Scam letter(s) from Marilyn Anna Lane to Jimmy (Indonesia)

Letter 1
I'm not really use to writing long emails but i think i need to make this long.We need to know more about ourselves.First we need to know what we are both getting into.I am going to make it a long email and i expert you to keep your reply long too.I want every question to be touched on.I want to know anything that you think i should know about you before we continue.I will start by telling you my name and also why am at the site.I'm Naa Abbai Amartei.I'm located in Ghana.Ghana is in West Africa.It's the most peaceful country in the whole of Africa.It's even believe to be the gate way to Africa.You will find the people here very civilize and tolerant.Ghanaian s are very kind to foreigners you will hear this in the mouth of any foreigner that has been into this country before.I'm a mix race.My mother is from Acre in Brazil.My dad is a Ghanaian.He was a chief officer in the Ghana Navy.I lost him when i was at the age of 25years.It's through his line of work that he traveled to Brazil and met my mom there.They both came back to Ghana and got married.He is a very good man.I miss him.It has never occurred to me that am going to end up being online looking for a man.Who knows tomorrow they say.I have been married before but i lost my husband in a car accident five years ago.I have never been into any serious relationship again since i lost my man.I have been on some few dates but nothing serious.I have come across to some men who start by telling me that they are interested in me and they want to get married to me.It later occur to me that this men are just trying to get into my *******.They start requesting for *** as if that is the main reason why they come into my life.I seek a lot of things in a relationship.I am not looking for just one night stand.I am looking for someone that i will spend the rest of my life with.I want someone that will love me till eternity.I am looking for a honest , faithful , sincere , kind , understanding and a good God fearing man who is serious and ready to start a long term relationship too.I don't have a child but will be glad if God makes me a mother in future.I love children and i believe that they are gift from God and have to be well taking care of.Due to my believe in Christ some people try to take advantage of me and i really get ****** of when such things happen.They say is this the way a Christian have to behave after they smile to you then they talk evil about you when you turn your back to them.God have mercy on them.I get very angry too when someone hurt people that i love and care about.I'm a devoted Christian woman.I attend church every Saturdays and Sundays.On Saturdays i go to church to rehearse on the songs that i will be singing on Sunday.I sing solo and also with the choir sometimes.I'm a prominent member of Apostolic church of Ghana.I believe in Jesus and the end time.I am not looking to change anybody or my man.Relationship is not about that.Its all about understanding each other and loving it.It's all about understanding each other differences and learning to live with it.It's all about being you and the other person likes it when you are always you.I enjoy making people smile.I have a very good sense of humor and great morals and ethics too.When i started this online dating thing.My mother tried to site me down and tell me about stories she has heard from friends and also read online and so many things in the news.What i tell her when ever she start this her less optimistic topic is that.Christ is in control.The reason why i say this is because i know there is no way that you can hurt people and go scot-free.You are certainly going to pay for it.What ever that you do on this earth has a reward.The world is like a mirror they say.If you look at it then its looks back at you.Those that take advantage of people and think that they are smart are just digging they own grave with their own hands.God have mercy on them.Galatians 6:7 says we shall reap what ever that we sow.Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever..I hate cheating and lying.Money to me is a nice thing but is not everything as some people say and think.Money makes life simple that is all.I live my life from morning to evening trying to impress God and at the end of it God impress me by making me smile.That is the most important thing in life.I live all i am in the hands of God.When i first lost my husband.I thought that is the end of the world but my church and my mother made me understand that God has reasons for anything that happens to us.He loves us even more than we love our self.Losing him have even make me more devoted to God.I love you Jesus.I will end my mail here and i will wait to hear from you again.Tell me anything you think i should know about you.I'm open to talk about anything.I will be honest in all of my answer. Age 38years
weigh 55kg
Height 5feet7inches
Letter 2
I think is a beautiful game and i will love to participate in it.Already i like to play video games and i play soccer and car races games.I play and control very well but my younger brother is better than me because i think he spend more time in playing than me.I am the type that like to try new things. You are very funny and i like your sense of humor.You are making me laugh out loud here now.I am sorry that your parent are being too protective to you.I hope you do not become this your hacker too because others will not be able to eat when you take their money from the bank and also i will not like to be visiting my husband in prison.I am sure am sounding like your parents now hahahhaa.I want you to be happy but dont want you to make others happy.I am not *****.I am not dreaming too.I am so attached to you and i like it.I am getting more use to you my sweet Jim. I told you i like to sing and dance.I enjoy playing Video games too.We have playstation1 and xbox360 so i play it when i can.I enjoy visiting the beach too even though am not a good swimmer.You are making me feel very special here now , about wanting your friend to paint me.Please let me see when he finish okay.I hope you are taking good care of yourself there now.I am looking at the photo that you sent me.Its so beautiful Jim.Thank you for sharing with me.I see facebook is crowded with a lot of people and i just did not want to be part of it.You can put my photo on your timeline to scare the ladies away. I take aspirin when i have headache.I hope your headache is gone by now.Please get well soon my dear.Yes am serious about not having *** for five years.I am very great in bed and i do not feel any headache after ***, you are very funny.I want to do it with the right person.I am not looking for one night stand.*** is more enjoyable when you do it with the right person. I do not grow the vegetables that i sell at the market.I order from the farmers associations so they bring them to the market with truck. I write with my right hand but i will prefer you kiss me on the lips.Its very nice to know that you are living a healthy life there.I can imagine how you look very young too.You are a sweet person.I have a situation.I received a email from my internet service provider that they will disconnect my internet on Monday if i do not pay them the bills that i owe them.My business is not in a good shape now.I want to know if you can help me with 170 Ghana cedis to pay the bills before they disconnect me.Its alright if you do not have it.I will not be angry but it will take a while to get connected again and i will let you know as soon as i get connected. Kisses and hugs Naa
Letter 3
You are very funny.I am not sure about how your country is but am sure that when am there and its time for me to exit.There can be other ways that i can extend my stay i guess.You can look into that before i come there. I do not look strong in appearance but i do not think it will be hard for me to stay in a plane for 33hours.I am not very sure about how it will be like because i have never been on a plane but the knowledge that am going to meet my husband there will make me strong and come there. I do not know about the pregnancy.If i am pregnant in Indonesia and cant sit in a plane then its good because the immigration can not carry me on their head to Ghana.They will have to wait for me to deliver first before they send me back to Ghana. I will like to experience the game when i come there.I have never experience such a games before.I am not sure if the smart phone type is already in Ghana but if you want me to check the market.I can do that this weekend and let you know. There is ******...That is the answer to the question and thank you for congratulating me.Remember this is not a swimming question haha. I will try not to be naughty and i always brush my teeth.I am too old to be kissing more before i go to sleep.I will rather kiss you good night before i go to sleep. This is the situation that i wanted to talk about but could not type on the phone because its long. Our rent have been increase a little bit than we thought it will be so have made us not prepare well for it now the landlady is threatening to throw us out of the room if we do not pay her the full amount of the rent.We need 1600 cedis to add to the money we have already to be able to pay the rent.I dont feel comfortable about asking you for money but its serious.That is why i am asking if you will be able to assist me in any way that you can. I will end here now but will look forward to hear from you again... God bless you too darling Naa
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