am pleased to answer all your questions.
I will send you my picture and I hope you also send your photos, ok?
I will wait for your letter very sincerely yours Jana

Letter 3

Hello my friend, I am very pleased to receive your letter, you were previously married? Do you have children?
I am a single woman and I have never been married, I like children, but unfortunately I do not have children, but I would love to have children.
I used to be with men, but that relationship never reached before the wedding.
Maybe it's even a good thing, because I did not feel in the relationship of true love.
I like all the romantic dreams of a real woman, true love and I hope that I meet that man who will love me for real.
I work as a teacher of history in school, I like my work and communication with children.
I love children and I also really like to chat with the children.
My mother teaches at the University English and so I am well aware that language, but I do not speak so well as I would like.
Most of the time I work, but that does not stop me to rest, have fun and keep fit in the gym.
I have no time to get bored, because I'm always positive and active.
my religion - Christian, and every month I always go to church, you go to church?
Tell me more about myself, I would like to know more about you.
I'll send you some photos, and I hope that you too will send me a photo very much look forward to your response, your Jana

Letter 4

Hello my dear!
I am very pleased to receive your letter,
I like the way you write about yourself and I was pleased to read your letter. I wish that in the future our correspondence would be the same interesting.
Well, I see that our acquaintance goes on and I think I still need to tell you about yourself, you know me more. I would like to tell you about my family.
The name of my mother Svetlana, now she is retired, but before I tell you, she taught at the University of English, she is a decent woman and she was always an example for me, my dad died 7 years ago, he had a heart attack and his heart stopped.
I was very nervous and cry a lot, but now nothing can not be changed and I eventually put up with this.
Tell me a little bit more about your family and relatives, ok?
I live in a studio apartment, the apartment is not very big, but cozy. I am a single woman and now I am in search of my second half.
It is fashionable to meet over the Internet, so I decided to try it. I have never tried to get acquainted through the Internet, so this is my first encounter and you have the first man with whom I corresponded through the Internet. You have been dating a woman from the internet?
Well, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me. I'll try to answer them. Now I finish my letter and I will eagerly await your response.
I hope that our relationship will continue and we still learn a lot about each other.
Waiting for your reply.
Your Jana

Letter 5

my dear friend,
how your mood today? How was your day today?
I was very pleased to receive your letter and I thank you for your prompt reply.
I hope that in the future our correspondence you also will answer soon and we will have an interesting chat with you.
Please, if you have the opportunity to send me your pictures and I also will try to post my pictures every time with my letters, right?
I have a question for you. Do you like traveling? In what countries have you been? Personally, I love to travel, but mostly I traveled to Russia.
I've been to many cities in Russia, such as last summer I went to Tomsk, you heard about this city?
A very interesting city and there are a lot of architectural monuments.
I've never been abroad, I have never had such an opportunity, but I would like to go to another country.
Tell me more about your city, right?
I would like to know more about your search. Write to me in detail about your ideal woman, what it should be?
What nationality it should be? And just how could be your ideal woman from Russia?
Please try to answer these questions, ok.
As for my ideal man, it must be primarily caring. Physical data and the same age is not important to me. I think that love is not important age, and as we say in Russia, "For the love of all ages," This is a national proverb. Just my ideal man should not drink alcohol a lot, should not use drugs and that he was not horny. I wish that he was a decent man and that for him the main goal in life was family.
I know that I am very idealized man, but I hope that there are men in the world, maybe it's you?
Now I'll be waiting for your early reply.
I send you 1000 kisses!
Your Jana

Letter 6

Hello my dear, was very happy today to see your letter. Thank you very much that you are so soon answer me always.
your writing always lifts my spirits, even learner at the school say that I have changed in recent times, we will deal with you :-).
They say that I have become more joyful, more fun and look happy. I do not know, like I'm the same way I was before, but people say that the part of me is more visible changes. perhaps it is you changed me and you have made me more happy in life.
Thank you for this, I hope you are nice to read it.
I have for you a very serious question. But I beg you to answer me seriously, ok. you would like to have a serious relationship with a woman from Russia?
I know this is a personal question, but I would like to know the answer.
In my letters I have already told you about my search and just how serious I treat it. But I did not tell you why I look for a man from another country, not Russia.
I'm sure you're interested in the answer to this question, so I wanted to write this letter a little about it.
I remember, in a letter I wrote about my past relationships. I wrote to you that we have left with him, because we realized that we were not made for each other.
Only I did not say much about it, but now we are closer to you and I would like to tell you about my past relationships. His name Kolya, he worked as a guard.
at first it was all good, but
Over time he became more and more to drink vodka, hanging out with other women and I like a fool all forgave him.
But my patience was at an end and I told him that we're through. I told him that I do not need a man who bid defiance to me.
I told him that I am not a toy and that I have the heart. He told me, in reply, that I still do go to him and walked away from me.
I was hurt on my heart, but I told myself that it was all over and not to him. A month later he was fired for being drunk and he disappeared.
After that, I did not see him and now has been almost three years since I had not heard anything about it.
After these relations, I told myself that I will no longer be bound by a Russian man.
That's why I decided to try to build a relationship with a man from another country. I decided to use the Internet and that's how we got to know you.
Of course at first I did not think that our acquaintance through the Internet could lead to something serious, but with each passing day, with each of your letter,
I convince her otherwise. I'm actually very happy that we communicate and I would not want to lose contact with you.
You have become dearly for me and I hope that we will continue to communicate with each other and maybe even meet up in the future.
I hope now that I do not rush things? Forgive me if I take the time with our relationship.
Well, it happened to me a sincere letter and even easier on the soul.
With this I conclude my letter, and now I will wait for your answer. I'll be waiting for your early reply.
Millions of kisses to you from me.
Sincerely Jana

Letter 7

Hello my darling, how was your day today? How is your mood? What is your weather like today?
I was very happy to see your letter. I see that our acquaintance to turn into something more interesting and exciting and it's very nice to me.
It was very interesting to read your letter. With each letter I learn more about you and have a little present to you, what you in reality.
Too bad you're so far away from me. If you lived nearby, we could meet, sit in a cafe and learn more about each other when they met, but unfortunately, you are far away from me. Yet we have the Internet and every day we can communicate with each other.
Lately I've thought a lot about our acquaintance. I feel that our acquaintance turns into something serious and that's why I'm in my last letter was opened to you. about my past, for they know not many people and I hide them, because it pains me to think about those days, but I decided to open up to you, because I think that if we want a serious relationship, then we must be honest with each other. I want to trust you and just would like you to just trust me.
I think it's very important to love, do you agree with me?
I can only wait for a response from you and I hope that you will soon write to me.
I will eagerly await your response.
Softly kissing in your lips.
Your Jana

Letter 8

Hello my sweet! As today is your day? How is your mood?
you would know how I miss you terribly and I want to be with you! I'm a little embarrassed to write to you about my feelings, but I do not want to keep it all inside. I want you to know that I began to feel strong and at the same time tender feelings for you and the feeling is growing every day with me.
I hope I did not scare you with its honesty and you will understand me, that I could not tell you about it.
I hope that between us will always be just an honest relationship.
I sometimes think about what you are doing at this very moment. Sometimes I go to such insane thoughts that I even hesitate to write to you about it in a letter.
I think about love, I think about our possible future relationship - it is my sincere romantic dreams. I would write about my dreams, but I do not think that today.
Maybe I write to you about my dreams in my next letter. Just promise me you will not laugh at me, ok? and you think of me at least once a day?
I would really like you to think of me sometimes, because the only way we can be closer to you and we will build a strong love. Do you agree with me?
I will try with every letter you send my pictures, so you will not forget me, and that I was always in your thoughts. Please think of me, ok.
Well, this probably I end my letter, and now I can only wait for your answer.
I will miss you and for you in my thoughts every day.
I really want to kiss you on the lips my man!
Yours and yours alone Jana

Letter 9

Hello my sweet,
I was very happy to see your letter again. Thank you my dear, that you responded so quickly to me.
You know, lately I've been thinking a lot about you. I dont know what was happening with me, but I think I'm slowly falling in love with you, but I'm afraid of this feeling, because of my past relationships have left a scar on my heart,
But nothing I can do with myself. I am only an instrument in the hands of my heart and do what it says to me.
I would like so much to write you about his feelings, but I do not know where to start and just do not know whether you will understand my feelings or not.
If you were with me now, I'd be looking into your eyes could admit their feelings, but unfortunately you are far away from me now. I can write you now about the I miss you terribly, that I think about you every day, but it will be only words.
These are the words written from the heart, but it is not live sound and do not feel what a man feels within himself.
I'm not sure that you understand me now, my dear, so I write to you directly. I wanted to tell you I would like to move to your feelings - what I feel inside. I want you to know and feel I'm really with you and that I really fall in love with you.
If you believe my words, it would be great If not, then I'll be patient and prove it to you at the meeting.
I know it's not right to ask you to tell me about your feelings toward me, but maybe you can be honest with me? No, I'm not asking you about it. If you dont want I understand everything and I will not rush you to your senses. I'm just asking you not to hurt my heart, because of this very painful. I already felt it in my past relationships and now very afraid to do the very same error. I hope you can understand me, my angel.
I dont know, maybe I should not now send you this letter because I put it in your heart.
Now I eagerly await your response and hope that you will answer me soon.
I very much miss you my baby.
Your only Jana

Letter 10

Hello my sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I very missed you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel like I am every day more and more attached to you.
I donot know what to do with it, I think more of you, my thoughts are of you.
This is a very nice feeling, but I'm afraid it all very much.
Yesterday I was up all night thinking about my last letter that I wrote to you before.
I prayed to God that you just misunderstood me and broke my feelings.
My feelings are actually insanely high speed grows to you and I can not do anything with it.
I now have only one wish will soon meet with you and make sure that you're the man, I was looking for all my life. I'd like to meet you and I so miss you, I really think a lot about you and about us.
you are the person with whom I can be and be the happiest woman in the world.
I'm afraid to lose you, because you had become very dearly to me.
More and more I think of you, I go to bed at night with the thought of you and now I have to schedule a meeting with you.
I think we need this meeting, because the only way we can fully know each other and appreciate the feelings that have for each other. Do you agree with me?
Tomorrow I plan to go to a travel agency to find out about traveling to your country ..
Now I am only left with a great looking forward to hearing from you and I hope to get a response from you soon.
Darling I really want to you, and I'd love to hug you and kiss.
I feel so sad and difficult now.
I'll think of you every day and already miss your letter.
Sincerely your Jana

Letter 11

Hello my dear,
I was going and I went to the travel agency to learn about a trip to your country.
I went there the manager and asked her to explain about the journey. In response to my inquiry, she gave me a price list, where it was written.
As she told me that they could arrange for me to travel to your country, but the whole trip depends only on me and my money.
I copied this price list and would like to write to you now the basic, you know that it will be necessary for me:
1. Visa registration. (Visa type B1/B2) takes 5 to 10 days.
The visa fee 50 euro and 70 euro Consular fee
2. Passport. Legality - not less than 6 months after (moments) of the proposed departure.
I need to get a new passport.
passport for traveling abroad costs 90 euro.
3. Health insurance. to choose their own as I will insure themselves
cheapest insurance costs for a month 30 euro.
it - documents which I have to do.
After the travel agency will prepare me all the documents
I will need to pass an interview at your embassy.
for it must pay, as this procedure is included in the visa fee.
If I have to pass the interview, I'll be fully prepared to travel to your country.
Therefore, as a travel agent told me that they can help me with the interview.
It comes into their services. After receiving a travel agency visa reserved for me a seat.
I learned about the cost of air ticket for you, and told me that it is about 500-900 euro.
To this must be paid plus a travel agency for their services to 130 euro.
my dear, I did not expect to travel will cost you so much. I thought it would be much cheaper.
I would pay a portion of the cost of travel to you, but for the whole amount I dont have enough money.
Forgive me that I upset you are by this news.
Believe me, I'm very very upset and do not know what to do.
I really want to meet you, but unfortunately it is very expensive trip for me.
dear, what do you recommend? Please give me advice, I need it now.
Please answer me soon, I'll eagerly await your response.
I love you madly, your Jana

Letter 12

Hello my dear, how your day today? How your mood today? I hope all is well with you my dear.
Today the whole day thinking of you and I have a desire to just cry.
I am now so ugly inside because of my last letter to you and because of that I can not myself for the money to come to you for our meeting.
I really do not think that everything is so expensive to travel to your country. I expected a smaller amount, but not on such a large.
I would now itself part of the money to pay, but not the full amount. this is too big sum for me.
my dear, I beg you to not only upset at me and try to understand me. God knows, if I had money, I would pay everything myself.
I do not know what to do even now. I feel sadness in my heart. I'm very hard to realize that I can not now meet with you after our gentle letters.
I feel that you are the man I was looking for all my life, but I do not know what to do to find extra money to pay for my trip.
Perhaps you're thinking that I ask for help in money you have, but it is not. I'm not asking you for help, because I can not take money from you.
My conscience will not let me do it. I do not know what to do, but I think that I should itself resolve the problem with money and I'll try to find the money itself.
Maybe I'll take extra money from my friends, or take out a bank loan. I'll find out about this the other day and then must write to you.
So my kid not to worry about our meeting. We will meet with you, I promise you I will try for us, believe me, ok.
know, this is the first time I have to I'm so in love with someone, especially on the letters.
Before, I did not think you can fall in love through letters and never believed in the sincerity of such feelings.
I thought it was a lie and that is never fall in love and trust the person who has never seen, but now I see that I was wrong.
I myself fell in love with you through emails and now I can only pray that your feelings are sincere to me. Please do not play with me and my feelings.
I will not survive if I was again deceived. I think that every woman or every man in this world has its own half of the heart.
They feel each other and try to connect all my life. There are families who divorce after a few years of life together and I think they're just not made for each other.
Their heart is not whole and because of that all the problems. I want to get married once in your life and live a happy life.
I want to have children, because nothing pleases a woman's heart more than the laughter of children at home. Do you agree with me?
I do not know whether we made for each other with you, but still something inside me says that you are the man I was looking for a lifetime.
I can not understand it completely now, and that's why I want to see you in reality and be with you.
I want to understand and make their feelings to you and if you're the one I'll love all my life, I will never leave you.
I will fight for you, as a patriot fighting for his country and I will stick with you for life. I hope you understand everything that I write to you.
I now fully open before you. My heart now belongs to you and I beg you not to hurt him ever. I love you !!!!!
Well my dear, I hope you understand me and my thoughts, my dreams. I want you to believe me, my angel. I love you and those words away from my lover's heart.
Now I'm going with fear in his heart to wait for your response to my kid. Write to me soon, ok.
Your and only your Jana

Letter 13

My darling, my sweet, how your mood today? I hope all is well with you?
If not, I hope that your spirits will rise when you see my letter.
You can not imagine how I would read your letter and feel your love and attention to me.
Now I only want to meet you soon. I want to hug and kiss you. I do not depart from you on a step and always will be with you.
I am very much attached to you, and love like Juliet fell in love with Romeo.
My feelings with each passing day more and more to you and the more I miss you, the more they become stronger. I'm afraid of now only one.
I fear that my heart would burst out of the abundance of love to you, because it is already almost full.
There are still a little over 2 weeks and then we will be able to meet you. You see, I was counting the days.
I so want to make things happen sooner, but time is very slow. I guess it always happens when something very good coming up. Do you agree with me my love?
you know, I've got news for you. I went this morning to travel agency and signed a treaty with them to decorate my visa application.
They said that within 10 days, they will prepare the documents and send me your embassy.
I already gave them all the necessary documents and now I just have to wait when I called to the embassy for your interview.
If all goes well and if I get an interview, then I'll be able to get a visa.
I think that in 2 weeks I will be able to get a visa and will be fully prepared to come to you. you excited about this news?
Personally, I am insanely happy about it, because soon my dream will come true.
I want very much and I dream to meet you soon and I believe that my dreams are soon fulfilled.
Now I will wait for your answer. Do not forget that in this world is a lonely heart,
which is very much missed by you and full of love for you. This is my heart and my keys from my heart belongs to you. I love you.
Your and only your Jana



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